How to Make Moon Water

▶️ A Moon Water Recipe for Every Phase: Boost Your Magic Powers

Moon Water is a very versatile Magical ingredient and one of the easiest to prepare. You will find that many recipes of Wiccan spells use it.

Learn how to make and use Moon Water in any lunar phase. Adding it to your pagan altar at home will help you harness the power of Element Water and the Moon in your ritual practice.

On this page, you will find:

What is Moon Water?

Moon water 💧 is simply water that has been exposed to the moonlight and charged with a Magical intention. The water will now embody the properties and energy of that moon phase so we can use it whenever we need it in our craft.

How to Prepare Moon Water

We frequently use this water when for any reason we can’t work during the best Moon phase for a spell. Instead, by charging regular drinking water with the energy of the moon, we preserve that energy until a later time.

Video: How to Make Moon Water

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▶️ A Moon Water Recipe for Every Phase: Boost Your Magic Powers

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Moon water is simply regular water that has been blessed under the Moon. You can make it on any lunar phase (not just the Full Moon!) chanting this easy Wiccan spell.


  • Drinking water (it can be tap/rain water if it’s safe to drink)

  • 1 bowl or a glass container of any size

How to Prepare Moon Water

  • Pour water in the bowl. If it’s your first time, use 3 cups of water. Otherwise, feel free to experiment with the amounts.
  • Put the bowl in a place where it will be lit by the moonlight, preferably outside, but it could be near a window inside your home. It’s a good idea to use a glass bowl or a transparent bottle to allow the light to reach the water without obstructions. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy outside, since moonlight, just like sunlight, can pierce through the clouds easily.
  • As you place the water in the moonlight, consecrate it by saying out loud:How to prepare Moon Water
  • Your intention/petition could be attracting more money to your life, healing a part of your body, fixing a relationship, or anything else where you want to focus this sacred energy.
  • You don’t need to leave the water outside all night. A few hours is enough, but make sure to collect it before dawn, before the sunlight touches it.
  • Filter out any insects that might have landed on the water and pour it in a bottle or jar. Store it in a dark place such as a kitchen cabinet or refrigerator until you use it.

Recipe Video


  • You can use rain water too. If you’re planning to drink it afterwards, just make sure it’s safe to drink!
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable PDF spell recipe for Moon Water.

Print it: Magic Water Recipe 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on printer-friendly parchment paper add it to your own Book of Shadows. Join today and get more printable grimoire pages

Moon Water Recipe Printable Spell
Moon Water Recipe Printable Spell
Moon ornaments

Tips for Collecting Moon Water

To make a very powerful Moon Water, start the first night of the lunar phase you chose (for example, the first night of the Full Moon), and charge the water outside for 3 consecutive nights. This can be done not just during the Full Moon phase, but during any lunar phase. Each has its own Magical properties as we will see below.

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How to Use Moon Water in your Rituals

1. Enhance your Meditations

The first step towards strengthening your intuition is to recognize its existence. Being aware of your powers is key in realizing full potential while meditating.

  1. Light a blue or purple candle on your altar.
  2. Apply a drop of Moon Water to your Third Eye chakra (between the eyebrows) to open yourself to divine wisdom and revelation.
  3. Follow a guided meditation to awaken your inner knowledge and listen to your intuition.
  4. Find a place of peace within you, allowing the visions to come to you with ease. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any visions at first, practice makes perfect.
  5. Keep a bottle or jar of Moon Water near your altar to keep working on your abilities.

2. Add Moon Water to your Baths 💧

  1. Fill your bathtub as you normally do, and pour some Moon water that you’ve previously prepared. Get in the tub and pour the rest of the water on yourself.
  2. Follow a Spiritual Bath Recipe for more ideas. If you need to cleanse any specific part of your body, focus on that area. Visualize everything that no longer serves you being released from your body and aura.
  3. If you’ve charged your Moon Water with a specific intention, focus on absorbing the light of that intent, while promoting intense peace and relaxation. Wash your hair with Moon water to encourage growth with a divine glow.

3. Bless your finances with Moon Water

To make your money flow easily, Water is the perfect Element. Have confidence that nothing can stop the flow of money in your life.

  1. Bless your money by sprinkling just a few drops of Moon Water on your purse or wallet.
  2. Visualize the possibilities and the outcome you expect.
  3. On the Full Moon, you can cast this Silver Moon Spell for Money manifestations.

4. Purify and cleanse your home with Moon Water

Cleansing your sacred space is very important. No spiritual work can be done in an environment full of stagnant energy.

  1. Make sure to clean your house physically with a mop/sponge as you normally would and add some Moon Water to your bucket.
  2. You can also just sprinkle the water with your fingers or a spray bottle wherever you want to clean and bless the space.
  3. Optionally, combine this water with herbs or essential oils to spread more positive energies. Learn more about Herbal Witchcraft here.


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5. Consecrate your crystals with Moon Water

Gemstones and crystals are powerful tools that we use to store, absorb, or amplify energy.

Charging your crystals implies establishing your intention and purpose. When you charge them under the Moon, they are infused with the deep symbolism of Lunar Magic (intuition, protection, and mystery).

  1. Place your stones outside to bathe under the Moon
  2. Put a bowl with water next to them.
  3. Make sure it’s safe to wash your stones with water, and phisically clean them with Moon Water.

