How to Detect a Curse

Am I Cursed? How To Detect Hexes, Curses, Jinxes, & Ill Will

If you’ve found yourself in a rut as of late and calamity seems to follow you wherever you go, you may be beginning to ask yourself – am I cursed? Lucky for you, it’s highly unlikely that you are suffering the effects of a real curse, hex, or jinx.

Typically, powerful practitioners won’t just attack someone without good reason. This is because curses require a vast amount of concentrated energy and are incredibly draining – and risky – for the practitioner performing them. Unless you’ve done something to intentionally harm someone very powerful that could direct malicious intent at you or performed a malicious spell to set off such a person’s protection charm, you probably don’t have to worry.

If a witch wishes to target you, they would need to either possess one of your personal belongings or know your name in order to create an item called a tag-lock that can then be used to target you.

If you’ve gotten this far and still aren’t entirely convinced then there are plenty of ways to determine whether or not you’ve been cursed. Let’s take a closer look!

Signs of Hexes and Curses

There are a variety of ways that a hex, curse, or jinx may manifest and cause trouble in your life. You may see this occurring in one or more of the following methods.


Curses that affect our bodies fall into this category. This may include headaches, body aches, shivers, and even low sex drive! If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms persistently, talk to a doctor to rule out any medical conditions first! Whether placed under a hex or not, these symptoms can make our lives very difficult so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


If bad things just keep happening around you with no explanation or cause — household items short circuit, your brand new car keeps breaking down, and you’ve just had the worst streak of bad luck in your life that just doesn’t seem to quit — then you may be experiencing a sort of environmental curse or jinx. Sometimes these curses manifest in repeated failures or losses, leaving us incredibly hopeless and leading to additional psychological effects.


These curses place a deep psychological burden on the recipient resulting in nightmares, depression, uncontrollable anger, and other manifestations that affect our mental health. If you’ve been experiencing mental health issues contact your therapist first! But if combined with some of the other signs mentioned on this page, you may be seeing the results of a hex.

Anti Anxiety Jar Witches Spell
Anti Anxiety Jar Witches Spell

More powerful practitioners may intend to psychically manipulate you through psychological methods, causing you to act out of character or emotionally harm the ones you love. If you have picked up new traits or seem to be acting strange lately but you can’t really place your finger on why consider testing to see if you are cursed.

How To Detect A Curse

You can use the egg-cleansing method to magickally determine if a curse has been placed on you and expel negative energies.

Egg-Cleansing Method

Egg Cleansing is a ritual first used in Mexico and Mesoamerica to detect negative energies and evil spirits manifesting within a person and to rid the body and spirit of negativity and evil intent by transferring it into an uncooked egg.

To perform an egg cleansing, start by purifying an egg and telling it what purpose it serves. Prepare a glass of water, about half of the way full.

Next, rub the egg all over your body – not touching the skin necessarily, but close enough to absorb your energy. Imagine all of the negativity flowing out of you and into the egg.

Once you’ve finished, crack the egg into the glass of water and allow the yolk to settle for at least 5 minutes before observing its contents.

How to read an egg cleansing
How do you read an egg cleansing?
  • If the yolk contains blood or if the water smells bad, then you may very well have a curse placed upon you.
  • If there are small spots of blood or spikes, then there may just be someone around you that is negatively affecting your energy, intentional or not.
  • If your water is cloudy, then you may just be experiencing low energy levels.
  • If nothing stands out to you, then you’re good to go! Congratulations!
  • Conversely, if you see little bubbles in your water, it means that whatever was bothering you has been taken care of by your deity or spirit guides. Way to go!

What To Do If You’ve Been Cursed

If you’re still unsure of what to do, there are a few other methods to ensure you’re free of curses since it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re experiencing negativity, you can cleanse with a salt bath or holy water, use a selenite wand, burn incense or cleansing herbs, enjoy a sound bath, or perform your own favorite cleansing method or banishing ritual. You can even pair this with a prayer, asking God or your deity for protection and cleansing from this negative force.

Incense and perfumes
Incense and perfumes

In some beliefs it’s said that you can only have one curse on you at a time – so make it a protective one! Put out an evil eye amulet, hamsa, or create another sort of protection “curse” to keep others away.

Can you even be cursed? Some witches often lean towards the idea that another practitioner’s magic can’t target you in such a way so consider this next time you’re feeling unwary and think a negative force may be attacking you!

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