Earth Elemental Invocation

Earth Elemental Invocation Chant

Invoke Earth with a chant and meditate to sound of the forest to connect with the qualities and energy of this primary Elemental.


Light a green candle during this meditation.

Earth is the most dense element, the most concrete, physical, measurable, tangible, slow, persevering and strong. Its grounding and safe energies can help us connect and ineteract with the material world.

The element Earth is conservative, practical and realistic. Working with it implies having the patience to quietly wait for the moment when things arise. Forests, jungles, beaches or deserts were not created in a day; growth requires time, constance and perseverance.

Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Tireless workers who don’t give up easily in their efforts to get what they want. They tend to be fixed and focused on a task or vision. Routine, method and order can be really good things when applied to a great cause.

Audio-Only Meditation

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Earth Invocation
Earth Invocation

Earth Element Spells

Green candles are associated to the element Earth. 💚

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The element of Earth is below us, holding us, and providing stability as we hurl through space at an amazing speed. It is literally the foundation for all of life. In witchcraft, the earth represents prosperity and abundance, fertility, and wisdom. It helps to enhance any spell or ritual focused on success, knowledge, and stability.

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