Anxiety Be Gone!

Anxiety Be Gone: Purple Candle Spell

Try this easy ‘Anxiety Be Gone!’ Spell to quickly banish anxiety and boost your confidence. All you need is a purple candle and your intentions!

Why this Spell Works

  • Purple candles are used for meditation, deep cleanses, transformation, and contacting the spiritual world. If you don’t have a purple candle, you can replace it with a blue (healing and peace) or white (all spells) candle.

Anxiety Be Gone: Purple Candle Spell

Recipe by Megan Black

Try this easy ‘Anxiety Be Gone!’ Spell to quickly banish anxiety and boost your confidence. All you need is a purple candle and your intentions!


  • Purple Candle


  • Create your sacred space in your usual way. You may choose to cast a circle, as well.
  • Hold your unlit purple candle in your hand and close your eyes. Let your anxiety and stress flow from your hands and into your candle.
  • Now, take three deep, cleansing breaths. As you inhale, envision a white light flowing through you. This white light is full of peace, calm, and positivity. As you exhale, envision a murky gray leaving you. This is your stress, anxiety, and negativity.
  • Open your eyes and place your candle on your altar. Then, take your match or lighter and light your candle.
  • Gently gaze at your candle flame and say the following:

    By the gentle glow of this candle’s light,
    I banish anxiety into the night.
    With the candle’s flame and magic’s grace,
    I find serenity in this sacred space.

    With every flicker, let peace arise,
    As I chant these words to the skies.
    Anxiety, you shall now depart,
    From the depths of my soul and my heart.

    In the name of peace and inner calm,
    I banish anxiety with this balm.
    Anxiety be gone by the candle’s gleam,
    As I will it, so mote it be!
  • Close your eyes and spend a few moments in quiet reflection, allowing the spell to do the work. Take several deep breaths, letting the anxiety and negativity flow from you like water down a stream.
  • If it is safe to do so, let the candle burn all the way out. Then dispose of the remains in the trash. If you can’t let the candle burn all the way down, extinguish the flame and light it again if you repeat the spell.


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Anxiety Be Gone Spell
Anxiety Be Gone Spell

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Anxiety Be Gone!
Anxiety Be Gone!

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One Comment

  1. Cast aside the anxiety
    Bring in only positivity
    With each deep breathe taken in
    Confidence is where it does begin
    So light your candle & speak your verse
    Say it once more if you must rehearse
    But by the third time you will see
    Calm and Confidence is what will be.
    Let the Godess offer her embrace
    A worthy and noble place
    Where balance is what will transpire
    But only if it is your hearts truest desire

    So mote it be

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