What is a Water Witch?

7 Signs You Are a Water Witch: Don’t Ignore Them

So you find yourself having a strong attraction towards water and you are beginning to wonder why. You already discovered the signs that you are a witch. Now you feel connected to water in ways you can’t explain. Keep reading!

Do you like to hang out close to bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, or oceans? Or do you have a strong connection to the Element of Water? Well, you are not alone. In this post, we’ll take a look at some Water Witch spells and signs that you may be Water Witch, and have been called to serve and commune with the deities and spirits of Water.

Water Element Correspondences
Water Element Correspondences

Look out for these Signs

1. You cherish the calming effect of the sea, water, and ocean

If you are always fascinated by the thoughts of pitching your tent close to the sea or any body of water, it’s a subtle sign that you are connected to water in some way.

One of the signs to look out for if you want to know if you are a Water Witch is that you will always be eager to work with water, the ocean and the sea. You try to plan regular visits to the beach so you can have time to commune with the energy and soothing effect of the sound and sight.

You regularly make potions and use water in your Craft, such as Florida Water or Moon Water.

Water of Notre Dame DIY Recipe
Water of Notre Dame DIY Recipe

As someone blessed with the gift of Water Witchcraft, you will always love the thoughts of immersing your feet in the salty water of the sea and appreciating the raging waves before you. And sometimes you are just as comfortable with other natural water bodies too.

You take regular baths and spiritual cleanses. You keep your body clean outside and inside with Teas and other potions.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients
Spiritual Bath Ingredients

2. You see the ocean as a supernatural force

When people see the ocean they would normally have different views and opinions about it. Some are left in awe of the crashing waves and the endless view of the horizon. But if you see it as something deeper than what the physical mind can comprehend, it may be a sign that you have a spiritual connection with the ocean, and that could be a subtle sign that you are a Water Witch.

Also, if you have a strong conviction that the ocean predates human existence or that we all came from water, that’s another subtle sign for you to take note. There’s a popular belief among Water Witches that all humans originated from the sea¹, so if you are convinced that this is the case, even without anyone teaching you, that’s an obvious sign you are a Water Witch.

Water to Land evolution

3. You use ocean waves for meditation or magickal practice

The ocean is filled with lots of unexplored and unimaginable mysteries. 75% of our planet is filled with water, so it makes sense for it to contain mysteries that are beyond our imagination. While science has made lots of discoveries under the sea over the years, spiritually it still remains a big mystery.

Water Witches can connect with the spiritual secrets in the ocean, which is what makes them special. Whether it is working with the Suit of Cups in the Tarot deck, or with Ocean deities such as Poseidon or Yemaya, if you find yourself working with the energy of the ocean, or if you like to use the waves for meditation or some sort of ritual, the chances are that you are a Water Witch.

There are lots of spiritual exercises that can be done using the energy and resources of the ocean, and if you find yourself exploring some of them, water witchcraft may just be your calling. Invite the Elementals of Water with this Invocation:

4. You are obsessed with swimming

Do you have a strong desire to spend your free time swimming? Do you often dream of swimming or being surrounded by water?

If swimming is one of your hobbies, the chances are that you have a spiritual connection with the element Water. This may not be applicable in all situations though, because anyone can take up swimming as a hobby. But if you find that aside from swimming, you also exhibit most of the other signs in this post, then there shouldn’t be any doubt in your heart that you are called to be a Water Witch.

Mermaids or water witches

If every time you go to the beach in the company of friends or loved ones, you always want to get into the water for a swim even when others feel it’s not a great idea, that may be your calling staring you in the face.

5. You are interested in stories of mystical sea creatures

We’ve all heard stories of mermaids at different times, but for most people, they are just normal fictitious tales. However, if you are drawn to these kinds of stories and see things beyond the cliché, it might be a sign that you are connected to the ocean. Aside from mermaids, you may also be engrossed in the stories of other creatures such as Kraken, Poseidon, and many others.

Undines Water Creatures
Undines: Water Creatures

No matter what, you love thinking about water bodies, especially the ocean world, and you can’t help but marvel at the sheer awesomeness and mysteries down there, that’s a powerful sign that your type of Witch is the Water Witch.

6. You are fond of collecting a range of “water gifts”

You love working with sea salt in your home magick. Pebbles and seashells are some of the things that you’ll find in abundance when you pay a visit to the beach, and can usually be found on your altar.

If you find yourself using all these gifts on your spellwork, such as casting spells with seashells and salt, it might be a sign that you are a Water Witch, especially if you are also exhibiting some of the other obvious signs discussed in this post.

You may also like collecting sea items such as hag stones, driftwood, etc. It all points to the fact that you might need to start giving in to your calling as a Water Witch.

Oceans Charm Altar by Christina

7. You are fond of collecting water

Just like keeping shells and pebbles and other stones of the sea, if you find that you love to collect samples of water from various sources and keep them in bottles or jars, it might be a sign that you have found your calling as a Water Witch.

Maybe you just love to collect water for keep or you want to have jars bearing labels of water from a particular river, ocean, or other sources. Your passion for keeping a collection of water samples might be a sign that you are called to be a Water Witch.

Water Witch Wallpaper

Now you’re ready to call yourself a Water Witch, here’s a Witchy wallpaper for your phone or computer:

Wiccan wallpaper: Water Witch
Wiccan wallpaper: Water Witch

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