Fire Elemental Invocation

Fire Elemental Invocation Chant

Invoke Fire with a chant and meditate to the sound of crackling fire to connect with the qualities of this primary Elemental.


Light a red candle during this meditation.

Fire is a fast and extremely active element, it represents willpower and might, the entrepreneurial force at all levels.

Traditionally masculine by nature, Fire is pure desire, passion and individualism in action. But this element also purifies and sublimates, in the search of the spiritual, the freedom of travel, transformation and change.

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These are full of energy, very cheerful and optimistic. They trust their own strengths and abilities and often are leaders in their fields, both in work and sentimental relationships.

Audio-Only Meditation

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Fire Invocation
Fire Invocation

Fire Element Spells

Red candles are associated with the Fire Element. Click here to find Red Candle Spells »

The element of Fire is for purification, change, and transformation. Fire consumes and changes the physical makeup of an object in a chemical reaction. It can destroy so it helps in spells where the intent is breaking a habit or eliminating illness or disease. Fire is inextricably linked to passion, sex, and sensuality. It is hot, energetic, and full of force.

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