Witchy Cheat Sheets in PDF

Witch Cheat Sheets: PDF Printable Pages

Witchy tips and cheat sheets are here! These pages will give you guidance as you start your path becoming a Witch. 🔮

Witchcraft Cheat Sheets

Click the images below to download a printable PDF file with each page. These spells are designed on a transparent background so you can print them on printer-friendly parchment paper (Amazon) before adding them to your Book of Shadows.

12 Pagan Symbols and Their Meanings

While these symbols have various origins and meanings, Wiccans attach their own personal significance to them and all can be used as symbols of power and protection in your Craft. Keep watching to learn how to bless an amulet or pendant with a Wiccan consecration ritual.

Magick Symbols of Protection

These symbols have been historically used in protection amulets. Walls and entryways were decorated with these symbols to protect the homes. Occult symbols of protection were even graffitied on the walls of the cities to keep them safe and protected.

Pentagrams and Pentacles

The pentacle can be used to strengthen any spellwork. By choosing to meditate with the symbol, you can enhance your intuition and create a stronger connection with the Divine.

Print a page with the key concepts of this lesson: What is a pentagram, a pentacle, and why the inverted pentagram is considered “evil”.

Wheel of the Year

In Wicca, the beginning of each season is celebrated with holidays called Lesser Sabbats. In between each solstice and equinox there are “Cross Quarter days” or Greater Sabbats, which are also celebrated.

Watch: The Wheel of the Year

Lunar Calendar 2024

Click the image to download these 3 pages:

  • Calendar with lunar phases for 2024
  • How to work with the phases of the Moon
  • Names of the twelve Full Moons of 2024 🌕

How to download these extra PDF pages? If you are logged in to your Spells8 account, you’ll automatically be able to print each file. You can also use the search bar to find individual spells, pages and more.

Pagan / Wiccan Holidays 2024

The years and festivals follow each other endlessly, in a circle or spiral known as the Wheel of the Year.

Print this calendar/almanac for 2024 with a list of the main Wiccan & Pagan Holidays.

Rune Meanings Grimoire Page

Here’s a handy printable page for your grimoire collection. This free page includes the complete Elder Futhark runic alphabet with each rune’s meanings for interpretation or divination.

Learn about casting runes with this sacred alphabet in the Rune Casting Course.

Symbols for Intuition

Join me as I explore the fascinating world of symbols and sigil crafting for intuition. Discover a realm where mystical symbols unlock the doors to deeper understanding and personal growth. See our curated list and embark on a journey of magical discovery.

Symbols for Intuition & Sigil-Making »

Tools of the Witch

In Wicca and other forms of paganism, these are the generally accepted formal Witchcraft tools:

Athame, Bell, Broom, Boline, Book of Shadows, Cauldron, Chalice, Compass, Magic Wand.

Learn about the Witch’s tools with these grimoire pages.

Witches’ Runes or Theban Alphabet

Also called “The Witches Alphabet”, this script is used today by Pagans, Witches and Wiccans to write spells and other texts (like talismans).

If you want to disguise the meaning of a text in your Book of Shadows, check out this secret script too.

How to Write a Spell

Writing your own spells makes your Magic more personal and powerful.
As a beginner Witch, following other people’s spells and recipes is entirely acceptable. But if you learn how to Write your own Spells, this will infuse them with you own intention, focus, and energy.

Breaking a Curse

Breaking a curse is one of the many skills of a seasoned Witch. 

This printable page includes four common methods:

  • Cleansing bath.
  • Citrus aura cleanse with lemon.
  • Protective salt barrier.
  • Smoke cleansing.

Ancestor Altar Grimoire page

Set up an altar for your ancestors and consecrate it with a ritual.

Keeping an altar that honors your ancestors is a symbolic and direct invitation into your home. Once there, they will commune with you, aid you in your journey, and keep an eye on the going-ons of your house when you’re not around.

Candle Magic Chart

Use this guide to help you choose a candle for your spell. 

For each candle we have included an overview of the meaning of colors in Magic. Keep in mind that these are just general associatons meant to guide you as you learn.

Elemental Clearing

This grimoire page explains how to use each Element for clearing and blessing an object. This can be done for consecrating an amulet, for clearing a deck between readings, or simply once in a while to remove stagnant energies.

Palm Reading Guide

The art of reading lines of the palm is called palmistry or chiromancy. In its modern-day, Western practice, it is focused on personality and character assessment of the individual.

Zodiac Symbols and their Meanings

The symbols in Astrology are called glyphs. Each of these is a constellation. The ancient Mesopotamians, mainly Babylonians, named these groups of stars in the sky. They were used to represent the ancient gods and their symbols, and also as a farming calendar

Types of Spells

We can categorize spells according to the intent or goal behind them. These are some examples of the many types of spells:
Banishing spells, Binding spells, Sweetening spells, Freezing spells, Protection spells, and Good Luck spells.

Magical Days of the Week

What is the best day to cast my spell? Mondays are for healing, wisdom and intuition. Tuesdays for strength, courage and victory. Wednesdays are for communication, business and change…

Learn more here: Magickal Days of the Week

Daily Candle Magic

What is the best candle to burn today? Candles are aligned to a particular planetary time and day by their color correspondence. Use this grimoire page to help you set up a daily devotional or a spell for any day of the week.

Good Luck Animals

Did you know that animals can be positive symbols for wisdom, abundance and success? Add this page to your Book of Shadows with the meanings of 11 lucky animals:

5 Tips for Beginner Witches

There is no set guide or standard procedure. No two Witches are the same, that’s why sharing experiences and learning from each other can be the most important part. However here’s a quick guide with 5 easy steps that will help you get started.

Kitchen Witch Cheat Sheets

Magical Herbs

This Kitchen Witch cheat sheet goes well with the lessons learned in the Green Witch Video Course about herbal witchcraft.

Use the power of each of these magical ingredients in your recipes, potions and spells.

Black Salt Recipe

The main ingredient here are egg shells, which represent the protective layer, as a shield around the unborn life that resides in the egg.

A useful recipe and guide on how to use Black Salt. Add it to your Green Witch Grimoire.

5 Signs your Spell is Working

How to tell if a spell is working? Answering this question isn’t easy, and that’s because every spell is different. It will depend on the type of spell you cast, on your abilities as a Witch, the timing, ingredients, and a few more things. Here are five clear signs that the spell you cast is starting to work.

Find more free Witchy cheat sheets at the Wicca For Beginners Grimoire Set and browse these other sets of pages in the Grimoire PDF category:

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