What are Energy Cords and how to clear them

Energy Cords: What are They and Why Should I Clear Them?

It’s not hard to imagine that the people we meet and interact with in this lifetime can have lasting impacts on us. From the moment you are born, everyone who comes into your life, enters into a spiritual contract with you. These interactions can range from long to short, from deep to superficial, and from harmful to helpful. No matter the context, everyone we come into contact with will at some point create an energy cord with us.

What are energy cords?

Simply speaking, energy cords are a type of spiritual or energetic contract between people. When we interact with the people in our lives, they leave behind a piece of them that bonds us together – those are energy cords. They are invisible portals of energy that attach and stretch between people. It is easiest to imagine them as if they were pieces of string, reaching from person to person and growing longer in physical distance, but stronger as emotional connection increases.

No two energy cords will ever look and function the same. They will always vary based on depth of connection, length of interaction, and mental state of the two that are attached. Energy cords can also attach themselves to different energy centers depending on where this attachment stems from. For example, in the case of energy cords between lovers, this energetic cord is likely attached to the heart chakras.

Generally speaking, some cords can linger with you for longer than others, and have a more profound impact on your life. If, for example, we compare cords from a toxic ex versus the grocery store clerk you interacted with for about 2 minutes, the ex will undoubtedly have the stronger attachment to you. The more time and energy you devote to this connection, the more intense and more impactful this connection will be in your life.

Why are energy cords important?

Energy cords serve as a conduit through which we transmit and receive energy from other people. If you have a strong energetic tie to your mother who has an overwhelmingly positive influence on your life, it is likely that you will absorb that positivity and this energy will manifest positively in your life. If, on the other hand, you have a tumultuous, troublesome relationship with your mother, you are absorbing that negativity from her by means of an energy cord and are risking that negativity popping up in other areas of your life. In this way, energy cords act as a portal to other people, and can be both dangerous and beneficial.

Energy Cords Attachments

In Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, the unconscious mind is defined as, “a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of conscious awareness.” In short, Freud proposed that the unconscious continues to influence behavior even though people are unaware of these underlying influences. Energy cords function in the same way. Regardless of what someone is consciously thinking or feeling, their thoughts and feelings emit a vibration that can be absorbed through an energy cord.

How can I tell if I am attached to a toxic energy cord?

As empathetic people, it is important we take regular stock of the energy cords attached to us. If we aren’t mindful and attentive to the energetic bonds we have created, energy cords have the potential to pull us away or off of our path. Our energies can be mixed with energies that actually do not belong to us, which can distract, discourage, or depress us. If you find that any of the following are true for you, you may want to consider clearing your energy cords:

  • You are obsessively thinking about someone or find that you are stalking them on social media regularly.

You are likely devoting too much of your own energy to this relationship, which is leaving you feeling like you need to obsess over them.

  • You feel indecisive and paralyzed by big decisions.

This indecision may not even be yours! If you are feeling stuck, really consider the why. Is it because someone you have an energetic connection with gave you their opinion on a big decision and it doesn’t match yours?

  • You are having trouble maintaining boundaries.

You know those people who constantly push and test our boundaries? We all have them in our lives. Pay close attention to when you are willing to edit or drop your boundaries for someone. Red flag!

  • You are having unexplained persistent physical pain in one spot of your body.

This can be a symptom of an energetic blockage in one of your chakras caused by a toxic energy cord.

How to Cut Energy Cords

Some circumstances call for a cutting of the energy cords. Here’s a guided spell that will help you perform a cord-cutting exercise with a white candle and a simple meditation. This ceremony is a powerful way to cut cords and remove all energetic bonds.

Cord-Cutting Spell »

However, depending on the situation you may not want to cut the cords. If you aren’t sure what to do, instead it’s recommended that you start by clearing energy cords instead of cutting them.

To do this, you can work with an energy worker or healer who can walk you through visualization and meditation techniques that will cleanse your chakras and aura from toxic energetic ties.

If a healer is not available to you, you can try this ritual and visualization technique at home with just an incense stick of your choosing, sea salt which will serve as a cleansing agent, and a white candle:

  1. Once you have gathered your supplies near you, place them on the floor in front of you. Light your ritual candle and sprinkle the sea salt in a circle around you for energetic protection.
  2. Sit crossed legged in the protection circle and close your eyes.
  3. Visualize the person whose ties you wish to clear standing a few feet in front of you with a neutral expression.
  4. Focus on the area of your body that reacts most to ‘seeing’ this person. This is where the cord is tied. Visualize the cord extending from your body to theirs in a bright, white, string of light.
  5. Chant the mantra, “I am sending only light energy from me to you, I am receiving only light energy from you to me,” while envisioning the light from the cord growing stronger and brighter.
  6. Imagine the light filling the space around you. Once you feel the space is overcome with light only, close the session with this person by saying, “I release all things from you that no longer serve my highest good.”
  7. Use the flame from your candle to light your smudge stick and cleanse the space. Let the candle dwindle down. Do not blow out the candle, it is important the flame dies on its own.
  8. Repeat as necessary.

After completing this ritual, you should feel lighter and clear-minded. Regularly cleansing heavy energy cords can be a great catalyst for raising your vibrations and getting closer to your highest self. Taking regular stock of the relationships in our life that are impacting us most deeply is incredibly important for empathic people.

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