How to Make a Sigil

Sigil Making 101: Draw Your Manifestations

A sigil is a symbol created from a specific phrase that holds your desire. It is a symbolic representation of what you want to manifest. Though the idea of sigils and seals is nothing new, ‘Sigilization‘, the creation of a sigil for magick, is a technique that was developed in the 20th century by an occultist named Austin Osman Spare. His method, and the one that is popular today, takes the words of a statement of intent and transforms them into an abstract design. The sigil is then charged with the will of the creator and activated, releasing the energy into the Universe to do the work.

Sigils can also be seen from a psychological perspective. In this way, the creator works with their intention to create a symbol and communicate with their subconscious. The subconscious mind then becomes a backseat driver leading the creator to their desires in waking life. In this way, it’s a little bit like self-hypnosis.

Whichever magickal system of thought you align with, sigils are a simple method to manifest your desires.

Step 1: Take Time Out

A blank piece of paper sits on top of a black cauldron. Two small candles burn in the background.
Gather your Tools

The first step is finding a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Finding a peaceful and calm environment can help you focus on your intention. You will need time to concentrate on what you desire. It would be like wishing for a car with a genie without describing the car you want! It is important to be specific when creating sigils, just like with all spells.

Create sacred or calm space in whatever way you prefer. Get comfortable, ground yourself, and meditate on your intention. It might be helpful to play some relaxing music and light an incense that corresponds with your desire.

Step Two: Write Down What You Wish To Manifest

A piece of paper with the phrase, "I am creative" sits on top of a black cauldron with two lit candles in the background.
Create your statement of intent.

Now, you will have to write down your statement of desire. This is what you wish to manifest, what you want to bring forward into your life. This is what you are seeking. You can write on any page and use any pen. Many witches choose to consecrate special pens only for magickal writing. You can choose to do the same but it’s not necessary.

When it comes to writing your phrase or affirmation, there are some general guidelines to follow. First, you should write your phrase in the present tense or as if it has already happened. A good example of this would be the creation of a sigil for owning a home. Rather than writing, I want to own a home or I wanted a house, you would instead write I am a home owner.

Do not use negative words such as “don’t”, “won’t” or “not”. For example, “I won’t put up with unfair treatment” can turn into, “I am fair and discerning of how I am being treated”. Positive and encouraging words tend to work better with the creation of sigils. Your statement should make you smile rather than dwell on the past or something you don’t want. For example, rather than writing, I don’t fail my exam, you should write, “I am focused on my studies” or “I pass my exam“.

It’s also important to be realistic. This is important because it makes it real and possible in your mind. Spells are two-part. You can’t just do the spell and expect it to do all the work for you. You have work to do, too. You can’t become a great athlete if you are not willing to put in the work to train your body. Sigils plant the desire so the universe can open opportunities. Remember you still have to take these opportunities.

Lastly, try to make it specific but don’t make it complicated. This can sound difficult but the trick is to keep your statement short with context. For example, “I have appreciation and love for my body around other people.”

Step 3: Clear out the Letters

A white paper with the phrase, "I am creative" written on it. The vowels and consonants are crossed out and the remaining letters are written: MCRTV
Remove vowels and repeating consonants.

Once you have decided on your sentence, the next step to cross out all of the vowels and duplicate consonants. For example “Abundance in Money” would turn into “BNDNCNMNY”. Then to make it more clear, you can again cut out any duplicate letters turning it into “BNDCMY”.

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Step 4: Use the Remaining Letters for Your Symbol

A sigil for creativity sits in a black cauldron.

Once you’ve simplified your statement, it’s time to create a symbol. Here you will use the remaining characters in any way you wish. You can interlock them, scatter them around, or even layer them on each other until they look like something else.

In fact, this symbol can be as simple as you want and as intricate as you need it to be. The important thing is to work on it until you’re happy with it. If you do not have an artistic side, do not be discouraged. Remember that trusting your intuition is part of the process.

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Step 5: Charge Your Sigil

A burning sigil for creativity.
Charge your sigil.

There are many ways to activate a sigil and all of them involve the main ingredient of manifestation: energy. You can work with any element, but two common ways of charging a sigil are burning it or burying it in the earth. Whichever method you use, it is important to hold your visualizations and manifestations in your mind while you work with the sigil.

Let’s say you decided to work with fire and burn you sigil. Here you will get a fire proof bowl, matches, or a lighter. Here again, you must be in a calm state of mind and repeat your intent while you hold your paper with the sigil on it. When you burn your sigil in the bowl, you must understand that the fire is creating energy and activating the sigil.

See Your Wish in Your Head

At this moment, you need to visualize what you want. For example, if you were wishing for greater self-confidence you need to visualize the situations you’re looking for. See and act out this confidence in your mind’s eye.

The sigil burns to ash.

This is you going after your dream job and talking confidently about your experience. This could be you asking your crush out or even imagining looking at yourself in the mirror while feeling capable. These can be different scenarios where your self-confidence can show up.

Hold this visualization in your mind as your sigil burns.

Note: Please don’t leave any burning objects or candles unattended. Always have a method of fire extinguishing available to you and practice fire safety.

Know The Energy Is In You

Next you need to imagine the energy that is turning the sigil to ash moving through the air and filling your body. You must imagine your body now containing this energy that is moving and contains the intention of your sigil.

Trust That The Process Has Started

Now that you’ve burned the sigil, it’s okay to let it go and trust that what you want will come to you or you will find a way to it.

Get the Printable!

Sigils are easy to make, especially once you get the basic method down! Add the Sigil Making Printable to your Grimoire or Book of Shadows to remind you of the basic steps.

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of printer-friendly parchment paper.

Explore other Grimoire PDF pages on this website to find more resources you can add to your own Book of Shadows.

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