Amethyst Stone Activation Meditation

Amethyst Stone->Good Luck Guided Crystal Activation

The name Amethyst comes from Greek amethustos wich means ‘not drunken’ because the stone was believed to prevent intoxication. This crystal – traditionally considered protective of those who suffer alcohol abuse – was found as jewelry in treasures dating thousands of years ago in Egypt. It provides emotional balance, represents peace, tranquility, and can help us channel good luck and opportunities.

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Light a purple or blue candle during this meditation

Origin: Amethyst is a mineral of magmatic origin. It’s commonly found inside of agates in the form of geodes, sometimes gigantic. The main deposits are found in the Urals, Germany, Western Australia, Zambia, Brazil, United States, and Canada.

Amethyst crystal

It is considered a semi-precious stone and belongs to the family of quartz. Its colors range from a beautiful deep purple to a light blue, but it is not uniform as it undergoes gradual degradation. In ancient times, these gemstones were appreciated as much as diamonds and used in the crowns of kings, in their jewels and vessels.

Main uses: Protection, attracting good luck, love, and spiritual healing.

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The Power of Amethyst

Amethyst is considered a stone of friendship because it helps calm negative emotions and fosters creativity and harmony in any conversation. It is also used in meditation to find inner wisdom, favoring self-analysis and introspection.

It is also a very useful crystal to work against addictions and bad habits that are created by addictive patterns and negative thoughts.

How to use it

  • Wear amethyst jewelry to increase your courage and creativity, helping you make better decisions.
  • Place an amethyst geode in your home for protection and to promote a calm space.
  • Meditate with it to reduce stress, fight addictions, and attract good energies and luck.
  • Place an amethyst next to your bed when you go to sleep to remember and revisit a dream you had.
  • Use amethysts as the main piece in your wand and use it during rituals to call upon positive energies.
  • To get your creativity going, light an orange candle and set an amethyst crystal near you as you meditate.

How to Clean an Amethyst

To physically clean an amethyst, start by soaking your gem in soapy water for 15-20 minutes to loosen up any dirt. If your amethyst is too large to submerge, use a wet, warm washcloth and some dish detergent to wipe down the gemstone. Next, use a toothbrush to remove any grime stuck to the amethyst.

To spiritually cleanse an Amethyst, for example a new gemstone or jewelry, put it in the moonlight overnight. You can also charge it with an intention, following these guides:

Charge an Amethyst with these Meditations

Charge your amethyst by combining your meditation with a prayer or spell.

Purple Candle Ritual

The flame of the purple candle can help you experience a deep state of inner knowing through your third eye and establish communication from your spirit guides.

Goddess Blessing For a Friend

Your prayer can help and bring change in the life of a friend. Maybe they need healing, protection or a bit of good luck. 🙌

Guided Meditation: Enable Healing

Follow this 10-minute Audio Meditation every Thursday to enable spiritual healing.

Thoth’s Devotional

The Egyptian Moon god, an architect who knows well the paths and trajectories of all things. Chant this hymn while burning a blue or purple candle as you charge your amethyst.

Minerva’s Devotional

Invoke the Goddess of wisdom, arts, military strategy, the protector of Rome, and patroness of artisans. An eternal symbol of thought and intellectual progress.

Benefits of Amethyst ✨

  • Fights insomnia and provides a restful sleep.
  • It links the physical, mental and emotional bodies connecting them with the spiritual.
  • It cleanses the aura and transmutes the negative energy while stimulating the throat and crown chakras.
  • Provides emotional and mental clarity.
  • Improves family harmony, couple relationships, favoring dialogue and mutual understanding.

Printable: Amethyst Cleanse + Activate

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Log in to download it or find free printable grimoire pages.

How to spiritually cleanse an Amethyst
Cleanse and Activate Amethyst

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