What are witch bells for?

Witches Bells: Their Magical Origins, Purposes and Uses

Look Daddy, Teacher says, every time a bell rings an Angel gets his wings!”

1946 movie: It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra

Christmas Bells

Today, we’re going to learn about bells – specifically Witches Bells – their origins, purpose, and uses. Traditionally speaking, bells have been used throughout differing cultures and societies, both for spiritual and mundane reasons as well as other varied reasons, including protection.

Are you hearing bells that aren’t there? The spiritual meaning of bells can be that of beginnings and endings, a call to order, or even a command or a warning. Bells have come to represent varying concepts and ideas within their appealing soundwaves.

Bells on door meaning

Hanging bells on the door meaning

Bells have long been associated with protection in the sense that bells would be used as an alarm or a warning of impending disaster or danger – as in a fire or an enemy attacking – or as someone important arriving. Businesses would hang a bell over the door of their establishment in order to alert the proprietor of a potential customer.

Just like hanging a broom over the door for protection, bells can be hanged near the main entry of your home to protect and guard your living spaces.

Bells have long been used by farmers, by placing them around the necks of their cows and their dogs so that they would always know where their animals were. Over the centuries, bells have also been used as musical instruments – most likely because of their melodic tinkling sounds.

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Bells in Witchcraft

Conventionally speaking, people made bells from iron and, according to European lore, iron scares off or, at the very least, agitates Fairies. This belief was so prevalent, that folks would keep iron horseshoes above the doorway to ward off the Fae and the evil spirits. The idea of “horseshoes” as symbols of good luck most likely came from this belief.

Bells in Witchcraft

The word bell literally translates as: “to roar” or “to make a loud noise” – as if to bellow. The first bell was invented in the 3rd millennium BC in Neolithic China, as archaeological evidence suggests. By the time the Medieval Period rolled around, bells had become a prominent as well as permanent tool throughout society – used by churches, farms, and business owners alike.

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Iron bells were characterized as protection in various ways – an example would be church bells being employed to scare off trickster spirits. Bells have been mostly made of metal and consist of a hollowed out cup or vessel with a dangling piece inside called a clapper or uvula. As the bell is swung (or rung) the clapper hits the inside walls which produces a ringing sound.

The Witches Bells Yuletide Carol 🎄

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What are Witch Bells for?

It was believed that loud sounds, like those from bells or chimes, would scare off ghosts and demonic entities. Not just the iron from which the bells are made has a cleansing, protective effect, it is also the purifying sound waves, ringing through the air that ward off the evil.

Bells are typically part of the arsenal of the Witch’s tools. They have many uses in witchcraft. When hung on the door of your home, bells can bring positive energy, protection, and prosperity. Bells can guard doors in your home.

Witch's bells uses

According to Judika Illes in the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, “bells derive from ancient sacred images of human genitalia. The bell’s body represents the vulva, while the clapper represents the penis. Sometimes the bell’s body represents the womb while the clapper represents a child within.” – Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

During Roman times, the citizens would hang tiny bells and wind chimes called tintinnabulum on the gates of their homes and altars to the gods of the home. Quite often, these bells were found hanging from the huge, erect phallus, of a male figure, which at the time, it was believed to magically ward off the evil eye. One is able to enchant bells as to be protectors or to bring cheer to any home each time they ring or peal.

How to Make Witches Bells

Witches bells’ are a handheld-size set of magical bells hung from a doorknob or a nail in the home. You can make your own Witch’s bells by getting a set of small bells and hanging them from a cord as in a Witch’s ladder.

How to make Witch bells?

Hanging a bell by your front door helps raise vibrations through sound. This simple spell will help to keep negativity and spirits that mean you harm, away from your home and family.

The following incantation will help activate or enchant your bells:

“Guard our Home, Bell on the Door, let Evil Spirits come no More.
Evil Spells shall Not be Cast, and Good Fortune shall Ever Last.
So Mote it Be!”

Witches love to hang little bells from their doorknobs to scare away unwanted spirits. You can hang three little bells from your doorknob and chanting the following spell three times:

“Guard my Home, Bells on the Door, Let Only Blessings walk on this Floor,
Block all Evil and the Dark Arts, May only Good Approach our Hearts.”

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Hanging bells on the door 🔔

The use of bells in general, and Witches’ bells in particular, continues to this day – in our everyday world, we are surrounded by the “peals of bells” everywhere we go.

Before we dive into the next part, I want to acknowledge The Otherworldly Oracle, whose work on Witches Bells has been a great source of inspiration. You can read their original article here: Witches Bells: Their History, Lore and How to Use Them.

To make your own Witches Bells you’ll need:

  • A circular frame or a sturdy holder (like a hoop or a thick string).
  • Bells or chimes (you can get these at your local hobby shop or online).
  • Magical adornments (jewelry or charms like beads, plumes, amulets, gemstones, symbols, etc.)

Steps to create and activate your enchanted bells:

  1. Begin by creating an ambiance conducive to magick. Consider playing some witchy music, lighting candles, or burning incense.
  2. Purify the space and bless your candles and supplies.
  3. Focus your energy and your intent as you fasten your bells onto the chosen frame or support. For example: invoke the elements, say a chant or prayer, or tap into the energy of ancestors and deities.
  4. As you finish decorating your bells, make sure to give thanks to the spirits you invoked.
  5. Use your bells in a witch’s ladder or place them at a location that resonates with you, like near an entrance to your home or in a special room.

Remember, the power of these chimes lies in your intention and the energy you put into creating them.

Witch's ladder
Making a witch’s ladder

So, what are Witch Bells?

As we’ve seen, these jingly little talismans can be used to ward off negativity in the home – however, they are also very appealing both to the eyes as well as the ears! Additionally, “this magical ringing device” has origins which date far back into antiquity, and one cannot help but notice the correlations between bells and the modern doorbell – as well as with musical instruments.

Bells have been associated with religious rites, and are still used to call communities together for religious services. Later, bells were made to commemorate important events or people and have been associated with the concepts of peace and freedom.

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