Spell for Peace and Harmony

Peace of Mind Spell with Candles and Music

Peace of mind: (noun) a feeling of being safe or protected.

Are you going through times of fear or uncertainty? If you’re craving peace of mind for at least 5 minutes, try casting this spell for inner peace and harmony. Never forget that you are a being of potential, of peace, of love, of power. The light within you can never be extinguished. 🔥

A simple ritual for peace can help you find renewed calm with almost no ingredients, just the power of Candle Magic. Learn how to cast a spell for peace following the Wiccan-friendly recipe below.

Why this Spell Works

  • Tealight candles carry the warmth of the hearth, the element Fire, a powerful spiritual energy that gives strength and can help you face your fears.
  • Music can trigger chemical reactions in your brain that contribute to relaxation. From reducing stress hormones to stimulating feelings of happiness, music can almost instantly translate to a good mood.¹

Peace of Mind Spell: Relaxation with Magic

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

A Wiccan spell for peace and harmony. Find inner peace of mind with a few Magic steps and simple ingredients.

What you’ll need

  • 9 white tea light candles

  • Matches

  • Ambient music

How to cast the spell

  • Play some ambient music. Find a music player below this recipe.
  • Find a comfortable place to sit on the floor or in a chair where you are able to place candles around you. Carefully place each candle in a circle around you. Or do a bath spell instead by placing them around the tub.
  • Take three deep breaths to relax and focus. Release the tension and worry from the day by tensing your muscles and relaxing them. Take a moment to focus on your breath.
  • Light the candles one at a time moving in a clockwise direction.
  • Focus your attention on your breath.  Visualize a white light beginning in your abdomen and gently spreading throughout your body. Concentrate on each part: core, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, crown of the head.
  • During your visualization, take time to find peace and serenity within you and let its purity fill your body and soul.
  • When you are done, extinguish the candles or place them on your altar and let them burn all the way.


  • Always practice Candle Safety.
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell

Guided Video Meditations

Wiccan Prayer for Peace

Accompany this ritual with a Wiccan Prayer to invoke peace & guidance from your Higher Self.

Hyssop Cleansing Tea

Heat a cup of water and add some hyssop tea to your mug. Hyssop has no caffeine, its helps relieve anxiety, stress, and promote a sense of calm .

Clarity Spell with Clear Quartz

Follow this guided meditation to charge a clear quartz and invoke mental clarity.

May this spell for inner peace help you glow radiantly. ✨

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Spell for Peace of Mind
Wiccan Spell for Peace of Mind

When to Cast a Spell for Peace

This spell for peace and harmony can help you get relaxation and tranquility at any time. Do it first thing in the morning to start the day with renewed energy, or before going to bed. It is very useful if you are overwhelmed by problems of any kind.

When things in life are going wrong, it can be hard to make the time to relax and find solutions, so instead we tend to be in a state of permanent anxiety and restlessness.

A Wiccan spell for strength and peace 🙏 can help put things into perspective, helping us single out what we can solve from what is out of reach. Whether it’s family or relationship problems, work-related issues, lack of money, illnesses or any kinds of unforeseen events, it’s important to take a break and create a space to think clearly.

Print this Spell Recipe 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows.

Peace of Mind Spell
Printable Peace of Mind Spell


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