Can you drink moon water?

Drinking Moon Water: Infusing Magic & Intention Into Your Lifestyle

Moon water is prized by novice witches and advanced practitioners alike for how easy it is to create, customize to your intentions, and for its many uses! Moon water can be incorporated into a variety of workings and rituals, and some practitioners even drink it or add it to recipes.

Making Moon Water

Creating moon water is a great way to connect with the deep and mysterious energy of the moon and harness the moon’s powerful natural energies to utilize in your own spellwork. It’s very simple to make and involves, at minimum, only two ingredients: a container and water! Simply put, moon water is created by leaving a jar, glass, or bottle of water out at night. When exposed to moonlight, the water will infuse with the moon’s ever-changing rays. If you’ve never made moon water, check the post linked below!

How to Make Moon Water
How to Make Moon Water

Moon Water Phases

Did you know you don’t have to wait for the full moon to charge your moon water? You can create moon water under any moon phase! Each phase holds its own unique properties, so consider what may work best with your intention. 

Charging moon water under a new moon is great for cleansing, harnessing the powers of rebirth and renewal, and putting new plans into existence. Waxing moons are useful for drawing in energy. This is the time to incorporate this moon water into spells for abundance, good health, and the like. Waning moons can assist in banishing, leaving behind negative thought patterns, and introspection, as well as aid in creative pursuits. 

Practitioners usually opt for creating moon water during the full moon for its unique power and potency. This moon water can be adapted for nearly any intention or ritual. 

What Can I Add To Moon Water?

You can add components to your moon water to infuse it with your desired intention. Ingredients like crystals, herbs, and spices can be added or placed nearby to charge your water with their energy.

Can I Drink Moon Water?

Drinking moon water has many benefits. However, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure your moon water is safe for drinking

Begin with either water from your home, boiled or distilled water, or bottled water. Use a glass container if possible, as plastic vessels may breed bacteria within them over time. Store your water in the fridge if you intend on drinking it. This will help prevent bacteria from breeding in the water afterward. 

Use only ingredients that are safe to ingest. Oh, and for Goddess’s sake, DON’T put crystals in water that you wish to drink. Many crystals interact with water to create dangerous chemicals. For example, placing pyrite in water will create sulfuric acid – definitely don’t drink that!

Once you’ve ensured your moon water is safe to drink, you can incorporate it into tea, coffee, infused water, or add a drop to any beverage you choose! Add to recipes that call for water to infuse moon water into your kitchen witchery – the possibilities are endless!

Moon Water Drinking Ritual

To add a little magick to your morning, start with tea or your favorite morning beverage.

Add a few drops of moon water to your beverage. Stir clockwise three times to bring in positivity and abundance, then stir counter-clockwise three times to banish negativity and unwanted energy throughout your day.

Feel free to change abundance and negativity to whatever you wish to bring in or banish from your life. If you have a specific intention, you can brew teas with ingredients that magnify that intent.

If you don’t like tea, you can add your moon water to coffee, juice, or any beverage to the same effect.

More Moon Water Uses

Looking for more ways to use moon water as a part of your everyday practice? Try using it to bless or cleanse your altar, tools, sacred space, or anything with negative energy that requires clearing.

You can also use your moon water as an ingredient in spell jars. Just be careful not to mix the moon water with dry ingredients as they may grow mold within your spell bottle and soil it. 

Moon water can also be used to connect with spirits and deities associated with the moon. If you practice Wiccan rituals, you may wish to call upon the spirits of the elements in your workings. Using moon water in a chalice to represent the element of water may add a unique edge to this rite.

Add moon water to ritual baths, as well as any other herbs and candles that may amplify its effects.

Moon Magick: Working With The Moon Cycles

Moon Water Tips

  • The astrological sign that the moon falls under will have a huge impact on its properties. For example, the moon under Pisces is known to enhance one’s empathy and psychic abilities, while charging water under a Virgo moon may aid in grounding or assessing a situation in a more critical way. Calling upon the energy of a Leo moon can invoke charisma and feelings of bravery. Which sign does the next full moon fall under, and how can you integrate its qualities into your next batch?
  • For a kick of potent tumultuous energy, you can collect your water from the rain on a stormy night. This moon water is not for drinking, though!
  • Avoid adding water-soluble crystals to your moon water. If you’d like to use crystals, you can leave them on top of your jar or somewhere nearby to absorb their energy.
  • Be sure to collect your moon water before the sunlight shines upon it. Don’t fret if you find yourself running late though – you’ve just accidentally created celestial water instead. If this isn’t something you’ll use in your practice, you can try again on another night.

The uses for moon water are practically endless. Every practitioner does things a little differently, so feel free to customize your own ritual until you figure out what works best for you!

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