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13 Esbat Rituals for a Full Moon Wiccan Celebration

If you’re on a journey to becoming a Wiccan, you will have heard about the Wheel of the Year and the Eight Wiccan Sabbats. But did you know that there is a “second wheel of the year”?

The second wheel of the year is celebrated when the Full Moon lights up the skies every month and bathes us all in her glory. This happens about 13 times a year: Once a month and, when we’re lucky, we get an extra Full Moon in a month – known as a Blue Moon. That happens about every 2½ years or so.

Wiccan Esbat Ritual
Wiccan Esbat Ritual

What is an Esbat?

The term esbat is derived from Old French s’esbattre (Modern French ébat), meaning to frolic and amuse oneself, diversion.

The regular meeting of Witches (Wiccans and others) are called Esbats. It is at these that any work is done (e.g., magick, healing). Many covens meet once a week, but there is really no hard and fast rule. Some choose to hold a meeting once a month, at the Full Moon. An Esbat can be celebrated at any other lunar time too. Many covens celebrate the New Moons too.

In short, Esbat is just another name for a Witches’ celebration. Whether you practice Wicca in solitary or with a coven, an Esbat is a good excuse to honor the Full Moon or the New Moon, as the energies are powerful at these times.

The 13 Esbats

Each Full Moon of the year has a symbolic name and correspondences.

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Full Moon Esbat 🌕

A simple way you can harness the energies of the Full Moon is to bathe in it.

Esbat Ritual: Moon Bathing

Many Wiccans love to just be outside and absorb the energies of the Moon, especially when she is in full flow. You don’t need to do anything special for this and you don’t have to wait until the Moon is full if you don’t want to, but the energies are so much more powerful when it is full.

How To Do It

Once the full moon has risen in the night sky, simply step outside. You can raise your arms and say a small prayer or chant such as:

“Thank you Goddess for all you have provided this month.

I accept and embrace your powerful energies to give me strength for the month ahead.

And so be it.”

You can change the words to suit your own feelings. Allow the rays of the Moon to beam down on you and feel the energies entering your body as you accept the beauty that is given to you.

These energies will stay with you for some days, and you may find yourself making changes in your life or being able to deal much more easily with situations that previously would have been difficult and stressful.

Full Moon Esbat Ritual Ideas

Whatever is done at this time can be sacred and powerful. Here’s a plan for a Full Moon solitary ritual:

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Wiccan Esbat Ritual

The Full Moon is generally a very special time for Wiccans with great emphasis placed on magic that includes the Triple Goddess at the heart. At the time of the Full Moon, the Goddess has reached her “mother” phase, which means magic relating to love, family, intuition, or prosperity are all encouraged.

You may consider invoking Goddess energies to help you with a specific purpose. At the time of the Full Moon the most powerful energies relate to relationships and family life. Here is a spell to help keep your family united in peaceful relationships. You can do this either during the day of a full moon, but the energy will be more powerful at night once the moon has risen.

What You Will Need

  • Blue candle
  • Pink candle
  • White candle
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Matches or lighter
  • Photograph of family

How To Do It

You don’t need to have an altar to do this, you can simply set the candles up in a quiet space. Make sure the candles will not fall over. You can use tealights if this is easier.

1. Use a little lavender essential oil to anoint the candles. Don’t overuse it.

2. Take a few deep breaths and when you are calm, light the candles.

3. Hold the photograph of your family whilst gazing into the candlelight. After a few moments say a prayer such as:

“Thank you Goddess for being my strength and focus.

I am thankful for my family and ask that you shine your light upon them all, and draw them together in love, harmony, and peaceful. May they always carry out their actions with love in their heart.

So mote it be.”

4. Spend a short time in contemplation of your words and allow the energies to continue to enrich yours. Feel the soothing energies reaching each of your family members. When you are ready you can blow the candles out and thank the Goddess for her presence.

Phases of The Triple Goddess

The triple Goddess not only aligns with the concept of birth, life, and death, she also aligns with the aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Some people have other Goddesses at the heart of their magical rituals as well as the triple Goddess.

For example, celebrating a spring Esbat may include the Goddess Brigid as she is associated with inspiration, healing, and creativity.

Just Give Thanks

Of course, you do not need to honor the Goddess by carrying out a magic spell or ritual every month. You can simply honor the triple Goddess by giving thanks by lighting a candle and sitting in quiet meditation or reflection expressing gratitude for what is in your life and for what is to come.

Cakes and Ale Esbat Celebration

Finally, there is a ceremony of cakes and ale. It is a very common Full Moon and Esbat celebration practiced by Wiccans all over the world. Very often this celebration is carried out following a ritual undertaken by a coven, but solitary practitioners also do it. You do not have to carry out a ritual beforehand; it can be used alone.

Esbat Ritual Wicca

Cake and ale is associated with the mother Goddess (Full Moon Goddess). You will need an altar for this ritual, or at least a space that has been blessed and can be used as an altar.

What You Will Need

  • Bread or biscuit – not necessarily cake!
  • Chalice (or cup) with a drink in it – does not have to be ale or alcoholic!

How To Do It

1. Light any candles you have on your altar and place your bread and drink in front of them.

2. Hold the bread and bless the Goddess who provided it. You can say:

“Thank you Goddess for presenting yourself to us in the form of this bread (cake, biscuit, etc.). I thank you for nurturing us in this way.

So mote it be.”

3. Break a piece off the bread and eat it.

4. Raise the chalice (cup) and bless the Goddess for providing this also. You can say:

“Thank you Goddess for the gift of life from your womb. I give thanks for this drink that links us always.

So mote it be.”

5. Then take a drink from the cup.

You can change any of the words to suit your own purpose.

Happy Esbat! ✨

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