6. Water your plants with Moon Water 💦

Consecration passes an intention or specific energy from your spirit onto the plant. There are many ways to bless a plant: This is a simple method which can be adapted to any practice.

  1. During the day, take the plant with both hands. If the plant is on the ground, place your palms near it.
  2. Visualize and feel a Magical energy flowing around the plant, fueled by your own heat and energy.
  3. Say the following spell:
    “Sacred Nature, bless my plant.
    Moonlight gives you a healthy life.
    My Magic is your power,
    To grow and protect me.
    So mote it be!”
  4. Water your plant with Moon Water, or spray its leaves with it.

7. Charge your water with the energies of the Zodiac ♋

Each day, the Moon is passing through a zodiac sign. Do this if you want to invoke a specific trait of a zodiac sign, for example, during a future ritual or spell.

  1. Place a bowl of water by the window where the moonlight will touch it. You can also do this outside.
  2. Visit Today’s Lunar spell and follow the guided meditation for the current zodiac sign.
  3. Once you’re done, store the Moon water in a bottle or jar.
  4. Use the water in your ritual by simply placing a bowl of Moon Water on your altar as you call upon the Element Water, or sprinkle some water on your tools.


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Channeling the Energy of Each Phase

Beginner Witches often ask: Can you make moon water without a full moon? The answer is Yes! You can prepare Moon Water any night, even on a New Moon (it’s dark but it’s still there!)

The New Moon and all other lunar phases have energies of their own. Let’s see when to make Moon Water according to the spells you are going to cast.


Remember: There are 8 lunar phases and we can group them into 4 stages: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon. If you’re new to Moon Magic, read this post now:

Phases of the Moon: Lunar Magic Explained

Lunar Calendar 2022
Lunar Calendar 2022

More Frequently Asked Questions in the Forum!

New Moon Water

New moon

Charge your water under the New Moon and use this water as a booster for spells of new beginnings. If you are looking to:

  • Start a new job or business
  • Open your heart to a new relationship
  • Move into a new place

Sprinkle your altar, your home or workspace with some New Moon Water! If you are planting seeds, water them with some of this moon water to promote a healthy start.

Moon Water Spell to Protect your Job

Here’s an easy morning spell with Moon Water to bless and protect your job:

Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water

New Moon Spells

Learn the spiritual meaning of the New Moon and embrace its power with easy rituals and spells.

Waxing Moon Water

Waxing moon

The benefits of this lunar phase are associated to growth, evolution and development in both the spiritual and material realms. If you are casting:

This phase is all about manifestation, attraction and moving forward. Invite the power of Water to your life by placing a cup of Moon Water on your altar.

Ocean’s Charm Money Spell

To attract wealth in the waxing moon, cast this ocean-inspired money-drawing spell.

Money Spell with Salt

Artemis Blessing

Bless your water under the Crescent Moon with a prayer to Artemis for Gratitude.

Artemis Devotional Prayer

Waxing Moon Spells

Learn everything about the Waxing Moon (Crescent, First Quarter, and Gibbous), and cast spells for this lunar phase.

Full Moon Water

Full Moon Phase

The energy of the full moon can help you reinforce any kind of Witchcraft spells: 

Divinations and any ritual practice in which you need to strengthen your spiritual powers will see benefits. Just place a cup of Moon Water on your altar as you cast it.

Full Moon Protection Spell

This Full Moon Spell for success is easy to do and will promote abundance and protection:

Lunar Protection Spell: Super Easy Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Spells

This collection of Full Moon Magic spells and rituals will help you work out the Real Witch in you every month.

Waning Moon Water

Waning Moon Phase

Enhance the power of Banishing spells by using this blessed water in your ritual.

If you want to get rid of a problem, a person or a situation, cast a banishing or a freezing spell and add a cup of Waning Moon Water to the list of ingredients.

Cleaner Aura Bath

Remove bad luck or bad habits, eliminate toxic people and stay protected taking a Moon Water Bath.

Spiritual Bath to Remove Negativity

Sacred Tea Spells

Use consecrated Lunar water to prepare tea during your meditation or devotional time. Here are some herbal recipes!

Magickal Herbal Tea Recipes

Waning Moon Spells

These ritual ideas for Waning Moon have to do with letting go and releasing. Find spell recipes and more!


Frequently asked questions easy spells

Can I drink Moon Water?

If you are using clean drinking water, there’s no risk! You can drink a few sips before starting your ritual to energize your body with the energy of the moon, or make a tea with it!

Find daily tea suggestions in the Daily Devotional Page.

What else can I do with Moon Water?

There are plenty of things you can do with it, such as taking a bath, washing your hands or face, carrying it with you as an amulet, or even cooking and cleaning your home with it!

But its true Power lies in that you treat it as the sacred tool that it is. It’s not just tap water anymore. It’s now been consecrated and charged with your intentions, so don’t waste it or play with it. Be thankful because water is an essential element for life and all living things.

Can you make Moon Water on a cloudy night?

Yes! The energies of the Moon are always present, even when it’s cloudy outside. Just like the sun rays, moonlight is potent enough to travel through the atmosphere, clouds, and even through the pollution of big cities.

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