Wiccan Money Manifestation in the Full Moon

‘Silver Moon’: Money Manifestation Spell in the Full Moon

A Wiccan spell for money and prosperity that is enhanced by the glowing influence of the full moon, Use this ritual and chant to attract good luck to your life and improve your finances.

Why this Spell Works

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‘Silver Moon’: Money Manifestation Spell in the Full Moon

Recipe by Francisco HuanacoDifficulty: Easy

A Money Spell to cast during the Full Moon using only water and a coin. This Wiccan ritual includes a chant to make your wish on a Full Moon night.


  • Cauldron (or a regular bowl)

  • Water

  • 1 quarter (or a similar coin)

How to cast the spell

  • On a full moon night, fill your cauldronย or a regular bowl with drinking water.
  • Put a quarter in the water and place the cauldron on a window silk or a table where the full moon will shine on it.
  • Say the following chant three times:Full Moon Money Spell
  • Leave the water under the moonlight all night.
  • The following morning, take the quarter out. Pour the water on fresh soil in a garden or flower pot.
  • Carry the quarter in your pocket, purse, or wallet for a week. After that, spend it.


  • ๐Ÿ–จ๏ธ Scroll down to find a printable spell recipe.

While you are casting the spell, use this time to relax and meditate. Empty your mind and only then ask the Moon for what you want. Be clear and precise. Money spells on the full moon can reinvigorate, transform and fulfill your material wishes.

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'Silver Moon': Money Manifestation Spell in the Full Moon

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Print it: Full Moon Wiccan Money Spell
Print it: Full Moon Wiccan Money Spell

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  1. Avatar
    Wendy (Win) Strack

    I was advised to add a little sea salt to my water when setting intentions, and I did so last night before I set up in the windowsill to absorb the energy of the new moon… I’m a little concerned about the salt’s ability to asorb negative energy. Will adding salt infuse the negative energy it absorbs causing my new moonwater to have Ill effects? Should I toss it down the drain?

    • Francisco Huanaco
      Francisco Huanaco

      It depends on what intention you are setting. If you want to use this water to cleanse something, such as spraying it over your altar or tools, then it’s a great idea to add some salt. Leave a bowl with salt water outside at night so that it will absorb the energy of the Moon and nothing else. Then use it in your consecration or cleansing ritual so it will clear away negativity.


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