Crystal Grid for Abundance

Crystal Grids PDFs, How and Why They Work

Crystal grids are used by different types of practitioners to focus energy with varying intentions. Each node of the grid is a gemstone which becomes empowered when aligned in harmony with other stones.

What are crystal grids used for? They can be used to channel abundance, healing, clarity, intuition, connection with the Divine, inspiration and more. Other objects can also be placed in the grid, such as herbs, flowers, fruits, metal, feathers, bones, etc.

Crystal Grid Prosperity
Crystal Grid for Prosperity

Making a crystal grid is a creative exercise above all and you should always let your instinct and intuition be your guides. If the grid doesn’t look or feel good, then experiment by changing the patterns or start from scratch.

How to Make Crystal Grids

The best way to make a crystal grid is by following your intuition. Like with most Magic and spells, it’s important to set an intention to have a starting point. Research on the properties and uses of each stone and point the crystals in the direction you want the energy to follow.

Crystal Grid Tutorial

  1. Decide on an intention for your grid. Clearly state it by writing it on a piece of paper, or say it out loud.
  2. To activate the grid, place your crystals on it, tracing out the pattern from one stone to the next.
  3. Based on your intention, choose a crystal to act as centerpiece. Place your most powerful stone or the one with the properties and energies you want to channel.
    1. Generator stone: This stone will be the one that holds and reflects your intention. For example, a Rose quartz if your intention is love; a Black Tourmaline for protection, or a Tiger’s eye quartz for energy, and Gold for abundance.
    2. Transmitters: They make up the circuit and help carry the energy to or from the center of the grid. They could be quartz points.
    3. Resonators: These help move and amplify the vibrations. They could be magnetic stones such as Hematite, Lodestone or other magnetites.
  4. As you place each stone, visualize your intention becoming a reality. See in your mind how the nodes are going to connect.
  5. Visualize and see the pulsing energy of the grid as you meditate or pray. You can leave the crystal grid up for a while or take it apart as soon as you feel that the work is done.
Crystal Grid for Abundance
Crystal Grid for Abundance

Working with crystal grids is a way to direct energy inwards or outwards. Having decided on a centerpiece stone, you may point all the other stones outwards, creating a circuit for the energy to travel away from the grid and towards your sacred space or yourself.

You can also use a grid to charge an item with the energy of the grid. Place the object you want to charge (such as jewelry) in the center and point each stone inwards.

Making a crystal grid can be a powerful exercise for those learning or practicing energy work.

Crystal Grids PDF

Scroll down to find a few crystal grid templates to print out! Crystal grids are related to sacred geometry. This is why you will notice repeating patterns in mots crystal grids. Sacred geometry refers to the universal patterns that are present in all things in our reality and that respond harmoniously to geometric rules.

Flower of Life Crystal Grid

The Flower of Life makes the perfect crystal grid because it’s a view of the energetic structure that works between our gemstones. Each crystal piece has its own place but is at the same time connected to everything else in the matrix.

Crystal Grid for Success

This crystal grid features the seventh and last Pentacle of Jupiter, from the Key of Solomon. Magickal pentacles like this one were typically engraved or worn as talismans. This can also be used as a crystal grid for protection or abundance as it is ruled by Jupiter, also ruler of Thursdays.

Crystal Grid for Abundance

This is a Full Moon crystal grid featuring a pentagram. Five (5) is a sacred number of fullness. The Ouroboros, or “tail devourer” symbolizes the cyclic Nature of the Universe, and is also a symbol of growth and renewal.

Crystal Grid for Focus

This is a crystal grid to aid in focus and concentration. The target represents all the energy being concentrated in a single point. You can place four generator stones in the edges and charge a talisman that you’ll be using for focus, for example, during a test or task.

Spiral Crystal Grid

The spiral is an archetypal symbol that represents cosmic force. It represents journey and change of life as it unfolds, moving through the labyrinth of life to the source of everything. Place your crystals along the lines of the spiral use it for protection, abundance, spiritual growth.

Solar Crystal Grid

Janice prepared a solar altar and solar plexus crystal grid for the Solar Magick Challenge at the Infinite Roots Coven.

Get inspired, share your crafts and creations, and participate in the weekly activities with us!

Where to Place Crystals at Home?

Using a compass find North and label each direction on your sketched diagram or floor plan. Identify the “center” of your home and the four corners. Keep reading:

Crystal Grid Recipe

Janis shares her personal exploration of crystal grids in this Weekly Witchy Challenge entry. The synergy of Water and Fire, the Hexagram and a rollercoaster of emotions.

What crystals to choose?

Select the crystals that are associated with your intention. There are too many crystals to choose from but you can use books of Magical correspondences to find the best crystals to use in your grids.

If you want to channel the energy of a specific element, follow this guide of Crystals by Element:

Crystals by Element
Crystals by Element


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