Plant Spells and Magic

Plant Magick & Spells: A Simple Guide For Green Witches

Plant magick has been an honored tradition and an essential part of life for centuries for those in the witchy and mystical paths.

We are returning to our roots more and more, whether gardening, growing vegetables, or caring for houseplants. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of magickal plants, their magickal uses, simple rituals, spells and their benefits.

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Plant Magick: What Does It Mean?

Starting with the basics is an excellent place to start. What is plant magick in this good green earth, and where does it come from?

Using herbs and plants with magickal properties, both as medicines and for rituals and spells, is known as plant magic or plant magick. An individual who practices plant magick may call themselves a herbalist, hedge witch, green witch, or plant witch.

Preparing Herbs

Throughout every culture and period, these practices are renowned. As early as the Egyptian era, thyme, lavender, and peppermint were used in mummification practices because of their clean scents and skin-moisturizing oils.

Historically, the Greeks have been passionate about the olive tree and the oil it produces as they are technically fruits. Moreover, a laurel wreath crown was used to decorate the heads of Roman royalty as the laurel or bay leaf is a symbol of outstanding achievement and victory. Even today, the laurel retains its symbolic significance.

The Most Popular Magickal Plants

It is impossible to list every single plant and its magickal properties, but some of the most famous ones are:

  • Rosemary – Herbalists consider this herb to be both medicinal and magickal. During the great plague, doctors used it as a cleansing posy to remove negative energy.
  • Lavender – Despite its versatility, this flower can be dried. Therefore, it can be used in spells. Adding the oil to distilled water creates a sleep-aid pillow mist that can be extracted for herbal remedies.
  • Aloe Vera – Helps heal minor wounds and burns quickly. It is plant magick at its finest to keep an aloe Vera plant and to cut one of its leaves so you can access its fresh, soothing gel.
  • Sage – Often, this herb is dried and burned as a cleansing incense. Additionally, this herb has strong protective properties.
  • Peppermint, ginger, and chamomile – Tea is an excellent remedy for indigestion and stomach pain with these herbs. To calm skin from sunburn and rashes, you can add dried chamomile to bathwater.
  • Mugwort – As an incense, tea, or spell ingredient, it can be used to aid lucid dreaming and astral projection.
  • Patchouli – The scent is strong and exotic. Its strong perfume-like aroma makes it useful for protection, repelling magick, love, and wealth spells.
  • Basil leaves – Abundance and wealth are represented. An easy manifesting spell is to write a wish or desire on a basil leaf and burn it.

You can use many more magickal plants and herbs, and they all have different purposes as well. This list shows just how numerous the services are. Plant magick crosses every form of matter, whether solid, liquid or gaseous.

Plant Magick In Rituals and Spells 🌿

A plant is a living energy source. Therefore, spells and rituals that include them are powerfully enhanced and strengthened.

The most common way to make plant magick is by creating incenses and other plant potions. You can Sprinkle them around a cast circle for protection or add them to pouches and spell jars.

Easy Plant Spells

Charm Bag Spell
Charm Bag Spell

Here’s a simple plant magick charm that’s fast and easy:

Plant Magick: Easy Protection Plant Spell Bag

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Make this protective spell bag to keep nearby when you feel the need for extra plant protection.


  • 1 tablespoon 1 Dry lavender flowers

  • 1 tablespoon 1 Dried and crushed sage

  • 1 1 String-pull pouch in black or white

  • 1 1 White candle


  • Focus your full attention and awareness on your actions as you take a few deep breaths.
  • Light the white candle on your altar or work table.
  • Adding the sage to the pouch, say aloud or think to yourself: “Sacred herb, please keep me grounded and protected from negative energy.”
  • Add the lavender and say: “Sacred flower, keep my mind clear, sharp, and free from fog.” Guide my thoughts and travels wherever I go, wherever I take you.”
  • Press the pouch to your chest and say: “This protective charm will keep me safe from harm so that nothing can slow me down, make me sad, or make me ill.”
  • Take a few minutes to meditate. Say a prayer to your Higher Beings or the Elements before blowing out (or snuffing) your candle.

