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How To Use A Crystal Ball: Techniques & Tips For Divination

When you think of visiting a psychic medium or fortune teller, it’s possible that you’ve already conjured up an image in your head of a practitioner with a crystal ball. Throughout centuries of practice, the crystal ball has staked its claim as the iconic image of the diviner’s medium.

And yet, there seems to be a great deal of mystery surrounding this object. What is a crystal ball? How is it used? And can anyone learn to harness these mystical capabilities?

What Is A Crystal Ball?

A crystal ball – also called an orbuculum – is an orb that can be used for a type of divination called scrying. Typically constructed of crystals such as clear quartz or obsidian, a practitioner may gaze into a crystal orb or sphere in order to perceive divine messages or visions from beyond the veil.

Scrying has been around for hundreds of years. Some say that crystal ball scrying can be traced back to the Ancient Druids, an esteemed class of Celtic practitioners from the 3rd century BC. Although the practices of the Druids were almost destroyed by the Romans, tales of their scrying would live on in the works of famed author and commander of the Roman Empire, Gaius Plinius Secundus, also known as Pliny the Elder.

How To Use A Crystal Ball

While those with enhanced psychic abilities will have an easier time divining messages from this method, it is believed that any practitioner can learn to harness this skill over time.

Before you begin, you may wish you imbue your crystal ball with your own energy. To do this, simply place your hands on the crystal orb for a few minutes. During this time, visualize a transfer of energy extending from your fingertips into your crystal ball. Continue until you can feel the energy emanating back out from your crystal.

In a dark or dimly-lit room, find a comfortable place to sit upright. You may wish to put on some soothing music or light candles or incense. Anything that helps you to achieve a meditative mindset is a welcome addition to this preparatory process.

Set your intention before you begin. What exactly would you like to achieve from this session? Is your goal to have visions of the future? To receive messages from your spirit guides?

When you’re ready, place your crystal ball in front of you, either on its stand or in a sturdy location. You may decide to position yourself so that your crystal ball reflects the nothingness of the ceiling. Others choose instead to gaze into the distinct patterns and formations of the crystal until divine messages are bestowed unto them.

Additional Tips For Scrying

Here are a few more tips to ensure success while scrying:

  • Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for you the first time. Practice is key! Perhaps you couldn’t get into the headspace to receive messages or something was distracting you. Like meditating, scrying involves a lot of intention, focus, and faith. Keep going and adjust as needed until you reach your goal!
  • Take notes on your session. What worked for you? What didn’t? What did you see or hear during your session? What thoughts crossed your mind? Did you have any sudden feelings or urges? Write everything down so you can compare data from one scrying session to the next and see what works for you over time.
  • Always keep your crystal ball covered! Many believe that a crystal ball is a portal that grants us access to other realms and keeping it covered acts as a sort of lock to keep this gate sealed. In truth, the reason for keeping a crystal ball covered is because of the physical threat that it imposes. A crystal ball may act as a magnifying glass, so if your sphere catches a few rays of sunlight it could potentially singe nearby items or even set them on fire!
  • Try selecting a crystal that magnifies your intention! This is why clear quartz is a popular choice as it can essentially be “programmed” to serve whatever intention the practitioner may possess.
Scrying for Beginners Methods and Devices
Scrying for Beginners Methods and Devices

Which Crystal Ball Is Right For You?

Choosing a crystal ball is a noteworthy ritual for many practitioners. While many choose to scry with either clear quartz or obsidian, you can use any crystal sphere for scrying.

Obsidian is often chosen for its reflective qualities, making it a sort of black mirror. Lapis lazuli can enhance your psychic abilities, making you more apt to receive divine messages. Likewise, an amethyst sphere may be better suited for opening your third eye, while labradorite promotes abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance. If you work with a specific entity or deity, you may be better suited with a crystal that is associated with your goddess or god.

You can also just select whichever crystal ball calls out to you – perhaps it’s actually choosing you. If you’re not sure which crystal ball to buy or if your options are limited, don’t worry! You don’t have to hand-pick your crystal from a spooky metaphysical shop. Just be careful if you’re buying online that you pay close attention to the dimensions. I’ve known many folks that have purchased crystal balls for scrying only to find out they are the size of a gumball!

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