Witchy Tattoo Ideas

Witchy Ink: Inspiration for your Next Tattoo!

Tattoos are a creative way to explore your self-expression and personality. What better way to showcase your love of all things magick than with your very own witchy tattoo?

Here is a collection of different spiritual and witchy tattoos to serve as inspiration for your next ink session!

Astrology Tattoo Ideas

Honor your love of astrology and all things celestial with an astrology tattoo. From sun signs to constellations, we’re sure you’ll find one you like!

If you feel particularly connected to a specific zodiac sign, you may want to choose that symbol. Stylize it with your favorite colors, choose an important location, and get your zodiac tattoo! This type of tattoo is great for someone that wants a small tattoo. It can be easily hidden out of sight from family, coworkers, or friends.

Zodiac Symbols
Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Inspiration

Another astrology tattoo idea is to choose a constellation that holds meaning for you! There are literally hundreds to choose from, and many of them are tied to spiritual or occult meanings. For example, you may want to choose Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) as a symbol of the bear and protection. The constellation of Pegasus may be a good choice to remind you that anything is possible!

Simple constellation tattoos

More astrology tattoo ideas include:

  • the constellation of your child’s sun sign
  • your zodiac with your partner’s
  • an animal associated with your zodiac sign
  • opposing sun and moon signs
  • the position of an important planet for an important event, e.g. the Sun in Pisces during your wedding

Moon Phase Tattoo Ideas

Many witches around the world connect with the Moon and all her phases. Whether you feel drawn to one phase or all of them, a Moon tattoo can be a special addition to your tattoo collection.

Moon Phase Back Tattoo

Carry all moon phases with you during the day with a moon phase tattoo! Embody the liminality of the moon phases with a crescent moon tattoo. You may even want to stylize your moon tattoo with your favorite flowers, animals, or colors!

Whatever you choose, the Moon and her phases are a great tattoo addition for any witch!

Simple moon tattoos

More moon tattoo ideas include:

  • the moon phase at your time of birth
  • the moon phase of your partner’s time of birth
  • Triple Goddess Moon tattoo
  • crescent moon tattoo with animals or flowers

Mythical Creature Tattoo Ideas

Unicorns, dragons, and phoenixes, oh my! Get a tattoo of your favorite mythical creature to embrace that magickal energy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mythical creatures throughout history. Every culture has its own stories, and every culture has its own magickal, mysterious, and frightening creatures!

Drawing a blank on mythical creatures? Here are a few ideas!

  • an animal or creature sacred to your God(s)
  • a phoenix to symbolize rebirth
  • a snake to symbolize transformation and release
  • a unicorn to symbolize magic and mystery

Deity Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are an ancient art dating back centuries. One way tattoos were used was to tell the stories of one’s life. Another way, and the idea here, was to show devotion to a specific deity or spirit. If you are connected to, devoted to, or work with a deity in any way, this may be the perfect tattoo for you!

Freya and her Cat
Tattoo by Megan Butler at Andy’s Flying Tiger Tattoo in Cincinnati, Ohio
Image used with Permission of Tattoo Owner

Sometimes a full portrait of a deity isn’t the right choice for you. That’s okay! Here are some other deity tattoo ideas:

  • symbols sacred to a deity
  • animals or flowers associated with a deity
  • words, phrases, or quotes associated with a deity

See more deity tattoos in the forum!

Sacred Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Choose a symbol that has special meaning to you, such as the pentacle or triquetra, and include it in your tattoos. You may even want to design your own symbol or sigil. Personal meaning brings an extra layer of magick to your witchy tattoo!

Some symbols you may want to consider include:

More Magickal Tattoo Ideas

Incorporate symbols that are important to you.

Even if your tattoo is more than a symbol, there are many creative ways to use symbols in art. Add spirals in a galaxy to embody sacredness or five petals in a flower for the five elements!

Choose your colors wisely!

Color magick can be included in your tattoo. Choose colors based on intention, desired appearance, or manifestations! For example, you may choose to include different shades of purple to draw upon spiritual energy and enhance your psychic connection.

Turn your tattoo session into a ritual!

Depending on your tattoo artist, you may be able to burn a candle, spray a room mist, or use a spell oil. Other options include listening to specific music or songs, chanting mantras or incantations, or even meditating!

Whatever you choose, make your decision wisely! A tattoo is a permanent part of your body and a dedication to the art you choose. Once that art is created, it’s very difficult to remove!

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