Pink Moon Ritual April

Full Pink Moon: Spell & Ritual (April)

April’s Full Moon is called the Pink Moon. In North America, this is when the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox blooms in widespread joyfulness. This is also the month when many fish swim upstream to spawn. It is a time of playfulness and youth for Nature, and it can be for you also!

What to do on the Pink Moon? Cast a Full Moon spell. The best time for a Pink Moon ritual is a Friday night, but you may do it on any of the three nights when the Moon is Full in April.

How does this Spell work?

  • The color pink resonates with compassion, nurturing and love, It is kind and comforting, bursting with pure romance. A pink candle will help nurture and warm you as you work your magic.
  • A symbol of fertility and abundance, The Moon has been worshiped by different cultures since ancient times. And this one especially, since it is usually the first Full Moon of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the season of love and unions. 🌸

Before you begin, make sure you have set an intention for this ritual. This is a great opportunity to cast a love spell, even if it’s just to attract friendly, familial or self-love energies.

Full Pink Moon: Spell & Ritual (April)

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Here's a Pink Moon ritual for manifestations of any kind. Love spells and positive intentions are encouraged in this season. What to do on the Pink Moon? Cast a Full Moon spell!


  • 1 pink candle (or more if you have them)

  • Candle holder or dish

  • Rose quartz or Moonstone

  • Pink flowers

  • Pen and paper

How to cast the pink moon spell

  • Optionally, you can dress in pink (or wear a pink garment) to help open your most receptive side and channel the energy of the Pink Moon.
  • Decorate your room or your altar with pink flowers to set a positive and sensitive mindset for a successful ritual as you focus on your intention.
  • If you can see the Full Moon from where you are, look at it. Otherwise visualize it with the eye of your mind and allow a feeling of hope to fill your spirit. Take a piece of paper and write your intention on it. This is the goal that your Magic will bring and manifest throughout the coming months. Feel the blooming of your dreams starting to happen.
  • Place the paper under the candle holder or dish, and set the pink candle on top. Light the candle. 🕯️
  • Hold your quartz or moonstone in your hands, and as you see the moon in the sky or in your mind, chant the spell:Pink Moon Ritual Chant
  • Charge your gemstone with lunar energy by placing it outside or on a window sill. As the candle burns, follow a guided meditation for love, or simply empty your mind as you watch the candle burn. You can use this time to say a love spell chant or a prayer to invite love into your life, or do a devotional to the deity of your choosing.


  • Practice candle safety. Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell

What to do with the leftovers of the spell?

Keep the stone and carry it with you to attract more love in your daily activities. Finish burning the candle for the duration of this lunar month (until the next Full Moon). 🌕

You can paste the piece of paper on your book of shadows or Book of Mirrors to remind you of when you cast this Pink Moon spell, or burn it tonight with the pink candle flame. Dispose of the pink flowers as you see fit.

Journaling Page & Pink Moon Magic Spell

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. You need to Log in to download it. Find more printable grimoire pages and more Moon Journaling Ideas.

When’s the next Pink Moon?

  • Pink Moon 2023: April 6, 2023: Full Moon in Libra
  • Pink Moon 2024: April 23, 2024
  • Pink Moon 2025: April 12, 2025.

🖨️ Print a Lunar calendar here: Printable Lunar Calendar

Pink Moon Guided Meditations

As you do this Pink Moon ritual, feel free to follow any of these guided meditations, prayers and chants:

Pink Moon Ritual FAQ

What is the Pink Moon in April?

Pink Moon is the name that April’s Full Moon receives each year in North America. It represents the sprouting of seeds and the growth of pink flowers (mainly a flower called moss pink) that are the first to bloom with the arrival of spring.

Many cultures that use lunar calendars would give special names to each of the Full Moons in order to track the changes in the environment and seasons.

What are other names for the Pink Moon?

Most names given to April’s Full Moon in Northern latitudes have to do with the effect of the spring such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon (common among coastal tribes).

Why is the Moon Pink in April?

If you look up and see the Full Pink Moon of April, you may be disappointed to notice that it doesn’t really look pink at all. “Pink Moon” is just the name it receives, because of the time of the year (spring) in the Northern Hemisphere, associated with pink flowers.

Is a Pink Moon actually pink?

The color of a Pink Moon is usually bright white. The Pink Moon may look a bit yellow if you catch it near the horizon, due to the effect of the atmosphere. Red light can pass through the atmosphere and not get scattered as much as light at the blue end of the spectrum, so sometimes the Moon turns red when it is low in the sky. It then becomes shiny white as it travels up in its path around the Earth.

What does the Pink Moon mean in astrology?

The Pink Moon can shed light on both the good and the bad sides of you, no matter what your astrological sign is. The Pink Moon, like all Full Moons, can affect your body just like it affects the bodies of water on Earth. Its energy can magnify anything that is currently going on in your life, including feelings and emotions. This Pink Moon can bring an increased sense of energy, which each sign of the zodiac will handle differently. Its light and energy can be overwhelming for some, putting them on edge, while at the same time acting as a useful guide for others.

Have a Blessed Full Moon!

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Pink Moon Ritual
Pink Moon Ritual

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