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Draw a Rune: Online Rune Divination!

Rune casting is a common form of divination in many pagan practices. It utilizes the Elder Futhark, an old Norse alphabet, for guidance and insight into our questions. Runes can be found carved into stone hundreds of years old, usually for the purpose of marking graves. Besides being an alphabet, each letter in the Elder Futhark also has spiritual and divinatory meanings. We can use the rune stones in a similar way to tarot, asking a question and casting runes for our answers.

Rune stones are commonly made from stone or crystal, but they can also be made from clay or drawn onto paper for use as cards. Whatever the material, the method of reading them is the same. There are two common methods of reading runes. The first is the simplest — ask a question and draw a single rune from your rune stones. The second method is more complex and only recommended for advanced rune casters. This method involves asking a question and then casting all runes. They are then read based on where they fell and their orientation.

If you would like to read runes but don’t have a set of your own, don’t worry! You can use our collection of runes here!

Draw a Rune Stone

It’s easy to choose a runestone with our online divination tool. Simply focus on your question or situation and then click or tap the rune bag below! You will be presented with your rune, keywords, and the meaning of the stone in your reading.

Ready? Focus on your question…


Keywords: necessity, resistance, lacking

Focus on what you need right now. There may be an imbalance or a lack in your life. Have patience and work with yourself to let go of any fear that’s holding you back. You deserve to have your needs met.

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Learn More About Runes!

Whether you’d like to take a full course on reading runes or just want to see how others use them, we have a lot of information here for you! Check out the posts below to continue your rune-casting education.

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Ready to take your first step into using runes for divination? Then this course is for you! With four modules and lots of information, this course is a great place to start in your rune reading journey!

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