Divination Methods Traditional & Modern

Divination Methods: Traditional and Modern Techniques

Do you know that birds bring messages from Spirit? In this post we will explore some types of divinations, both traditional and not-so-traditional. From Folk Magic to modern-day Wicca. Let’s start with some little-known divination methods:

Traditional Divination Methods 🧅

Ornithomancy is a practice, even mentioned in the Bible, that Romans used to understand the messages of birds, both favorable or unfavorable. It was believed that the omens manifest themselves through the flights and songs of birds.

Divination with onions

Cromniomancy is a great method to learn more about a situation through the use of onion sprouts. Inscribe the person’s name on it and leave it on the altar. If the onion grows fast, then this it is a sign of improvement, health and happiness. In the past, young women also used this technique to find out who would become their long-term love partner.

Capnomancy predicts events by looking through the smoke. Burn either poppy or jasmine seeds on burning coals and observe. If the flame is thin, it brings a good omen. Otherwise, it is time to think carefully about the situation at hand.

Divination Witch

Omphalomancy is a divination method to determine how many children a mother could have in her full life spam through a newborn’s umbilical cord.

Onychomancy is a prediction tool where one rubs oil into their nails and is exposed that before sunlight. The symbols that appeared before nails indicate the nature of the coming events. The location of the symbols on the nail allows one to date them. If a symbol arises high up, then it’s an indicator of an event in the near future.

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Modern Divination Methods 🔮

Cartomancy Divinations

Other Divination Techniques

More Information

Divination Oil Recipe

Dab a drop onto your third eye/use it to anoint candles for meditation/divination work to help enhance your natural psychic powers. Use it in a spell for clarity or spiritual growth.

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