Air Elemental Invocation Chant

Invoke Air with a chant and meditate to the sound of the wind to connect with the qualities of this primary Elemental.


Light a yellow candle during this meditation.

The element Air is the least dense of all, it is directly related to thinking, intellectual skills and creativity. Connecting with Air means reaching out to a world of ideas, imagination, reasoning, communication, language and fantasy.

This element is directly related to creativity, it perfectly symbolizes the figure of the scientist, the genius, the idealist. Air wants to know, to experience, to understand. So much abstraction makes it seem to live sometimes in a parallel, unspecified reality, immersed in an ideal world.

Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Their deepest motivation is to make universal ideals a reality: good, beauty and knowledge. This can sometimes be unrealistic and impractical in a world full of rules and impositions, which can often leads to struggling and suffering.

Sound-Only Meditation

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Air Elements Spells

Yellow candles are associated to the element Air. 💛

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The element of Air swirls around at all times. Our lungs fill deeply with its life giving force and it is an important component to healing. A gentle breeze or a hurricane of wind, air has the power to soothe or to raise your hair on end.

In Magickal working, air is new beginnings, divination, and freedom. It helps to find lost items and provides instruction while at the same time allowing for adventurous travel.


  1. I am currently making some futhark rune cubes and was wondering if anyone could tell me which runes are best on each cube

    • Hi Graham. I’m not sure I understand your question so I will answer it to the best of my ability. Most people use the Elder Futhark for divination, so this may be the on you want to carve on your cubes. We have a rune course that you might find helpful, too!

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