Water Elemental Invocation

Water Elemental Invocation Chant

Invoke Water with a chant and meditate to the relaxing sound of water to connect with the qualities of this primary Elemental.


Light a blue candle during this meditation.

Water is a dense material, but it can expand and acquire various forms. It has certain natural characteristics: it is mutable, malleable, unstable and fluid.

For Alchemists, the element Water symbolizes cleaning and purification and is a fluid element in which, by immersion, metals are cleaned of all impurities. A triangular figure, supported on one of the vertices, is its symbol, the Cup.

Element Water correspondences
Water correspondences

The cup has a receptive and feminine meaning as well. In many civilizations and cultures, water was identified with the principle of life through which they could purify both their bodies and their souls. Water symbolizes the womb, cauldron of creation from where life emanates. Baptism, for example, means the rebirth of the “new person” and letting go of the “old person”, once marked by guilt.

Because Water gives life, it is directly related to the world of feelings and emotions, instincts, hunches, the unconscious, the psychic. It lacks the strength of the element Earth but it’s still immensely energetic.

Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Creativity, mysticism, imagination, art, the spiritual, the esoteric arts, music and in general, everything related to human feelings are their natural way of expressing themselves.

Click here to find Water Witch Magical Recipes

Click here to find Water Witch Magical Recipes 🌊

Audio-Only Meditation

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Water Invocation
Water Invocation

Water Spells

Blue candles are associated to the Element Water 💙, the Throat Chakra, peace of mind and balance in all areas of life.

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What is Florida Water?

It can be used for cleansing or in different types of spells. SilverBear shares her own recipe to make Florida water at home.

Moon Water

Divinations and any ritual practice in which you need to strengthen your spiritual powers will see benefits. Just place a cup of Moon Water on your altar during your practice.

The element of Water varies as water can be both life giving and a powerful force to be reckoned with. It is a gentle mist upon your face or a tidal wave crashing against a rock. Water sustains life not just for humans, but for the many creatures that reside within its depths. The element is excellent for communication with friends, spouses, coworkers, and children. It enhances spells focused on fertility, pleasure, and psychic abilities.

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