Spells for Success

Spells for Success: Catapult Your Life to Extraordinary Heights

We all have moments where we need to draw on a little extra power to help us succeed in life. Whether you are hoping to be lucky in love or to land that job you have been dreaming of, spells for success can clear the path before you and help bring you everything you’re looking for. Success spells can help you get clear on what it is you want and manifest your desires into reality.

Before you begin with your spells for success, it’s important to set yourself up for success with your spell casting too! Here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Have Clear Intentions

The first and most important step when considering weaving a spell for success in any area of your life is to get clear on your intentions. What does that dream job look like exactly? What are the characteristics of the love you are looking for in your life? Get clear on exactly what success looks like to you before you begin.

Goals vs. Intentions
Goals vs. Intentions

Remember that Wiccan spells for success are all about bringing positivity and good into the world, so why not set an intention for success for someone else in your life too? The great news is that spells help you strengthen the intention behind your desire. This makes it all the more powerful and easier for you to manifest in your life.

Know Your Own Power

It’s important to remember that anything can be a powerful tool for your spellwork. Natural magick usually draws upon herbs, candles, crystals, and stones as a way to direct your energy. Any object you choose can help you channel your power and focus your intention on your goals, so get creative! However, the most important thing for any spell is the strength of your magickal intention. You hold all the power. The tools are just extra channels to manifest your success.

Be Mindful Of Your Space

A quiet place where you will be undisturbed is vital for spellwork. The outcome of a spell is often influenced by our state of mind when we cast it, so try to choose a time when you feel calm. Take a few moments to center yourself before you begin.

Grounding and Centering

You can also set up your space to support this calm intention by using soft pillows, low lighting, and incense. Ginger oil is commonly recommended as a support to success spells as well as the use of vibrant yellow success candles and crystals such as tourmaline. Grab an incense, candle, and crystal that represent success for you. Include these in your space to create the perfect environment for manifesting success into your life!

Repetition Is Your Ally

If you are casting spells for money or success, then you may need to return to your spellwork many times. Repetition only strengthens your intention, making it much more likely that you will realize your goals. Come back to your favorite spells regularly, or keep a Book of Mirrors close at hand to document your spells and remind you of your intention.

Book of Mirrors Witch's Development Journal
Book of Mirrors: Witch’s Development Journal

Casting Spells for Success

Now that you have your intention, your space, and your tools, it’s time to cast your spell for success. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your own spell and ritual.

A Basic Spell for Success

This is a great spell to have in your back pocket as it is so simple and requires very little setup and preparation.

Simply take some time in your sacred space and write down your desire for success on a piece of paper. Place it next to a burning candle and let the candle burn down completely (if safe to do so).

If you are casting this simple spell for love, then consider sourcing a red candle into which you can carve the initials of your love interest. If you are looking for success with money, then consider a green candle and carve into it the amount you are seeking to receive.

If you aren’t able to leave your candle burning, come back to it and relight it until it has burnt down. Remember to restate your intention every time you light your candle.

Wiccan Bath Spell for Job and Career
Wiccan Bath Spell for Job and Career

A Spell to Find a New Job

This spell is one that many people have had success with. To cast this spell, you will need a piece of green paper, a gold pen, three mint leaves, a teaspoon of dried sage, one gold or silver candle, a candle holder, and matches or a lighter.

The best time to cast this spell is at a full or waxing moon. Begin by drawing a large pentagram and write the word JOB in the center. Write specific details about the job you want around the outside of the pentagram. What kind of hours will the job have? Where will it be located? What will the people you work with be like? Write out as much detail as you can.

Next, tear up the mint leaves and place these with the dried sage into the pentagram. Place the candle, in its holder, on top of these. Light the candle as you say the following incantation:

Mother Goddess, hear my plea!
Send me a job to help my needs.
Give me a job that I will love.
I send this message to you above.

When the candle has burned down, take the paper with the pentagram and herbs on it outside and let the wind carry it away!

Job Spells that Really Work
Job Spells that Really Work

A Spell for Success with Money

For this spell, you will need your wallet, a blank or old key that you don’t need anymore, and four green candles.

Set up your space by placing your four candles in the positions of the compass — north, south, east, and west. Light all the candles except for the eastward candle. Then, recite an affirmation. This could be one you have written yourself or you could use the following:

“I grant myself the freedom to embrace abundance and triumph. I release all barriers that hinder my progress. I acknowledge that material prosperity does not contradict spiritual contentment. Henceforth, I relinquish any notions that undermine my worthiness of a thriving existence. May prosperity, success, and abundance flow effortlessly into my life, commencing now. And so it shall be.”

Use the key to inscribe a sign of prosperity into the final candle. Recite this incantation as you light it:

The Earth, the wind, the sun, the sea, put magick in this special key.
My money growing with the moon, abundance come and be here soon.

Take the key and put it inside your wallet. You can then spend some time journalling your thoughts and intentions about what a wealthy life looks and feels to you. When you have finished, you can blow out the candles and end with some final words that feel right to you.

Witchy Challenge Money Magick 2022
Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE – Money Magick

The Final Work

Whatever method you choose, remember that spellwork is only part of the process. Don’t forget to apply for the jobs, get to know people, and put yourself out there. Magick won’t work on its own. I simply opens the pathway for things to come into your life. You have to put in the work, too!

Whatever method or particular spell you choose, remember that your most powerful tool is your magickal intention. Get clear on what you desire and take time for some careful spellwork. The success you desire in all areas of life will be yours in abundance!

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