Glass of Water Under Bed: What Does this Magic Do?

We all know that water is a powerful force, one of the natural elements of the world. But did you know that water can help clear negativity and stagnant energy from a space? Though it may not be in common practice, there is a spiritual benefit to keeping water around your home. Today, we will discuss the benefits of keeping a glass of water under or near your bed.

Sleep Dreams Pillow
Sleep Dreams Pillow

Spiritual Properties of Water

Water is an elixir for life! As one of the four elements in most Western magickal practices, water is connected to emotions, flow, balance, and purification. In neo-Wicca, water is also connected to the cardinal direction of West. Water has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years for cleansing, purification, and divination. As a transmutable element, work with water to bring peace to your home and life.

What is a Water Witch?
What is a Water Witch?

Water under the Bed

If you feel that you have been cursed, given the Evil Eye, or have a lot of negativity around you, this spell might be for you! Since water is associated with purification and healing, it is the main ingredient in this piece of folk magic. How easy is it? Well, it is as easy as putting a glass of water under your bed!

Water Element Correspondences
Water Element Correspondences

Placing the water close to your bed while you sleep lets the water do its work while you are in an altered state of conciousness — our subconcious mind is more open when we are sleeping! The water can absorb any negativity around you helping to promote healing, positivity, and good sleep.

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You can take this ritual a step further by adding different ingredients to your water for different intentions.

  • Add a pinch of salt to promote deeper cleansing.
  • Add a pinch of lavender to promote peaceful sleep.
  • Add a few rose petals to promote self-love.
  • Use moon water created during a Full Moon, or any other moon phase, to bring in the energy of that moon phase.
How to Make Moon Water
How to Make Moon Water

Under the Bed Alternatives

Not everyone has the option to place things under their bed. That is okay! You have a few different options, and there are a few reasons you may want to avoid placing something under the bed. If you have animals, please be careful with what you put under or close to your bed, especially if they are cats!

Instead of under the bed, you can place the cup of water (or salt water!) on a nightstand, dresser, or surface close to the head of your bed. If you are still unsure of placing a glass of water near your bed, you might want to experiment with creating the water mixture and adding a few drops to your forehead before sleep.

Shielding Protection Witchcraft
Shielding Protection Recipe

Disposing of the Water

When you wake up in the morning, take the glass of water and get rid of it. You can do this by pouring it down the drain, flushing it down the toilet, or throwing it outside. Be mindful of any ingredients you may have added to the water. Not everything is safe to go outside or down the drain.

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Adding More Magick!

As we said before, you can add different ingredients to the water for different intentions. You can also infuse the water with crystals (be mindful of water-safe crystals please), add sigils to the glass, or use candles to charge the water before you sleep. If you use candles, please be mindful of candle safety and do not let candles burn while you sleep.

Simple yet Effective

Though this ritual may be simple, water can be an effective tool for fighting off negativity and poor sleep that plagues you. If this water ritual isn’t for you, check out these other posts to connect with the healing properites of water!

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