Magickal People: 10 Traits of Magickal Beings

Magickal people are all around us. In fact, the magickal person could be you! The truth is that we all have magick within us. We all have the ability to open ourselves up to the universe in such a way that the magick all around us becomes part of who we are.

Part of the challenge is to recognize magick when you find it, in yourself and in other people. So, what are the traits of magickal people? And how can you spot magickal beings amongst us and the magick within you?

Magickal People are Everywhere

1. Magickal people know they are magick!

Most people spend their lives unable to recognize the magick around them or within them. One of the most obvious signs of a magickal being is that they know they are magick!

When it comes to truly living out the magick within, awareness is everything. Magickal people know the depth of their own experience. They understand and take notice of the magick inside them, and they are always ready to share this with others.

2. Magickal people have a mission.

Magickal people are people with a purpose, and often that purpose is to share their magick with the world around them.

Magickal people want to help others to see the magick in themselves. They know the power and value of magick so they want to spread it wherever they can and to help others to see it too.

Spreading magick is a driving force in the magickal person’s life and they seek to do it wherever they go.

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3. Magickal people are socially and emotionally aware.

You will know a magickal person when you find one because you will naturally be drawn to them. Magickal humans are naturally skilled at relating to others. They understand what makes others tick and how to engage well with other people.

They also have a deep sense of empathy, so if you spend time with a magickal person, you will leave the conversation feeling seen and heard in a special way.

Magickal people have deep conversations and deep relationships. They just get people and seem to operate on a higher plane in their social and emotional relationships.

4. Magickal people ask questions that matter.

Because of this high social awareness and empathetic nature, magickal people will often ask you questions that matter. Magickal people live in a state of high meaning. They look to the heart of things.

When you are in the presence of a magickal person, forget the small talk! They will be straight with what matters spurred on by their natural curiosity and interest in people.

A conversation with a magickal person will lead you to new and exciting insights about yourself and the world. You will always leave the conversation changed.

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5. Magickal people are curious about the world.

Magickal people are also naturally curious about the world. Magickal humans are inquisitive. There are few things they don’t wish to know more about, particularly other people.

You might notice in yourself, or in another magickal human, a drive towards learning new things. Discovering the world brings magickal beings alive and fills them with joy and excitement.

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6. Magical people are creative.

Along with this curiosity about the world, magickal people are also creative people.

Do you ever find yourself seized by the urge to write a song or poem? Do your hands sometimes feel like they almost itch to create? This may be a sign of the magick within you!

Magickal humans have a natural urge to create and they feel most at home when they are able to enter a state of flow, sharing with the world all that is within them.

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Affirmations for Creativity

7. Magickal people are sensitive to seasons and lunar cycles.

Magickal people are naturally more sensitive to the world around them and particularly to the two major energies of our world, the energy of the moon and the sun.

You may notice that magickal beings change as the moon waxes and wanes. Magickal people may have more energy around the time of the full moon and even find it hard to sleep around this time. This is all a part of their greater connectivity with the world around them.

8. Magickal people experience a lot of synchronicities in their life.

From small moments of serendipity to life-changing ‘right place, right time’ moments, magickal humans experience a lot of synchronicities in their life.

Magickal people also often find that the number of synchronicities they experience tends to increase as they connect more deeply with the universe. Time spent in meditation and ritual or exploring their creative side through art and dance leads to more synchronicities appearing in their life.

Recognizing these moments is vital for magickal people to tap into the magick all around them and to see the magick within them grow.

9. Magickal people are drawn to other magickal people.

When two magickal beings meet, it can be a thrilling moment. The deep empathy and social awareness, as well as the spiritual depth of the magickal person, make connections between two magickal people when they meet highly likely.

As a magickal person, you may find that your relationships are deeper and more passionate. If you are in a friendship or romantic relationship with a magickal person, then you may find that you have a depth of understanding and connection with the person that is unusual and changes your life for the better.

Magickal people are drawn to other magickal people and make it their mission to draw the magick out in each other.

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10. Magickal people have vivid dreams.

And finally, magickal people often have a vivid dream life. Magickal people tend to be spiritually aware and practice rituals to support this openness.

It is common for magical people to have chakras that are open and active. For example, their open third eye may allow a magickal being to perceive what others don’t, or an open heart chakra makes them more emotionally in tune.

This openness allows the magickal person to enter more fully into the world of dreams. Their natural openness and curiosity in the waking world are replicated in the dream world. They experience vivid and fascinating dreams.

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Magick is everywhere, and magickal people are everywhere! Perhaps these traits of magickal people have helped you to recognize the magick within you?

Wherever we find magick, whether within ourselves or seeing it in others, the first step is to recognize it. The second step is to pass it on and, of course, to see the magick grow!

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