Burning Bay Leaves Wish

Burning Bay Leaves Safely for Manifesting a Wish

Bay Laurel 🍃 more commonly known as Bay leaves, have been used in green witchcraft for centuries. There’s a number of uses and magical properties of bay leaves to help you with protection and increasing psychic powers.

The bay leaf is associated with the Element of Fire, which is why they are perfect in burning rituals. They are commonly used in healing spells and, of course, can be added to your food when cooking, but did you know that bay leaves can also be used to help in manifestation?

Burning Bay Leaves
Burning Bay Leaves Spell

Burning Bay Leaves to Manifest a Wish

The best way to use a bay leaf in manifestation work is to burn it. This will help to enhance the power of your words and actions due to the fact the bay leaf is associated with the element of Fire. 🔥

The first step, as when casting any type of spell, is to consider what it is that you want to manifest. It is best to think carefully about your priorities and choose just one of them. You can make a list or just choose the one that is the priority in your mind. The most common wish spell during manifestation work for many people is to manifest money burning bay leaves.

When should you burn a bay leaf? It is best to cast manifestation spells during a New Moon 🌑. However, a Full Moon is also a good lunar time, or a Waxing Moon if you want to manifest money. The best day of the week to do this is on a Thursday if possible. Read: Thursday Spells and Rituals

Wish Spell with Bay Leaves

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Simple and practical manifestation spell with bay leaves, candle and cauldron. Best done in a New Moon or Waxing Moon. 🌒


  • 1 bay leaf (preferably dried but can be fresh)

  • 1 marker or pen

  • Lighter or matches

  • Cauldron or fireproof container

  • 1 candle (see color chart)

  • Tongs (for safety)

How to cast the spell

  • Light the candle and set the mood. Optionally, you can light some incense, cast a circle, or play music in the background.
  • Take your bay leaf and a marker and write your manifestation wish on the bay leaf. While you are doing this you should focus your energies on what you want to attract. For example, you could write something like “Increase my monthly monetary income by 50%.” You can be as specific as you want, but you should ensure you understand what you are asking for. Think carefully and write your manifestation desire clearly.
  • As you are writing and focusing your energies on your wish, make sure that your emotions are also in line with what you want to manifest. Visualize the feeling of receiving what you are asking for. Imagine the difference it makes to your life and feel the tension released.
  • When you are ready, it’s time to burn your bay leaf. Using the tongs, safely hold the bay leaf near the candle flame until it burns almost entirely. Wish Manifestation Spell Bay Leaf
  • Put the bay leaf inside the cauldron. This part of the spell or ritual should be a mindful process as well. Watch the smoke rise and feel the aroma of the bay leaf.Burning Bay Leaf Witchery
  • Let the candle burn as you meditate. If you need to leave the room, snuff out the candle and continue to burn it during the following days.
  • Throw away the ashes and spell remains in any way that is convenient to you as you give thanks for their help in your ritual.

Recipe Video


  • Always have adult supervision when working with fire. Never leave candles burning unattended.
  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell.

Some people love to have an elaborate ritual when carrying out any kind of witchy work and others prefer to just stick to the practicalities. Creating a ritual atmosphere can help you connect more closely with your desires and activate your powers of manifestation.

You can start your ritual with a Wiccan Prayer or calling the Quarters, do whatever works best for you. The most important part of the spell is the strength of intent that you have.

Printable Page 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages.

Bay Leaf Manifestation

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When will the spell manifest?

Manifestation may take many forms, so you should be on the lookout for opportunities that may come your way in the next month. Sometimes the manifestation of a desire can take the most unusual path to give you what is truly best for you. If one or two months have passed and you haven’t seen any results, re-cast the spell with new ingredients. Read more about recasting spells here.

Burning Bay Leaves For Protection

Burning bay leaves can be used for other kinds of reasons too. For example, you can burn a bay leaf to bring protection to your home. This can be especially useful if you feel a little vulnerable for whatever reason. You can do this as often as you feel the need.

Bay Leaf Home Protection Spell
Bay Leaf Home Protection Spell

What You Will Need

  • Several bay leaves
  • Lighter or matches
  • Cauldron or fireproof container

The best day to carry out this protection spell is Saturday.

Home Protection Spell with Bay Leaves

You don’t need to write anything on the bay leaves for this spell. You just need your positive intention for the protection of your home.

1. Say “Banish negativity from my home and only allow people with positive intentions to enter.” You can choose other words that you feel comfortable with.

2. When you are ready, and with your intention for protection of your home firmly in your mind, place the bay leaves in the cauldron and light them.

3. You can either continue to allow the bay leaves to burn where they are, or you can move around your home with the lighted leaves and allow the smoke to move to other parts of your home. This is especially useful at your doors.

If your bay leaves won’t burn easily, use a pair of tongs to hold the leaf over a lit candle and once it’s burning safely place it in a fireproof container. Don’t leave the candle burning unattended.

Video Lesson: Bay Leaf

Bay leaf, or laurel, is a noble and protective tree, with a strong energy that attracts luck, success, and material and spiritual fulfillment. This herb helps us connect with our intellectual and spiritual sides.

Spell to Sell a House with Bay Leaves

In this ritual we burn a bay leaf to manifest our intention faster. This is a spell for selling a house as soon as possible. However the same ritual be used to sell anything and to find the right buyer, so feel free to adapt it to suit your personal needs.

Burning Bay Leaves For Seasonal Celebrations

Many Wiccans and other pagans who use herbs for their spells also celebrate the Wheel of the Year through seasonal holidays called sabbats.

Bay leaves can be used to decorate any seasonal altar. For example, Apollo (the deity associated with bay leaves) can help with welcoming sunlight, strength, healing, and positivity into the home during the winter months. He is also associated with the winter solstice or Yule, so carrying out a ritual with bay leaves during that time will have more strength or power, but you can do it at any time of the year.

What You Will Need

  • Several bay leaves
  • Eucalyptus or rosemary leaves
  • Lighter or matches
  • Fireproof container or cauldron

Best day to carry out this spell is Sunday.

How To Do It

1. Put your bay leaves in the bottom of the pot and the eucalyptus and rosemary leaves on the top. You do not need to write anything on the bay leaves for this spell, but some people like to mark each leaf with its intention. For example, one of the leaves may be marked for strength, another for light, etc.

2. Have a positive intention to draw in healing, light, and strength. Say: “I allow the positive energy of Apollo to enter my home filling it with healing and light for the days to come.”

3. If you want to bless the season you can say something like “I give thanks for the winter solstice.” Again, change the words to suit your intention.

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