Gratitude Salt Spell: Attract More Good Luck in the New Moon

Gratitude Salt Spell: Attract More Good Luck in the New Moon

To attract luck to your life, you must vibrate in faith, joy, and gratitude. This Wiccan “Good Luck” spell was designed to attract abundance and success, whether you use it for work and career opportunities, for love and relationships or to solve money problems. If you believe in your Witch Powers and trust that your Higher Self is listening, then all the doors that are locked now, will open for you.

Why this Spell Works

  • Salt will be the main ingredient of this ritual and will act as a cleansing agent. Salt has traditionally been used to clear and purify negative energies. It will help bring new energies and offer protection.
  • Rose petals are the perfect offering for this powerful request. The rose is considered the sacred flower of the West and represents the wheel of life, a symbolism paralleled by the Lotus flower in the East. It represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Roman Catholicism and it has inspired writers, painters, musicians, architects, philosophers, and spiritualists for hundreds of years. Its powers of Manifestation are uniquely effective. 🌹

🌑 Cast this spell on the New Moon to welcome the lunar cycle that begins with the best intentions.

🌘 If you are casting it on the Waning Crescent Moon, focus less on attracting good luck and more in giving closure to a cycle with gratitude.

Gratitude Salt Spell: Attract More Good Luck in the New Moon

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco Difficulty: Easy

Attract Good Luck by promoting Gratitude with a simple candle ritual. This New Moon spell for Luck can be done really at any time and it is totally Wiccan-safe Witchcraft.


How to cast the spell

  • Place the dish on your altar.
  • Use a handful of salt to make a protective circle on the dish.
  • Place 7 petals of a red rose on top of the circle of salt.
  • In the center of the dish, light a white candle.
  • Sit, breathe slowly, and relax. Visualize all the paths in your life clearing and all the doors opening for you.
  • When you're ready, say this chant out loud:Gratitude Guidance Moon spell
  • For seven days, repeat this same ritual, using the same ingredients and candle. On the last day, let it go out on its own.

Recipe Video


  • 🖨️ Find a printable version of this spell recipe below!

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