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Traveling Witch’s Portable Altar Ideas and Photos

When it comes to altars, there’s no need to remain anchored to a fixed altar. While you may have a favorite sacred space, a fixed circle in which to carry out your spells, there is a wonderful option to consider for those traveling witch: The Travel Altar.

The Traveling Witch’s Altar

A travel altar or portable altar is a small box, which can be made of wood, tin or even fabric, that contains , all that you deem necessary to practice when you cannot use your altar at home.

Traveling Witch altar
Travel Altar by Roxanne

If you live on the road, travel frequently, or just take a vacation, these are some things you should add to your travel altar, and some inspiration for making your first portable altar:

Container box

Travel altar box
Travel altar box by Francisco

You want something enough to protect your sacred tools, but with a soft inside to absorb the shock of traveling. A good option could be that of a jewelry box. They come in all shapes and colors, and some have various small drawers and some padding.


Traveling altar pics
Travel altar by Amaris_Bane

Tealight candles are small enough to carry in your travel box and will be useful for any quick spells while on the road. They are lightweight and don’t require a candle holder since they have their own aluminum container. How to use candles in your spells? Read here: Candle Magic 101


You can draw it on paper, wood or stone, or you can bring a pentacle pendant which can also be your amulet for your travels. Many Wiccans use the Pentacle in their personal Craft as well as other protection symbols.

Mini altar
Mini altar by IrisW

Other Items to Bring

Salt, water, oil, spices: you can put them in small glass bottles or ampoules. Some are very small and you can easily find them in craft and esoteric shops. For burning incense, cones can be the ideal solution since they are small and easy to carry.

Traveling Witch Altar
Travel altar by Berta

There are many other Tools of the Witch such as an athame, wand and cup, which you may choose to bring with you or not, depending on the circumstances and space they will take.

You can also include a few Crystals for Protection in your small travel altar.

Small Altar Ideas

As a traveling Witch, you can have many different travel altars with different purposes. For example, an altar dedicated to the elements, one for a patron deity, or one to practice your divinations. This depends on your personal needs and how you are going to use it while traveling.

Portable Pagan Altar
Travel altar by phoenix_dawn

For all those young Wiccans and Pagans who cannot practice freely at home, you can keep a decorated box under your bed, in the bottom of the a drawer or above the wardrobe, to keep your small altar safe.

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There will certainly be university students among the pagans who find themselves having to live in dorms, with very little privacy left for their spiritual practice.

Inspiration from our Online Coven: 🔮

Travel Spell

This spell is a simple spell for traveling witches to have a safe journey. Written by TheTravelWitch for Spells8 you can customize it according to your goals. When writing a spell, consider the energy of the Moon phases, the days of the week, the elements and the cardinal points of where you are traveling to strengthen the realization of an intention.

Traveling Witch’s Safe Travels Spell

Recipe by TheTravelWitch_Bry

If you want to have a safe trip, this is a quick travel spell bag for those on a budget or who don’t have expensive crafting tools.


  • Fabric and thread to make a pouch

  • Rosemary

  • Bay leaf

  • Basil

  • Cinnamon


  • Draw or embroider a sigil for safe travel on your fabric. You might add your personal symbol or a sigil that represents travel for you. In this case, the rune Raidho. As you add the sigil, be sure to focus your intention into every stitch/line.Travel Spell bag
  • Fold your fabric in half and stitch along the outer edge and bottom to form a pouch. Tie the drawstrings.Travel Spell bag
  • Feel free to add whichever herbs you chose inside. Add herbs according to their spiritual meanings and uses. Visualize safe travel and call upon the Goddess or any other deity of your choosing.Travel Spell bag
  • You might also add a little Knot Magick to the string as you tie it off securely.

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