15 Signs You Are a Witch

15 Signs You’re a Witch: Do You Have These Witch Powers?

“How do I know if I’m a Witch?” If you have ever asked yourself this question, it means that some event in your life made you perceive the magick that lives within you. And how do you know if you are really a witch? Knowing some key aspects of your sensitivity and personality will help you dispel doubts.

How to Know if You’re a Witch

Today the word “witch” does not have a negative connotation. On the contrary, witches are considered wise people, possessors of special perceptions and knowledge. Each human being is an exclusive work with unique powers and characteristics, but a witch has abilities that distinguish them in many ways from the rest.

1. Deep Appreciation

You appreciate everything in this Universe and its role in making the world go round. You can easily see the interconnectedness of all things and therefore hold an appreciation and acceptance for everything, feeling gratitude for your vision, hearing, physical health, dreams and abilities. You are capable of both learning and teaching, you are receptive and you have an open heart to spiritual forces, the Divine realm and the Universe.

Types of Magic Witchcraft
Types of Magick and Witchcraft

2. Connection With Animals

Witches were known to have an animal spirit that accompanied them, so if you feel a strong connection with animals it could be a sign that you were a witch in a past life. Many believe that familiars are “thought-form” entities rather than physical creatures, and modern witches and magickal practitioners view their familiars as aides in their magickal workings, companions, and guardians.

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3. Messages From Beyond The Veil

Messages from the dead can come to you in the form of dreams, mental images, smells, feelings, sounds, and so on. Receiving messages from those that have passed isn’t nearly as dramatic as movies and TV shows make it out to be. Don’t expect to be an expert right away! It takes a lot of practice, patience, and dedication to move between realms. Get inspiration from this topic: The Veil Between Worlds.

4. You’re In Tune With The Moon

8 phases of the Moon
Meaning of the Phases of the Moon

Many witches claim that their moods change with the changing moon cycles; perhaps this is why people are said to go insane when the Moon is full? The moon is heavily associated with the Mother Goddess, who is associated with love, fertility, death, mystery, passion, and many other things. Witches who are in tune with the moon report feeling a magnetic pull towards the moon, particularly during the Full and New Moons.

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5. Children And Animals Are Drawn To You

Many people claim that children and animals are drawn to them. However, this does not automatically make them a witch, but it does imply that they are unique! Keep in mind that this does not include children or animals you see regularly, those who are drawn to you due to familiarity. I’m talking about random children or animals staring at you or approaching you for no apparent reason. Children and animals are pure beings. It is said that they have a better connection with the spiritual realm, thus making it easier for them to see you as you are.

6. You Experience Psychic Premonitions

You’ve had dreams come true, accurate premonitions, or have been told or felt like you were seemingly reading other people’s minds. Psychic ability includes everything from having a dream come true, to predicting the next card drawn during a game of Uno, to knowing what someone is thinking and being able to vocalize it for them- though often the latter is not greatly appreciated.

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How to Read Candle Flames
How to Read Candle Flames

7. You Are Attuned And At One With Nature

Not to be cliché, but this is a significant sign. You don’t have to be a total nature nut to feel the connection. Everything gives off life: the grass, the flowers, the trees, and the animals who share our planet with us. You can feel winter’s silent death, autumn’s draining of life, spring’s rebirth of everything, and summer’s vibrant life, and you appreciate it all.

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8. You Keep a Journal or Diary

You keep a personal notebook where you record your personal interactions, daily tasks, recipes, notes and other experiences. You feel intrigued by magickal grimoires and keep track of your Tarot readings and spells. If you have been keeping personal diaries for a long time and noticed that it has helped you discover your personal path and grow, you probably already started a Book of Shadows!

Start Your Book of Shadows
Start Your Book of Shadows

9. You Are Sensitive And Thoughtful

You care deeply about what you say and do because you understand the impact your actions can have on those around you, even if only indirectly. You understand that what you put out comes back, and believe in “Do unto Others”. You might even over analyze everything and obsess over what kind of imprint you’re leaving on the world. It’s important to stay self-aware and mindful of your actions to avoid hurting yourself or those around you, but it’s also important to stay genuine and not let your fear of what other people think take over how you live your life. Do you and harm none.

