“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage. -- Aunt Francis; Practical Magic”

About Megan Black

Megan Black

Megan Black was born and raised in the Southern Valley of California. She was raised with the belief in the Christian God, but discovered Wicca in her early teens. Through many years of off-and-on study, she has found her place and path in Celtic polytheism and eclectic witchcraft.

She has always been a solitary practitioner, prefering the company of herself and her spirits over the company of others in practice. Through online communities such as Spells8, she has found a home as a friend, witch, and polytheist among others of like mind. Her main areas of focus include Celtic studies, eclectic witchcraft, divination, pagan parenting, and mental health.

As an avid diviner, Megan enjoys reading tarot and oracle for herself and others. She is a self-taught tarot reader, taking several years to hone her skill and intuition to help give answers to many seekers all over the world. She is also the owner of Round the Cauldron, a witchcraft website with a podcast and YouTube channel dedicated to giving readers and viewers a glimpse at everyday life as a witch. There, Megan shares her knowledge and thoughts with others.

As a writer, she writes about topics in a variety of occult subjects. From tarot to spellwork, herbs to oils, and everything in between, Megan most likely has something interesting or new to share with all of her readers! She now lives in the state of Maine with her family!

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Besides writing for Spells8 working in the forum, Megan can be found in different places online working on projects of her own. Here are a few of her links!

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