Protection Colors: What are the Best Colors for Protection?

Look around the room you’re in and pay attention to all the different colors you see. Color is a large component of our existence; color is everywhere and within everything. We design our spaces to follow certain color tones and wear our favorite color of clothing. The way color is incorporated into our lives is endless. There are many studies on color and the effects they have on our psychology. For instance, yellow is an uplifting color that can help bring positivity and happiness into a space. Red is shown to energize emotions and sometimes produce feelings of anger. While colors do play a major role on us mentally and emotionally, they also have an effect on us energetically.

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Colors can greatly affect our spellwork.

Colors are powerful tools that can be used to direct a flow of energy, create change, and evoke certain intentions. At their core, colors hold a specific energetic frequency that allows them to transmute the energy they’re in contact with. They also transmute our own energy when we direct our focus to them or when we’re in our space with them. Because of these traits, color magick is one of the most powerful forms of witchcraft.

What Is Color Magick?

Color magick is often associated with candle magick because one of the main focuses while working with a candle spell is using a colored candle that is in harmony with your spell’s intentions. Just like other tools, such as herbs or crystals, using color within your spells can help enhance them, allowing them to be more powerful and fruitful. Each of us has our own unique perspective and associations with colors. In fact, our subconscious minds play a large role in the way that we independently interpret colors.

Color Psychology in Magic
Color Psychology in Magic

For some, the color red may be energizing, while for others, it may be restricting. There’s no concrete way to follow certain color signatures; the descriptions of their color properties are accepted as a general rule of thumb when incorporating them into your spell work. Use your intuition and test how each color makes you feel before working with them. Pay attention to any thoughts or emotions you have when dealing with a specific color, and use that information to help you decide what spell or intention that color will be most beneficial for you specifically.

Color magick can be used for an endless amount of intentions and uses. While many people use color magick for intentions such as abundance, love, and happiness, one of the most common forms of color magick is protection magick. You can perform color magick in many ways as well, such as candles, clothing, crystals, artwork, and more!

Protection Magick

Protection magick is the practice of creating an energetic barrier within or around you or a specific target. An energetic barrier maintains your energy and prevents it from being infringed upon by outside or negative forces. Color magick can be helpful in protection magick because certain colors of protection can help shield you from negative energies. You may be wondering, “What colors represent protection?” A color of protection can be any color, but most commonly, these colors are white, black, red, and blue.

Protection Basics: Spells & Tips for New Witches
Protection Basics: Spells & Tips for New Witches

Colors of Protection



The color white is used in many spiritual practices and religions all around the world. The reason for this is that white is associated with purity. Using white in color magick can help purify and cleanse the energy of a specific target. White is also very healing, helping to repair any weakened states of energy and allowing them to become strong and able to ward off outside or unwanted energy. White is also a good substitute for any other color in color magick.



Black is one of the most powerful colors for protection because of its ability to dissolve the densest forms of negative energy, evil intentions, and chaos that exist around us. Black is known as an absorber, completely consuming negativity and removing it from a specific target. This powerful color for protection can also be used to prevent a person from doing harm to you or others.



If you’re suspicious of someone’s actions or have the confirmation of magick being worked against you, the color red allows you to send back this energy to its sender. Red acts as a reflection, which can be powerful for protecting you and weakening a source that has ill intentions towards you. Strength is essential for protection, especially in magick, and the color red revitalizes your spirit and energy. This helps to empower you and your spellwork.


The last color for protection is the color grey, which is also known as a neutralizer. Grey stabilizes both positive and negative energy into neutrality. Using grey in color magick is great for disempowering negative energy within your life and neutralizing any spellwork that has been used against you. It’s important to end your spellwork by using tools to replenish the positive energy back into your life after working with the color grey.

Ways To Perform Color Magic

Candle Spells – Candles are ignitions for intentions, and using a corresponding colored candle for your intentions is a great way to enhance your magick.

Clothing – Wear a specific color for your intended purposes to help embody that energy throughout your day. Jewelry is also a great way to incorporate color into your life.

Foods – Eating certain foods can help invoke certain properties of their colors, such as healing, peace, happiness, and vitality.

Guided Candle Meditations Flames
Guided Candle Meditations Flames

Meditation – In your meditations, you can incorporate certain colors for protection or colors for any purpose. Get creative; see these colors filling your body, raining from the sky, spinning all around you, or in any way that helps you empower them in your visualization.

Home Décor – Painting your walls a certain color or having your décor match a certain color scheme is a great way to use color magick around your home.

Now that you know what colors represent protection in magick, find the colors that resonate with you and incorporate them into your daily life. Colors are more than just a beautiful hue you see throughout your day; they’re an energetic influence that can help empower and protect you in magnificent ways.

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