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What Does a Magical Broom Over the Door Mean?

A magical broom has become so synonymous with witchcraft that it’s hard to separate the two. We have all seen the images of witches flying across the full moon with their broomsticks, and the popular portrayals of witches in the media always accompanied by their trusty broom.

Witch's Broom

But have you ever seen a broom hanging over a witch’s door before? If you have, you may have wondered the significance of hanging a broom above the door. What you may not know is that magical brooms actually have a rich history, and that hanging a broom over an entryway is rooted ancient lore and ritual.

Are magic broomsticks real?

Yes, an example of a real magical broomstick used in modern day is the Wiccan broom. A Wiccan Witch may pass a broom back and forth symbolically over the floor to sweep negativity and blocked energy out of the space. Most of the process is happening in the mind, as a spiritual symbolic rite, but the broom is a tool that helps establish and realize the intention.

Where did magick brooms come from?

Brooms – or besoms – can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt where small hand-sized brooms were buried in tombs to sweep away negative energy. Popular accounts of Medieval witches, and those persecuted in the Salem Witch Trials, were all seen with brooms.

Evil witch with broom

The common belief at the time was that witches would hide their magic wands in the broom’s bristles, allowing witches to take flight. It turns out that many were hallucinating the flying part due to mild hallucinogenic plants like mandrake, nightshade, and henbane being used in the making of the broom¹. While we know today that flying on a broom may not be physically possible, magical brooms still carry a great deal of significance and power for the modern witch.

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What are magick brooms made of?

Witches' Brooms
Witches’ Brooms

Typically supplies for broom making are thoughtfully harvested and composed of pliable material to ensure the bristles and handle remain in-tact. Some brooms are made from twigs, and long stiff grasses. Others can be more decorative in nature, and may have elegant feathers for bristles, and might be adorned with runes, herbs, or sacred symbols. They can be quite simple to make and are a necessary tool in any witch’s arsenal. 🧹

What are magick brooms used for?

In modern witchcraft, the most common use of brooms is to sweep away negative energies, thereby cleansing and purifying the space. Typically, the negative energy gets swept out of the front door, while practitioners practice rhythmic sweeping and chant a spell like the one below. ↓

Usually, a witch will start from the corners of the room and sweep towards the room’s entrance. They may also choose to cleanse the space with gentle, homemade, natural cleaners that have purifying properties.

Witch Broom ritual

What does a broom over the door mean?

In short, witches hang a broom above the door when they are trying to keep the negative energy out of the home. Brooms over the door are known to ward off harmful gossip, unwanted guests, and even curses. A symbol of purification, a broom above your home’s entryway may just make the difference between a happy, healthy home and a paranoid, or uneasy home.

Broom hanging by the door
Broom hanging by the door

The broom can be hung over a doorway or to one side if there’s no room above the door. It is often placed on the outside of the home but it can also decorate the inside. When any nefarious energies or curses come knocking, they will be swept away by the broom’s energetic current.

Protecting one’s home with a broom above the front door is an important tool for any witch to implement. As witches, our homes are our sanctuaries and we take special care to keep our sanctuaries full of bright, loving energies. A broom over your door promises to keep your home safe and the energy clean.

Spells with Brooms

Ritual for hanging a broom above the door

🖨️ Download a printable page with the spiritual meaning of the broom and a simple spell to enchant yours before hanging it by the door.

Get inspiration to start your own magickal grimoire. Find other Printable Grimoire Pages here.

Magickal Broom Consecration
Magickal Broom Consecration

Like any magick, hanging a broom above the door is only as effective as your intention. Rituals are a great way to set these intentions, and to send energy towards your goal, need, or desire. This is a cleansing and consecration ritual for hanging a broom over the door to ward off unwanted energy. You will need:

  • A small broom (can be handmade, with any adornments you so desire)
  • Purifying spray, such as sage, palo santo, or rosemary
  • 3 small nails to secure the broom
  • A hammer
  • A step ladder

To begin, take the following steps:

  1. Place all of these items within reach of your front door. Open your door and begin spraying it with the cleansing spray. Repeat, aloud or in your mind, “I cleanse my home of all impurities. I send all negative energy back to the Earth, so that she may recycle it anew” as you spray.
  2. Once you have sprayed the door from top to bottom, use your broom on the doorframe to make sweeping motions towards the outside of your home. Repeat, aloud or in your mind, “I rid my home of all negativity. I humbly show this energy out of my home so that the Earth may recycle it anew.”
  3. Next, grab your step ladder, hammer, and nail. Close your door so that you are on the outside of your home. Position your broom above the door in such a way that the bristles align with the direction the door opens. Use the 3 nails to secure the broom above your door. And, voila!

Salt and Broom Spell

Here’s a simple Magic recipe with a chant to cleanse the home from negativity and evil spirits. Cast this spell with salt to attract protection and spiritual healing.

Salt Cleansing Ritual »

Spring Cleansing Chant

The act of cleaning a single space in your home can bring in a breath of positive energy that will bring peace of mind and soul. Play this chant to banish negativity from the home and body.

Spring Cleansing Ritual »

In Conclusion

Though we see them associated with witchcraft all over popular culture, broomstick – or besoms – are a sacred part of a witch’s toolbox. They are simple to make, excellent space purifiers, and rooted in ancient ritualistic practices. Hanging a broom above your door will ward off anything unwanted and protect your home from negative and malicious energies. I hope this satisfactorily answers your question, “what does a broom over the door mean?”!


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    Thank you.There are many things that are not used in today’s world that should be!

  4. I’ve been told you should never sit a broom on it’s bristles. Can you clarify that a bit more as to why?

    • Some believe that if you stand a broom on its bristles, the luck will run down the broom and out of your house. The folklore is found in many parts of the United States, potentially elsewhere, too!

      • I might have to adapt this being I don’t own my home I live in a rental property. Any advice instead of nails ?

        • Any other method of affixing the broom to the wall would work. I think even those Command Strips with the hooks might work! Then you would just set your broom in the hooks and let them hold the broom up.

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