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Similar Plant Spells and Charms ✨

Caring for Plants for Self-Care

It is magickal to care for plants. Watching a tiny seed sprouting in spring, it grows into a small plant. It is fascinating to see the process of developing into an entire adult plant that flowers and fruits in late summer and eventually drops its leaves except for evergreens over Autumn and Winter to rest and work on its roots.

Following and journaling a single plant’s progress throughout the year is a beautiful way for the budding green witch to gain insight into plant growth. You can observe that plants are never too early or too late. Instead, they evolve as they are supposed to, using micro-changes in temperature and lighting.

Are you a Plant Witch?

Plants’ energy is living

A plant is a living energy source. Watching them and living with the seasons teaches us a lot about ourselves, not to mention that it’s a great exercise in patience and reminds us to slow down. Unfortunately, houseplants and potted plants are cut off from daylight, nutrient-dense soil, and rain. So you must take care of their needs.

Magickal Plant Care Tips

Fertilizer is needed during the growing season when the plant produces new leaves, flowers, or fruits. By adding this, you can communicate with your plants. Studies show that plants respond better and become more prominent when spoken to or played music.

Every time you water your plants, you can say or sing a plant charm. One great one to say is: “Let your flowers bloom, let your fruits be sweet, and let us meet again for many years.”

If you place a rose quartz crystal or a clear quartz crystal on top of the soil in your plant’s pot, it will surround the plant with positive energy promoting growth.

Burn incense while taking care of your plants each week as part of your weekly plant maintenance ritual. To add extra protection to your plant, you can consecrate a special bottle to store your fertilizer in.

If you want to keep plants happy, invest in a herb house containing specific UV bulbs. You can paint the moon phases, flowers, or stickers you want on this.

From the Online Coven:

Spells8 has a lesson on Herbal Witchcraft, and a helpful YouTube video that introduces some common medicinal and magickal herbs:

Plant Magick Love Spell 💖

We take care of the plants, and they take care of us. Plants have been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries. It’s not hard to find DIY recipes online featuring herbs and magickal plants, including chamomile face masks and lemon sugar lip scrubs. For soft hands and a romantic boost, we love rosewater hand cream.

The Ingredients

  • One part olive oil.
  • One part organic rose water.
  • One part beeswax.
  • A screw-top container is similar to a small jar.
  • Add pink food coloring (optional).


1. Melt the beeswax in a pan over low heat.

2. Combine the oil, colorant, and rose water, remove it from the heat and stir thoroughly to mix it evenly.

3. After you have poured the solution into your container, leave it to cool overnight with the lid off.

4. Rub it in with your hands. Enjoy the scent of romance as you anticipate a new relationship or improve the one you are in on its way to you.

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Forest Magick and Wild Plant Magick

Last but not least, our favorite form of plant magick: it’s free, keeps us healthy, feels good, and supports our mental health. Go for a bushwalk. Take a forest bath. If the weather is chilly, wear comfortable shoes and a coat, and head to a park with trees. Breathe it all in.

Scientists have discovered the science behind the magickal feeling of being in a forest: Phytoncide (the chemical released by trees and fungi) boosts our immune system, seeing the color green triggers the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), and hearing the wind in the trees, bird song and other sounds of nature calm our over-stimulated brains. In the woods, there are so many things to do. They include:

  • You can build a stick house.
  • Plan a picnic.
  • A race sticks to a river.
  • Wild food can forage. (When in doubt, consult a professional as many poisonous mushrooms and wild berries are almost identical.)
  • Press flowers and leaves.
  • Keep an eye out for animal tracks, such as fox and deer.


There is a lot of complexity in the world of plant magick. However, most aspects of plant magick have been covered here. You learned about their history, properties, and uses in spells, rituals, and self-care recipes. You know of their physical and metaphysical benefits.

The world has much more to offer, however. So you should explore this beautiful green world of plant magick and make it your own. It is the fun of magick when we take the information and use it to do our practices.

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