Spell For Solar Eclipse

Spell For Solar Eclipse: Sun & Moon Candle Magic

An eclipse is a great opportunity to make decisions or change patterns. Use the power of this cosmic event to cast a spell or find an answer to your question with an eclipse Magic divination ritual.

As the celestial calendar turns its pages to 2024, we find ourselves on the cusp of a rare and awe-inspiring event—the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse‘ set to grace the skies on April 8, 2024. This total solar eclipse comes as a significant marker, seven years after its predecessor cast a shadow across parts of the United States.

Solar Eclipse in Aries 2024

The solar eclipse in April, occurring in the fiery sign of Aries, brings forth a time of renewal and potential transformative change. As we stand at the threshold of this cosmic event, it is an opportune moment to engage with ancient traditions and modern practices that honor the sun and moon’s cyclical dance.

Solar Eclipse in Aries

Discover a ritual tailored for this cosmic event in the section below. ↓

Spiritual Meaning

This celestial event amplifies Aries’ qualities of leadership, action, and the drive for independence, encouraging individuals to break free from complacency and embrace change. It’s a time for asserting one’s true self, taking charge, and engaging in physical activities that channel Aries’ fiery energy.

However, it also cautions against impulsiveness, urging a balanced approach to avoid potential conflicts or hasty decisions. Navigating this period involves harnessing Aries’ bold spirit while reflecting on personal identity and directions for growth, making it an opportune moment for transformative personal and collective shifts.

How do Solar Eclipse affect us?

Astrologers tend to agree that major cosmic events such as eclipses are interactive; they represent an activity also taking place within our self and consciousness. This is why some people may be drawn to casting spells during an eclipse, or engaging in rituals and other spiritual practices.

First let’s find out what astrological sign the Sun will be passing during the eclipse: It is possible that you receive communications from old friends or family, or even open yourself up to contact from the spirit world. From an astrology point of view, it’s a good time for traveling, visiting family, starting learning a new language or making big decisions.

Solar eclipse illustration

Can I cast a spell during an Eclipse?

The problem with eclipses is that historically they have usually been considered bad omens. Lunar and solar eclipses were taken as signs of calamities and war so they are still associated with negative things by many people.

The good thing is that a solar eclipse only lasts for about 10 minutes and a lunar eclipse up to two hours. In case of doubt, it’s best to plan around it. Ultimately, your Magic is personal to you. What matters most is what you believe and how you feel during that time. If you’re afraid to cast a spell because it could “backfire”, here’s my answer to that question in the Spells8 Forum: Fear destroys power.

An eclipse is a great opportunity to make decisions or change patterns. Use the power of this cosmic event to find an answer to your question with this eclipse Magic divination ritual. Find more ideas on what to do during an eclipse below the spell. ↓

Solar Eclipse Divination Ritual and Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Powerful Solar eclipse Wiccan spell. Set an intention and cast this spell for protection or guidance. You can do this ritual of Magic during a solar eclipse. If you’re viewing it outside wear eye protection or watch it online by finding a livestream or video recording.


  • White candle

  • Yellow candle

  • Pen and paper

  • Incense (optional)

How to cast the spell

  • As you set the mood by burning some incense, light a white candle to invite lunar energy, and a yellow or gold candle to invite solar energy.
  • State your question out loud. It can be a Yes/No question, or a question with multiple choices.
  • Five minutes before the start of the eclipse, cut your paper into small pieces. Write “Yes” in one of them and “No” in the other one (or write down all the different choices for a more complex question).
  • Fold each piece of paper three or four times.
  • As the eclipse unfolds and it starts to get darker, hold the pieces of paper in your closed hand and press your fist firmly. Say:Eclipse Magic chant
  • As the light returns, slowly open your hand with your palm facing down. See which of the papers falls to the ground first. That will be your answer. If both fall at the same time or both are stuck in your hand, it means the answer is still up in the air. You may try another divination method.

What to do with the leftovers of the spell?

Let the candles burn safely. Dispose of the papers and the candle remains, or paste the paper with your answer in your journal or Book of Mirrors.

Can I do this spell during a lunar eclipse too?

Yes, you can adapt this spell and cast it during a Blood Moon, find another Lunar Eclipse Ritual here. Continue reading below to learn more about solar and lunar eclipse Magic. Before you cast any spell, make sure you have set an intention such as getting guidance, clarity, or protection.

Spiritual Meaning of an Eclipse 🌑☀️

A solar eclipse is a perfect alignment of the Sun and Moon. This is a powerful time because it represents a sacred union. The Sun is the enlightener who gives us light and warmth. The Moon is the measurer who helps us mark the passage of time and guides us in the darkness. Both have been given many names in history and around the world. For example, in Greek, Helios is the Sun and Selene is the Moon.

Sun vs Moon Eclipse
Sun vs Moon Eclipse

While typically the Sun and Moon affect us in different ways and times of the day, now they are working together. According to Michael Furie, when they are in the same general area in the sky, we are being “pulled upward” by both at the same time.

What to do During an Eclipse?

If you practice Lunar Magic, you’ll know that a solar eclipse always occurs during a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. Spiritually, this lunar timing represents new beginnings, so you could hold an esbat or celebration to welcome and invite new energy, or cast a New Moon Spell.

Should you cast a spell during a lunar eclipse? Many superstitious people will avoid working during this time, claiming it’s a chaotic time, but ultimately it’s up to you. Find a lunar eclipse candle spell here.

If you’re a Wiccan, you could harness this energy to perform a symbolic union of the Goddess and the God, symbolized by the coming together of the Sun and Moon. Chant a Wiccan Prayer or even perform the Great Rite.

Wiccan Ritual

Solar eclipses happen when the Sun casts the Moon’s shadow over the Earth. Types of rituals for solar eclipse Magic include Journaling or doing Shadow work, and meditating during the eclipse or doing a banishing spell.

You can use the energy of a lunar or solar eclipse to break curses, change bad habits, or banish a problem. Choose the thing you want to remove from your life and perform a banishing spell to eclipse an old habit. If you feel like doing so, cast a circle or do some protection spellwork. As you can see, there are many different types of spells to do in an eclipse.

Journaling Page & Pink Moon Magic Spell

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages and more Moon Journaling Ideas.

Solar Eclipse Magic Spell
Eclipse Magic Spell

When is the next Solar Eclipse?

  • Northern Hemisphere Solar Eclipse 2024: April 8, 2024.
  • Southern Hemisphere Solar Eclipse 2024: October 2, 2024.
  • Northern Hemisphere Solar Eclipse 2025: March 29, 2025.

🖨️ Print a Lunar calendar here: Printable Lunar Calendar

Eclipse Spells and Meditations

As you do this eclipse ritual, feel free to follow any of these guided meditations, prayers and chants:

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Solar Eclipse Magic Chant Spell
Solar Eclipse Divination Chant Spell

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