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10. You Can Feel Energy

You are filled with energy. Literally. You know it’s real when it’s in your hands, flowing through you, or swirling around you. We can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. You can not only feel it but you can wield it, too. You are sensitive to how energy feels, moves, and changes, and you can master it and manipulate energy fields for healing and manifestation. Be it a person, place, or thing, you can detect the vibe and change the vibe if need be.

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11. Your Intuitive Voice is Clear and Concise

You’ve always been able to trust your instincts. Whenever you needed to make a quick decision, your intuition was there to guide you. If you were unsure about someone’s motivations, your intuition got you out of a sticky situation. If you agonized over a decision and ultimately decided to go with your gut, you were following your intuition, which was spot-on.

12. You Have An Attraction To Precious Stones

You don’t know why, but you collect crystals, precious stones, and quartz, because they have always caught your attention. You are amazed at its perfection and beauty because in the past, witches used these natural minerals to perform magick and boost spiritual growth.

Crystal Witch Signs
Working with Amethyst

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13. You Overcome Stereotypes

You have left far behind the old concept of “witchcraft” as worshiping Satan or doing evil works. You see Wiccans and Neopagans as free practitioners with their own individual will and intentions for good in the world around them.

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14. Your Desires Are Manifested In Reality

Has something you longed for come true? Are you afraid to think of something for fear that it will then happen? They could be simple coincidences, but it’s almost like you have the power to attract or manifest what you imagine.

How to Write a Spell

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15. You Are Called To Heal

Witches are healers by nature. If you are always looking out for your loved ones, you know a lot about home remedies, or like to imprint your own energy into the ingredients, you may be a witch! It’s time to reach your full potential.

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  1. i show like 5 of those sings and my family shows some too i think were witches

  2. Joey Rodriguez

    Thank you so much to spells 8 for the knowledge and wisdom I’ve received on multiple aspects going on in my life right now.im truly blessed.once again thank you my beloved.

  3. Am really a witch

    • If you choose to learn and practice witchcraft then yes, you’re a witch!

      • I had dreams that became real in life . And my visions came true in life also I see right through people what they been through am I a witch. And I use meditation for happiness that some what comes true also . It is amazing . And sometimes I can see readings inside people and I tell them what I see.

    • Elaine Donnelly

      I’m in shock.. I was told by a clairvoyant today i was a witch in my past lives and every single thing on this is completely me.. My personalty and my life.. I’m in shock… Thanks for all your information.. Really appreciate it xx

  4. I am attracted to animals such as cats and dogs, sensitive, love to be with nature and love full moon days…Am I a witch ???

    • You’re a witch if you want to practice witchcraft! 😊 Everyone, everywhere, has the capability of being a witch. It’s how you choose to proceed that matters. If you’d like to learn more, we have a free Spellcasting 101 course you can take!

  5. Blood moon

    I have like, 12 of these things. I am definitely a natural witch!

  6. A small lady dressed in black, with no shoes, came to me in a busy/noisy club and said ” you know all about magic don’t you? You know about crystals and tarot cards?! You’re a witch. A really powerful one. I can see it shining from across the room. I was. I was astonished. As were my friends. (I had just bought books on crystals, tarot and magic so thought she was my amazon delivery driver 😉)
    Then she said you’re very good but you have a dark side too. I’m so freaked out. Help.

    • I would be freaked out too, but only that some stranger came up to me and told me all those things. 😂 I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Everyone has a bit of everything in them, and I think maybe she was trying to scare you. What are you freaked out about?

  7. Up from the above, all I pursue except for the healing, I normally have this strong feeling and energy to heal someone but I am always afraid to make the move, so I just motivate them up to be stronger. I quite have intense dreams and paranormal encounters… What do you think I should do?

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