Sinus Clearing Healing Salt Bowl

Sinus-Clearing Healing Salt Bowl

Make this beautiful healing salt 🧂 bowl (with just a handful of herbs and essential oils) to effectively clear sinuses- for a breath of fresh air during cold and flu season! 🤧

Why this Spell Works

  • The Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils used to make this bowl each have their own healing properties which, combined with your intentions, will help to cleanse, purify and ease cold and flu symptoms. 🤧
  • White Candles are used for healing and protection spells.

Sinus-Clearing Healing Salt Bowl

Recipe by Kasie

Use a blend of herbs and essential oils to create this healing bowl.



  • Light your rosemary incense, cast a circle and call the quarters if you wish.
  • Anoint a white candle using any of the oils suggested above and light it.
  • Mix the herbs in a mortar and pestle and say:
    “Herbs of green, herbs of health,
    Give me well being, good luck, and wealth.”
  • Repeat this chant until the herbs are well combined and crushed.
  • Add the herbs and oils to the salt in a bowl.
  • Stir with the pointer finger of your dominant hand and say the charm again, until you’ve said it nine times in total.
  • Take a few deep breaths, letting the scent go into your sinus cavities.
  • Open your circle if you’ve cast one and let the candle burn down.
  • Place the bowl in the middle of the room you’re most in and your sinuses should clear.


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Sinus Clearing Healing Salt Bowl
Sinus Clearing Healing Salt Bowl

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  1. Be careful some of this stuff like eucalyptus is toxic to pets! Why I can’t use it😔

  2. Rachelle Barron Knight

    Thank you for this! How long do you leave the bowl out and how do I properly discard it?

    • I would personally leave the bowl out until it’s done the work. Then, when I no longer need it, you can discard it by either burning the ingredients or throwing them in the trash. Don’t bury them, though! Salt is terrible for the Earth and can deplete the soil of nutrients.

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