Crystals for Love

Crystals for Love: Spells to Attract Love into Your Life

Whether you are seeking to bring new love into your life or to revive your current relationships, there is an array of crystals that are available to help you. Covering everything from healing past hurts to reigniting the passion in a relationship, here are the top ten ways to make use of crystals to fill up your life with the love you crave and deserve.

Unblock Your Heart Chakra

The first, and perhaps most important, step in making any changes in your life related to love is to clear and open your heart chakra. Without this step, whatever your goal or desire is in love, your path will be more challenging.

Rose quartz, considered by many crystal healers to be the most important love stone of them all, is a powerful stone for opening the heart chakra and laying the foundations for true unconditional love in your life. This stone is rich in feminine energy and will soften your heart to love.

You might also consider brown agate for its ability to bring healing to the heart chakra if you have been disappointed or let down in love.

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Nurture Self-Love

One of the most important loves in our life is the love that we have for ourselves. Our ability to love and support ourselves forms the foundation from which all other loving relationships in our lives are possible.

Rose quartz is again a powerful stone for developing a healthy and loving relationship with yourself bringing healing to this most important relationship in your life.

Garnet also comes highly recommended for its ability to connect you to your root chakra. Garnet helps to build a sense of stability and safety as well as helps you to develop the confidence to give yourself what you really need.

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Stones For Attracting Love

If you are seeking to bring love into your life, then look no further than Rhodochrosite. This heart stone is renowned for providing a smooth path to love. It also supports you to keep your heart open to all that the universe wants to bring you in love and so it is the perfect stone to attract love into your life.

If you think the love you are seeking might already be in your life and you are hoping to win back an old flame then consider Moonstone which is renowned for its power to bring old lovers back together.

Lead You To Love

If you are looking for true love then you need more than luck, you need a soul compass and crystals can act as this for you.

Blue Lace Agate can support you on your path to deep and harmonious love. It is also a stone that supports you in seeking the truth, in yourself and in others. Likewise, Lapis Lazuli can help to awaken the mind by stimulating the third eye chakra giving us more clarity as we pursue love.

You might also choose Pink Tourmaline to act as a soul compass in your journey to love. Pink Tourmaline encourages us to go with the flow of the universe as we seek love.

Crystal Spell to Attract Love

Mending A Broken Heart

If you are nursing a broken heart then it is time to turn again to your rose quartz, the most beautiful and powerful love stone. You might also consider amethyst, known for bringing peace and healing and helping with the pain of a breakup.

Rhodonite is also often used for dealing with heartache and for healing any scars of the heart caused by past relationships.

Prepare Yourself For Great Love

We all face ups and downs in our quest for love. Sometimes we need to take a little time to prepare ourselves for the great love we are seeking.

Consider Kunzite for helping you come back into alignment and to knock down any walls you might have built up.

Rhodochrosite is also a valuable stone for sifting through your feelings about love. This helps you identify anything that might be holding you back from finding the love that you are seeking.

Cut Out Negative Energy

Sometimes we might feel that we are carrying negative energy from past relationships that we need to clear to make space for new love. Try Citrine to bring positive energy into your love life again. Citrine is particularly valuable if you have experienced negative moments in past relationships and you need to bring some joy back into your quest for love.

You might also consider Obsidian, a powerful protector stone that brings a sense of safety and peace. Obsidian protects from negativity and jealousy and can also support you with your own negative thoughts and fears when it comes to love.

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Cultivating Spiritual Love

Stones for love can also be used to deepen and strengthen our sense of love and connection with the spiritual world. Amethyst is well known for its spiritual power as a stone.

You could also draw upon Malachite for its powers as a heart chakra connector known for giving a deep understanding of the spirit. Malachite can support you as you seek to open yourself up to all the love in the universe and find your purpose within it.

Starting A New Relationship

At the start of a new relationship, crystals can support you to build the foundations you are seeking for this new bond of love.

Aventurine, which activates the heart chakra, is ideal when you are embarking on a new relationship as it is known for bringing success and supporting the development of solid foundations. Aventurine is the ultimate ‘good luck’ stone for love!

Strengthening Your Relationships

And lastly, let’s not forget those existing relationships that will need nourishing from time to time.

Consider Lapis lazuli to help strengthen communication in your loving relationships, or ruby for a boost of fire in your romantic life.

Rhodonite is also a supportive stone for love in long-term relationships. The dark patches in this beautiful rosy stone remind us that all love can be shot through with pain and difficulty. Rhodonite helps us find forgiveness in relationships and is perfect if you feel like you are stuck in a familiar cycle in your relationship that you want to move out of.

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Whether you are making use of crystals in love spells or looking to add the perfect stone for the love you are seeking in your life, there is an array of options for every situation when it comes to stones for love.

The many crystals that represent love can bring all kinds of new love into your life and bring new life to your most important relationships.

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