Pink Moon Spiritual Meaning

The Full Pink Moon: Spiritual Essence and Magic

As April unfolds, not only were we treated to the spectacle of a total solar eclipse, but we’re also gearing up for a potent Full Pink Moon in Scorpio. Set for April 23, 2024, at 7:49 p.m. EST, this isn’t just another celestial event; it’s a deeply transformative experience, steeped in Scorpio’s intense and mystical energies. Let’s dive into the depths of this enchanting full moon.

Why ‘Pink Moon’?

The Pink Moon gets its name not from its color but from the pink moss—or wild ground phlox—that blooms during this time. This naming tradition has roots in the 1930s when the Maine Farmer’s Almanac began aligning full moons with Native American and colonial American traditions. This month’s full moon, however, holds a deeper, more intense vibe thanks to its placement in Scorpio.

Pink Moon

Magical Correspondences for the Pink Moon in Scorpio

To tap into the potent energy of this full moon, consider preparing a moon altar using:

  • Colors: Deep reds for Scorpio’s intensity and pink candles to honor the moon’s name.
  • Crystals: Scorpio stones like black tourmaline for protection and clear quartz for emotional clarity, along with pink moon favorites like rose quartz.
  • Herbs: Patchouli for grounding, basil for protection, and watercress to reflect Scorpio’s water element.
  • Incense and Oils: Myrrh for its deep, purifying qualities and rose for maintaining balance in heightened emotional states.
  • Symbols: Scorpions to represent Scorpio and traditional lunar symbols like circles and eggs.
  • Tarot Cards: Death (for transformation and letting go), The High Priestess (for intuition), and The Moon (for revealing what is hidden).

Joining in Pink Moon Rituals

This Full Pink Moon in Scorpio is an exceptional time for transformation rituals. Whether you’re working solo or with your coven, consider a ritual that embraces Scorpio’s transformative power.

April 23: Pink Moon 🌕

Here’s a Pink Moon ritual for manifestations of any kind. Love spells and positive intentions are encouraged in this season. What to do on the Pink Moon? Cast a Full Moon spell!

Cast a Full Moon Spell »

Moon Magick

Depending on your location, the moon is still full! Check out the spell generator to find a spell perfect for your moon phase.

Tonight’s Moon Spell »

🌕 Explore the Infinite Roots Coven for more ideas and rituals!

Astrological Significance of the Pink Moon in Scorpio

When the Full Moon lights up the night in Scorpio, things get real. This isn’t just about blooming flowers; it’s about blooming insights and emotions. Scorpio brings energies that are all about transformation, reflection, and deep dives into our subconscious.

  • Emotional Intensity and Clarity: Full moons are always a time when emotions are heightened, and with Scorpio’s influence, you might feel this even more acutely. It’s a powerful time for uncovering truths, resolving internal conflicts, and making decisions that align more closely with your true self.
  • Astrological Dynamics: This year, the Pink Moon in Scorpio squares off with Pluto, which could stir some power struggles or intense emotional revelations. However, this alignment isn’t about cosmic punishment but rather an opportunity for us to shed bad habits and embrace positive change.
  • Amplified Desires: The conjunction of Pluto with Neptune and its unity with Mars amplifies our desires, motivations, and passions. Expect a surge in how you express and pursue your deepest yearnings.
  • Progress and Expansion: Jupiter’s dance with Uranus under this full moon phase urges us to adopt a forward-thinking and progressive mindset. This alignment is all about healing, enriching relationships, and improving our realities.

What to Do on the Full Moon Night?

As the Pink Moon peaks in the mystical sign of Scorpio, let it illuminate your path to deep transformation. It’s a prime time for shedding the old and embracing the new, whether through reflective solitude or shared ritual magic.

Whatever is done at this time can be sacred and powerful. Whether you choose to Draw Down the Moon, prepare some Moon Water or cast a Full Moon Spell, the energy of a Full Moon will boost any spellwork:

Chant a courage spell:

“Gentle Pink Moon above,
Bless me with your light and love;
Guide my heart with your gentle glow,
As I embrace the truths you show.”

Moon in a Bottle

This Full Moon Oil is a creative alternative to Moon Water. Use it to anoint candles, tools, amulets, your home or yourself! You can even add a splash to your bath to fill it with powerful Full Moon energy!
Full Moon Oil Recipe »

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