11 Types of Witches

Witchcraft Labels: 11 Types of Witches – Plus a Quiz!

If you have spent any time online researching witchcraft and paganism, you have probably come across the idea of witch types. These witch types are labels that one can give to themselves to help narrow down their practice or describe their interests. In this article, we will talk about a few different types of witches and what their practice may look like.

Before we explore these witch types, it is important to remember that these labels are created by the community or by individual witches themselves. A label for your witchcraft is not necessary to practice witchcraft, and if you do not want to label your practice then that is fine, too!

Read on through the Witch Types and take the quiz at the bottom!

11 Types of Witches!

Though there are 11 different types of witches listed here, this is not an exhaustive list! There are as many types of witches out there as there are witches themselves. It is also important to keep in mind that these definitions may not be universal. This is because there is no governing body of witchcraft, and one witch’s ideas of something may be entirely different than another!

Green Witch

As the label sounds, a green witch loves all things green and growing. They may enjoy growing their own food, working with herbs, or tending a garden full of flowers (or poisonous plants — no judgment here)! A green witch may be adept at herblore, crafting potions, tinctures, and salves for themselves and others. You may find them in the forest or elsewhere in nature, getting as close to Earth as they can.

Green Witchcraft Herbal Magic Course
Green Witchcraft Herbal Magic Course

Folk Witch

A folk witch practices the witchcraft of their people, whatever it may be. This type of witchcraft practice tends to draw on the practices of the people of the land, culture, or region. You may find folk witches in all parts of the world, and no two folk witch practices will look the same. There are even folk magick practitioners that would not enjoy being called a witch as their practice views witches and practitioners as two separate types of people. A folk witch may draw on the magick and knowledge of their ancestors to get work done, leaning more into spellwork and further away from ceremonial practice.

Kitchen Witch

When I think of a Kitchen Witch, I think of someone who spends a lot of time cooking meals for their family or themselves. A kitchen witch may have special tools they use in their practice, including stirring spoons, cups, bowls, and a modern cauldron — yes, this includes a crockpot! For a kitchen witch, the entire culinary world is their practice. You may find them baking cookies to encourage peaceful communication, stirring a pot of soup to heal a cold, or even crafting special entrees to bind or cut ties.

Tools of a Kitchen Witch
Tools of a Kitchen Witch

Hearth Witch

Utilizing magick of the home, a hearth witch is one that combines several different types of witchcraft to enhance their home and space. They may decorate their home according to the season, enjoy a fire in their hearth, and bring nature indoors. Inside the home of a hearth witch, you may find plant spirits and allies, inscribed and anointed candles burning for different reasons, and wards and charms around the house for protection, blessings, and peace.

Secular Witch

Many witches and magickal practitioners work with deities, spirits, and saints. A secular witch, however, practices witchcraft outside of a religious framework. These witches may work with or worship deities, spirits, or saints, but chooses to exclude them from their witchcraft practice. No two secular witches will believe the same, and some secular witches do not believe in deities or spirits at all. Their practice may include spells, rituals, and other spiritual practices that focus on psychology or energy rather than the spirits of the items and tools they use.

Secular Witchcraft
Secular Witchcraft: Witches Without the Gods

Wiccan Witch

While a secular witch practices witchcraft outside of religion, a Wiccan Witch is a religious witch by nature. A Wiccan Witch follows the Wiccan religion. They may worship the Wiccan God and Goddess, follow the moon phases closely, and honor the Wheel of the Year. There are many different traditions within Wicca, so each Wiccan witch will have a different practice. However, many Wiccans practice in a coven with rules and guidelines. These covens often share a Book of Shadows, join in ritual together, and learn together.

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Water Witch

A water witch is a witch that has a spiritual connection with water. These witches may live close to different bodies of water such as the ocean, the sea, a lake, or something else. They may utilize water’s natural healing properties for themselves and others, or even become protectors of water in their region. A water witch sees water as sacred, honoring the ebb and flow of water’s natural movements and cycle. In a water witch’s practice, you might find an altar with different waters, shells and river rocks, and images of natural bodies of water.

What is a Water Witch?
What is a Water Witch?

Dragon Witch

People all over the world from all different time periods have stories about dragons. Some say that dragons were once physical creatures that were hunted to extinction. Others believe that dragons were once physical but have since moved to a different plane of existence, now only accessible through astral travel or trance. A dragon witch may come to understand these creatures as teachers, guides, and allies. In a dragon witch’s practice, you may find dragon imagery and statues, a connection to fire and flight, and a constant state of learning and seeking.

Hedge Witch

To cross the hedge means to spiritually move into the Otherworld, whatever that means for you as a witch. As such, a hedge witch is one that spends much of their time or does much of their work across the hedge. Here they may encounter spirits, deities, and other entities. A hedge witch may work closely with these spirits or simply take time to learn from them. On the outside, it may not look like the hedge witch is doing much — they will often appear to be sitting in stillness and meditating. However, the witch’s spirit has traveled to the Otherworld and is off on their chosen path.

Are you a Hedge Witch?
Are you a Hedge Witch?

Cosmic Witch

A lover of stars, astronomy, and the night sky, a cosmic witch may always have their eyes to the heavens. They might find solace in the stars and celestial bodies, going so far as to map out their astrological charts and follow the placements of the planets. The Moon and Sun may be their guiding lights rather than deities and spirits, though that is not always the case.

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Eclectic Witch

An eclectic witch is one that does not have a specific focus in their practice. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word eclectic means “one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various sources.” As an eclectic witch, one might enjoy a broad range of interests such as herbs, cooking, astrology, astral travel, and so much more. An eclectic witch is not limited to the knowledge or topics that they study and practice. If they work with or worship deities, they may incorporate many different pantheons into their practice.

Eclectic Witch Challenge
Witchy Challenge: Eclectic Magick!

Do you need a “Witch Type”?

While these witch types may be fun to think about, and there are certainly more than listed here, labeling yourself as a certain type of witch is not necessary to be a witch. You may find more comfort in simple labels and terms such as witch, practitioner, or something else. Be sure that the label you give yourself, if you give one at all, is flexible and fluid. Our beliefs and interests change as we grow and learn, and we should give ourselves the freedom as magickal people to also adjust our labels when necessary.

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