Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water

‘Moondrop Blessing’: A Spell to Keep & Protect Your Job

Why this Spell Works

  • This is a very simple ritual that transfers the energies of the Full Moon to your clothes or home with a simple chant. Chanting is a great way to transmit positive intentions.
  • A good way to harness Lunar energy is by preparing Moon Water 💧during the previous full moon night.

How to Make Moon Water

Read this post and learn how to channel the energy of each Lunar phase to consecrate Ritual Water.

How to Make Moon Water

‘Moondrop Blessing’: A Spell to Keep & Protect Your Job

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco Difficulty: Easy

Sprinkle some Moon Water on your clothes before going to work and have a day full of lunar blessings 🌕✨. This homemade Magic ritual that can help you keep and protect your job and yourself from negative influences.

What you’ll need

How to cast the spell

  • Before leaving to work, place on your bed the clothes that you’ll be wearing today.
  • Use your fingers to sprinkle some Full Moon water on them. While doing this, say the following chant:Moon-Blessing-Job-Protection
  • Visualize the good things that will happen today. Smile to yourself and give thanks.


  • Make sure to prepare Moon Water 💧 during the previous full moon night.
  • 🖨️ Find a printable version of this spell recipe below!

You can do this as a daily ritual to start your day on a positive note, spraying Moon water at home. Or use this ritual when you are feeling under stress, to clear and lighten the mood. This water will keep you close to the energy of the moon, grounded while feeling full of light at the same time

The chant is an easy Wiccan prayer with rhyme to help us memorize it, gaining confidence and security while chanting. 🙌 Use it as a protection prayer against the evil eye, or change the spell to fit your needs. For example: to keep you protected from any influences in your workplace, at home, or school.

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Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water
Spell to Keep and Protect your Job with Moon Water

Print this Spell Recipe 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows.

Full Moon Water Spell Recipe

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