Smokeless Smudging Mist: An alternative to Sage Cleansing.

This mist spray is a great smoke-free alternative to incense burning as in Sage, Palo Santo or other herb-based cleansing and purifying practices. Ideal for those with allergies, living in dormitories, or with over-sensitive smoke alarms!🚨

Why this Spell Works

  • The Essential oils listed here each have their own magical properties which, combined with your intention, will aid in cleansing and protecting from negative energies
  • Crystal-infused Moon-water is believed to raise the energy to a higher vibration which attributes to becoming more beneficial and healing.

Smokeless Smudging Mist: An alternative to Sage Cleansing.

Recipe by SilverBear

Use this Smokeless Smudging Mist to Cleanse yourself, your home and your tools.


  • Dark Glass Spray Bottle

  • 1 Small Clear Quartz Crystal. (Used to infuse your moon-water/spring water ahead of time.)

  • Crystal-infused Moon-Water (Or Spring Water)

  • Essential Oils (and their relevant qualities)
  • 25 Drops SageHealing, Protecting, Empowering, Cleansing and Removing Negativity

  • 15 Drops Cedarwood – Cleansing, Healing, Purifying and Protecting. Guards against all Negative Influences and Dark Energy/Thoughts

  • 10 Drops LavenderCleansing, Empowering, Prevents Negative Energy


  • Add all the oils to your glass bottle.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle up with your Crystal-infused water.
  • Shake to mix all ingredients together.
  • Shake well prior to each use. Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.
  • Cleansing Yourself
  • Have an intention. Set it clearly in your mind. Believe it.
  • Lightly spray the mist on you and around you. Avoid eyes. 
  • Cleansing Your Home
  • Spritz the mist as you walk around the room slowly. Focus on cleansing and clearing all negative energy. Make sure you spray in corners, behind doors and closets. Please use caution around pets.
  • You may also find it helpful to speak an incantation, a thought or chant during cleansing (but this is not necessary for it to work). An example for this would be:
    “ Cleanse and bless this home and hearth.
    Drive away all harm and fear,
    So that only good may dwell in here.”


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Smokeless Smudge Recipe

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  1. Living in an apartment makes any smudging problomatic- this sounds like a PERFECT solution! (Pun intended?)

  2. in creating your own book of shadows – do you try to do things in some kind of order or do you just write in your magic as it comes to you? i purchased a book to begin and they have scored pages of old – and i want to pass it down – like a grimm would to another grimm. how do you begin and continue or do you just write and go with the flow? thanks for your site – always helpful. im eclectic – essential oils, earth, crystals, candles – have a few “gifts” but a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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