Ra: Devotional Prayer for the Sun

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Light a yellow or golden candle during this devotional.

Incense for Ra:

Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lemongrass.

Offerings to Ra:

Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Honey, Beer, Dates, Sunflowers.


Ra is the Sun god in Egyptian mythology.

The symbol of sunlight, giver of life, as well as responsible for the cycle of death and resurrection. He is the god who represents the midday sun, at its maximum splendor.

At the beginning of the Old Kingdom, Ra was just one of several existing solar deities, but around BCE he had become the official god of the pharaohs, who considered themselves his children, and even his incarnations. During Dynasty V his status was elevated to national deity and later linked to the Theban god Amun to become Amun-Ra, the main deity of the Egyptian pantheon.

His most usual representation was that of a man with a hawk’s head, on which he carried the solar disk. Another form of worship given to this deity was as Ra-Horajti, a solar god with a hawk’s head, crowned by the solar disk and a halo, with a Was-sceptre and an ankh.

This prayer can be used as part of you daily Wiccan devotional routine, or in a spell where you want to add attributes related to the Sun, such as Fire, heat, growth, or success.

Devotional text

O solar disk, lord of radiance, rising on the horizon every day,

may you shine on the face of your servant.

I have come before you; may I be with you to see your Disk every day.

I praise you when you shine,

And I speak to you when you rise.

You bring morning to exalt your forms,

and you ascend to magnify your beauties.

Advancing, you fashion your limbs in gold;

You turn your face to the west,

and my arms are raised in acclamation of your setting in life;

indeed, it is you who who is eternally praised when you set in the Celestial Waters.

I place you in my heart without weakness, more divine than the gods.

Praise to you, rising as gold,

bringing dawn to the Two Lands on the day of your birth.

You have brightened the circuit of the solar disk with great brightness,

rising from the Celestial Waters.

Causing every land, every town, and every house to celebrate,

protected by your beauties,

holding up your soul with food and drink offerings.

You will sail over the substance of heaven;

you will join with the stars.

Hymns will be made for you in the boat;

you will be called in the Morning Boat.

I will see you in your shrine,

As you make your disk to set every day,

drawing on the Evening Boat to its arrival.

May you have a fair wind, as the boat sets out on its journey,

and sails on till it comes into port.

The gods of the South, the gods of the North,

the gods of the West, and the gods of the East praise you,

Make my spirit-soul to be glorious,

make my Heart-soul to be divine.

You are worshipped as you set, Lord of the gods,

you are exalted by reason of your wondrous works.

Shine you with the rays of light on my body day by day, on me.

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