Lunar Herbs for Moon Phases

Moon Herbs and When to Use Their Lunar Powers

Humans, throughout our existence, have been fascinated by the moon. People around the world and across generations have felt a sense of connection to the moon as it moves through its monthly cycle. Through the fluidity of stability and change, there is something that draws us to the moon and its phases.

Of course, it has long been known that the moon has a profound effect on the natural world. The moon has been found to affect the tides of the ocean, the migration patterns of birds, and even the behavior of our household pets!

As beings mainly made of water, it makes sense that we too would be deeply affected by the changing phases of the moon. Likewise, plants, being made of predominantly water, seem to be altered in their life cycle by the changes of the moon.

Plant Spells and Magic
Plant Spells and Magick

In the history of herbalism, there are particular herbs associated with the moon that have long been used to support and heal. In this article, we will explore these herbs of the moon, or lunar herbs, and how they might be used throughout the cycle of the moon.

A Note About Safety

Please do not use any of the herbs listed here without doing proper research. Not all herbs are safe for internal or external use, and herbs that are new to you should be approached with caution. Herbs can interact with each other as well as medications. Please consult a licensed medical provider before taking any herbs internally.

Understanding Moon Herbs

The specific plants that are associated with the moon are generally those that have an impact on the major fluids that make up the body — water and blood.

Many herbs and flowers associated with the moon have a regulating effect on the fluids of the body. They can help to nourish these systems as well as help eliminate toxins within the body. Many lunar herbs have a supportive impact on the digestive system, helping it to operate effectively.

Moon herbs may also support the kidneys in their vital function of purifying the body of what it no longer needs. Herbs associated with the moon can prevent the build-up of uric acid, which in turn can lead to the development of kidney stones and gallstones.

Moon herbs are also commonly associated with our emotions and our intuitive center. As we will discover, drawing on these herbs associated with the moon throughout the cycle of the moon can have a profound effect on our well-being.

Receiving the Message Tarot Spread to Interpret Dreams
Receiving the Message Tarot Spread to Interpret Dreams

Many lunar herbs are known for their ability to regulate dopamine, the feel-good chemical of the body. Herbs of the moon can help with the healing process as well as offer relief from symptoms of pain and trauma.

Herbs associated with the moon have also long been hailed for their spiritual power. Lunar herbs are particularly known for their effect on the subconscious mind and may support mystical and visionary experiences.

When utilizing lunar herbs, a deeper understanding of the phases of the moon, and our intuitive and emotional response to this, can help us apply moon herbs wisely and to the greatest effect.

The Phases of the Moon

As you will have noticed, the moon changes shape in the sky on a monthly cycle. It can appear as a full white orb, and at other times show as completely dark.

The moon itself does not produce light but rather reflects the sun’s light. The phases of the moon are brought about by the position of the moon relative to the sun. This affects the amount of light that is reflected back to us here on Earth.

Working with Every Moon Phase
Working with Every Moon Phase

A New or Dark Moon is the phase of the Moon’s cycle when the moon cannot be seen as there is no light being reflected back to the Earth. A Waxing Moon is when the moon is gradually appearing larger with each passing night, starting as a slim crescent and progressing all the way to a Full Moon.

A Full Moon is when the whole face of the moon is reflecting light. We are able to see the full round shape of the moon! The Moon may be full for a day or two, and then it moves into the waning phase. A Waning Moon is when the moon is gradually appearing smaller with each passing night. It begins as the whole moon, slowly dwindling to a crescent before it progresses to a New or Dark Moon. Then the cycle begins again.

Auspicious Times to Draw on Moon Herbs

There are several points in the Moon’s natural cycle when you might use herbs associated with the moon to their greatest potential.

The New Moon

As we have already explored, the New Moon is the start of the cycle of the moon when the moon appears to us as dark. In the darkness of this time, we can find an opportunity to retreat and turn inward. In this stage of the moon’s cycle, it is the time to draw on lunar herbs that help us to retreat and renew physically and spiritually.

Moon herbs such as Milky Oats and Oat Straw can help is to support the nervous system and restore vital tissues. We may also find Ginger a powerful herb at this time to support our immune system and the digestive system, as is common for lunar herbs.

How to use Ginger in Witchcraft
How to use Ginger in Witchcraft

Ginger is also known for its support of the other major fluid of our body, the blood system, and supports the movement of blood throughout our body. These powerful functions can help us to move on from previous moon cycles.

Reishi, Nettle, Marshmallow, and Ashwagandha have also been associated with this phase of the moon for their calming and restoring properties.

Full Moon

There are many herbs associated with the Full Moon. In Greek mythology, the plant Mugwort was considered an ally to the goddess Artemis who was, of course, the goddess of the Moon. Mugwort is still famed for its effects as a Full Moon herb, helping to align us energetically with the moon when it is at its fullest and brightest.

In addition to Mugwort, Spearmint has also been long used as a Full Moon herb. Spearmint supports us in feeling vital and alive, awake in our senses, and giving a boost to the brain. This can help us act on insights drawn from the more reflective parts of the moon’s cycle.

Wormwood-Herb Green Witchcraft Magic
Wormwood Herb Green Witchcraft Magic

Lemon balm is also a commonly recommended Full Moon Herb for its calming properties. Many people may have a heightened sense of energy during the Full Moon, and herbs like Lemon Balm can help to bring a much-needed sense of peace and a feeling of grounding.

Lunar return

A final stage of the moon’s cycle that you may wish to draw upon is the Lunar Return. This is the point at which the moon returns to the place in the sign you were born in. This occurs each month and is a powerful time to attend to your inner world.

Your lunar return can be a time to heal and nourish yourself, particularly if you are regularly supporting others in their own healing journeys.

What is a Lunar Return?
What is a Lunar Return?

General Lunar Herbs

In addition to these herbs for particular phases of the moon, you may also wish to draw upon these lunar herbs and flowers associated with the moon.

Flowers associated with the moon include Anise, Blue Lotus, Clary Sage, Milk Thistle, Fleur-de-Lis, Gynostemma, Hibiscus, Poppy, and Rose

Herbs, barks, and resins associated with the moon include Aloe, Chanca Piedra, Frankincense, Kava Kava, Calea Zacatechichi, Myrrh, Pau D’Arco, Passionflower, Orris, Dragon’s Blood, Yerba Santa, and Mugwort.

Attuning ourselves to the cycles of the moon can draw us into a regular rhythm of healing and regeneration that can be deeply nourishing and sustaining!

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