Full Moon Affirmations

10 Powerful Full Moon Affirmations For Your Next Ritual

The moon has captivated humanity for thousands of years. The bright white orb in the night sky that changes shape over time and has a pattern of movement has become a staple in many modern witchcraft practices. For many modern witches, the phases of the moon represent the many cycles of life. These can include the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, the cycle of womanhood, the cycle of manhood, and phases of transition through life’s challenges.

Working with the energy of the Full Moon is a simple way to bring positive change into your life. The moon’s power is the most potent when the moon is full and shining brightly in the night sky. Witches today may use the power of the Full Moon for healing, transformation, money manifestation, and much more.

The Moon has a great influence in our lives. Working during the Full Moon can be a liberating and exciting endeavor. Check out our list of Full Moon Magic Spells to get ideas and inspiration for your next Full Moon ritual.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement said for the purpose of manifesting something in your life. These work both on a psychological and magical level and are perfect to add into any witch’s rituals or spells. Affirmations can be as simple or complex as the person desires. Here is a simple process for creating an affirmation that works for your life.

First decide on what you need or want in your life. Is it love? Do you need money? How about the confidence to apply for that dream job? These are all situations that can be turned into affirmations.

Next, figure out if you need a time frame for the affirmation to work. If you are affirming something specific then usually you will need to specify this time limit. For example, if you are creating an affirmation for a job interview tomorrow then your affirmation needs to reflect that.

Lastly, craft your affirmation! Come up with a positive statement said in the present tense as if is already true!

For more details on creating affirmations, check out this post on Spells8.

Full Moon Affirmations For Manifestation

Combining a Full Moon ritual with positive affirmations can really lend power to your spellwork. These affirmations can be used as chants, turned into sigils, or give inspiration to journal prompts. Here are 10 powerful Full Moon Affirmations you can use today! Use these powerful Full Moon Affirmations in your Full Moon ritual to bring peace, love, and confidence into your life.

🌟 I step into my power fully and easily.

🌟 Abundance flows to me.

🌟 I am worthy of love and acceptance.

🌟 I am more confident every day.

🌟 I am proud of who I am.

🌟 I am worthy of my dreams.

🌟 I am creating my own reality.

🌟 All that I dream, I achieve.

🌟 I honor my commitments to myself and others.

🌟 I am always enough.

Full Moon Affirmation Ritual

Recipe by Megan Black

Follow this simple ritual using an affirmation from above for you Full Moon Magic Ritual.


  • 2 pink candles

  • a lighter or matches

  • a carving tool

  • a large mirror such as one in a bathroom

  • a dry erase marker

  • an incense of your choice


  • On the night of a Full Moon, stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Really examine what you look like. Do this without judgment against yourself. You are a spirit having a human experience. Spend a few moments in mindful meditation as you scan your reflection gently from top to bottom.
  • If you chose an incense, now is the time to light it. You may take a moment to cleanse your space and yourself with the incense smoke. That choice is yours. When you are ready, grab your candles and your carving tool. Carve the affirmation I am enough into each candle. If your candles are not big enough, that’s okay. Hold each candle in your hand as you whisper the affirmation to each candle.
  • Set the candles on the counter, one on each side of you. Beginning with the candle on your left, light the candles and say the following: Full Moon affirmation
  • After you light each candle, take a deep breath in and out as you visualize a circle of pink light surrounding you. Once again, look at yourself in the mirror but this time with fresh eyes. Imagine how a stranger might see you if they looked at you for the first time. Take the dry erase marker and draw a circle around yourself in the mirror beginning from the left.
  • Once you have circled yourself in the mirror, begin writing the affirmation in the circle you have just drawn. You may do this three times, six times, or as many times as is significant for you.
  • Stand back and let the light from the candles wash over you as the affirmations encircle you in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and chant your affirmation as many times as you have it written down.
  • Let the candles burn all the way down if it is safe to do so. Wipe away the marker from the mirror and let the energy of the writing and circle travel up your arm and into your heart. Carry the affirmation with you in your heart and mind as you go about your life.

Print It!

These powerful affirmations can come in handy in any witch’s practice. We have put together this printable list of affirmations for you to carry with you, hang by your mirror, keep on your desk, or place it somewhere helpful for you. This printable also includes several smaller images that can be cut out, folded up, and placed in a jar for you to choose one at random when you need a reminder of your power.

Click here to print your own!

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Full Moon Affirmations

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