Signs Of Being A Witch

7 Positive Signs You Are a Witch

If you’ve ever wondered “How do I know if I’m a Witch?”, you’re in the right place! Whether you believe you possess special gifts and the psychic-like ability that allows you to understand hidden things, or you feel your intuition is far above what you would see in the average person, there are ways to learn and discover more than what you already know.

Most practitioners of the Craft don’t just wake up one morning having realized that they are a Witch or have spiritual or psychic abilities. So, how do you know if you are a Witch? It usually begins with a sign here, a sign there. Seeing the signs early can help prepare your mind and help you accept who you are. You will also be able to submit yourself to the supernatural and learn to develop your gift.

Being a real-life Witch today is more acceptable than centuries ago when Witches were hunted, persecuted, or even executed. This is partly because there are now diverse spiritual affiliations, religious beliefs, and tolerance. So, if you are asking “Am I a White Witch?,” here are seven obvious signs to look out for.

7 Signs You Are a Witch ✨

Before we begin, remember that being a Witch doesn’t depend on ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. There are many types of Witches as you will find out below. If you identify with most of these signs, it’s very likely that you are a Witch:

Sign 1: You are a firm believer in Magic

While there are lots of signs to look out for when trying to find out if you are a Witch, having an unwavering belief in Magic and being in alignment with Wiccan values is a common sign. You find yourself growing up with a firm willpower and belief in your own gifts. Your belief stays strong even if everyone around you thinks otherwise.

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You may find that you are naturally drawn to tales or movies about enchantments, magical lands, spells, and various magical creatures. While many people are attracted to material things, your interests are always in line with the spiritual and/or supernatural world.

Sign 2: You make wishes that come true

We all wish we could close our eyes, make a wish, and see it coming true before our eyes. Well, while this is possible to some extent, it is most common in folk tales. However, when you start noticing that your deepest desires and wishes come true shortly after thinking about them (also known as “manifesting”), it could be a sign that you have a gift of positive Witchcraft.

Altar Magician

If you find yourself with this ability, it’s in your best interest to be mindful of the things you feed your mind with. Try as much as possible to see yourself surrounded by positive things, creating your own reality. Let go of your fears and anxiety about the future because those ideas just might come true.

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Sign 3: You have an affinity for Nature

If you find yourself developing deep-rooted love for nature and the environment around you, it could be a sign that a higher force within you is trying to find its way home. Whether it’s growing and harvesting plants for your Green Magic, working with the energy of the Moon, taking a trip to the stream to listen to the sound of the flowing current, or gazing at the sky at night, a Nature-based spirituality may be your path.

People who love to spend time at the beach and collect crystals and shells also belong in this category. You may also notice a sense of calm and peace within you whenever you have a chance to come face to face with Nature.

Sign 4: You constantly see special, repeated number patterns

If you find yourself seeing interesting and repeated number patterns such as 1234, 11:11, 333, or other patterns, it could be a sign that the Universe or your spirit guides are sending you messages that your life is about to change.

Perhaps you’ve just looked at the wall clock and it reads 11:11. Your Higher Self may be trying to connect with you and deliver timely messages from the supernatural world. These repeating number patterns are sometimes called “angel numbers”. When you start seeing them frequently, it’s a sign that you are a spiritually minded and may be a sign of special abilities of psychic gifts.

Sign 5: Your intuitive ability is on another level

Intuition, also known as “gut feeling,” refers to the ability to understand things instinctively without the application of conscious reasoning. Many people have intuitive ability, although it may be limited, dormant, or grossly untapped in most people. If you’ve ever thought of a classmate you haven’t seen in years only to run into them a few days later, that’s your intuition at work.

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One of the signs you have the gift of witchcraft is that you will find yourself making more and more decisions based on your intuition, and most times they will turn out to be the right call. Having the ability to understand hidden wisdom without conscious reasoning is one of the signs you’re a Witch.

Sign 6: You can sense or read energy

Everything in the Universe has an aura made up of its own energy. Have you ever walked into a place only to feel something isn’t right about that place? If your answer is yes, then what it simply means is that you have a spiritual gift or ability to sense emotions hidden in certain places and you can easily detect the magnitude of their vibrations.

Am I a White Witch?

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If you also have a way of knowing when someone has a wrong motive or intention, even when they try to hide it, that’s your ability making it easy for you to decide whether you want them in your circle or not. Even though you may find it hard to explain to an average person, you have a strong conviction in your heart that you possess the ability to read people’s vibrations and energies and your judgment about them is mostly right.

Sign 7: You see future events before their occurrence

If you find yourself having dreams or premonitions about events before they happen, it’s an obvious sign you may be a natural-born Witch and you need to learn how to control it so you can impact your life and those of people around you positively. Knowing things before they occur can help you avert impending dangers which could affect the lives of people around you negatively.

Signs You are a Witch
7 Signs You are a Witch

While there are several ways to find out if you are a Witch, these seven signs should get you started and guide you towards the path of self-discovery.

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