How to Make a Spell Jar for Love, Wealth or Happiness

Whether you’re new to witchcraft or a long-time practitioner looking to add a few new recipes to your grimoire, a spell jar is a handy tool to have in the spellbooks.

One great aspect of spell jars is that they can be adapted for literally any intention. Whether you need protection, luck, happiness, love, or wealth – just to name a few – you can easily create a spell jar to fill any desire.

Spell jars are fantastic because they not only serve a distinct purpose, but they also look beautiful and can easily pass as an interesting home decor piece to the non-witchy eye.

First, we’ll go over the basics of how to make a spell jar. These tips will help you in crafting any sort of spell you desire. Next, we’ll share some of the most sought-after spell jar recipes to give you some ideas to create your own. Let’s get started!

Spell Jar Tips

Spell Jars for Loved Ones
Spell Jars for Loved Ones
  • If you can’t buy a jar for this project, you can repurpose an old jelly or spice jar. Even tiny jars are great for turning into pendants, earrings, or keychains!
  • Cleanse your ingredients – including the jar and your workspace – with incense smoke, herb bundles, blessed water, or whatever you use in your practice.
  • Use ingredients that correspond with your intention to enhance your spell.
  • Assign an intention to each ingredient and speak it aloud as you add it to your jar.
  • If you don’t have items that correspond with your intent, you can use color correspondences to your advantage! For example, any green or gold crystals or trinkets will work well in a money jar.
  • If you’re lacking something of a certain color – use white. White candles and clear quartz are safe neutrals that can be adapted for any sort of spell.
  • Work with the moon to further enhance your spellwork. A full moon is a powerful addition to any spell, but working under a new or waxing moon will help with growing new energy, such as a wealth spell performed for a budding business venture.
  • Seal your jar with candle wax once finished. Not only will this seal your intentions, but it will also keep the physical ingredients in and make others less likely to tamper with the contents.
  • After you’re done, you can leave your spell jar somewhere prominent so that it acts as a motivator to remind you of your intention.

How to Make a Love Spell Jar

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Many reach out to us as practitioners asking to bring love into their lives through witchcraft. Did you know that this is actually very easy to achieve yourself? Here’s an easy love spell jar recipe that can be adapted for attracting romance, friendship, or even self-love!


  • A jar or sealable container

  • Salt

  • Sugar to invite sweetness into your life.

  • Rose petals (or rose oil) for beginnings in love. You can use different color roses depending on your intention, i.e. pink for self-love, yellow to invite friendship, etc.

  • Lavender to maintain a peaceful relationship.

  • Small rose quartz crystals to bring in love and passion.

  • A pink candle – white will work if it’s all you have on hand.


  • Gather and prepare your ingredients.

    To maintain your focus, it’ll help if all of your supplies are in one place and easy to dispense. If you’re using rose petals and a jar with a narrow mouth, you may want to tear them into tiny pieces or grind them with a mortar and pestle before beginning.
  • Cleanse your jar, ingredients, and space.

    This can be done by burning incense or cleansing herbs. Always cleanse your tools before beginning to dispel any negative or stagnant energies that may be lingering. It’s a good idea to cleanse the space you’re performing your spell as well.
  • Cast your circle or your preferred form of protection.

    While some choose to call upon the elements or deities in their practice, secular practitioners may use a physical representation such as a circle of salt. Once you’ve set the boundaries of your circle, place your tools within it.
  • Add your ingredients to the jar.

    Starting with salt, add your ingredients one by one. Make sure to speak each item’s intention as listed above as you add it to the jar. Once finished, be sure to close the jar with a secure lid.
  • Place your spell candle on top of the lid and light it.

    Make sure you perform this step in a fire-safe location and that there is no flammable material attached to your jar lid. Allow the candle wax to drip over the jar’s lid, sealing it shut.
  • Open your circle, if you chose to cast one.

    If you use a circle in your practice, you can disassemble it now using your preferred method.
  • Complete the cycle!

    Once you’ve completed your jar, you’ve got to put in the effort to get it to start working! If you’re trying to attract love into your life, visit places that interest you and give your spell jar the opportunity to help bring love to you.

Find more DIY Recipes in this online course: Spell Bags & Jars

How to Make a Happiness Spell Jar

If you’ve been feeling down or you’re looking to attract more happiness and positivity into your life, then this happiness spell jar is for you!

Basil Magical Properties
Basil Magickal Properties

What You’ll Need

  • A jar or sealable container
  • Salt
  • Thyme for healing old wounds.
  • Basil for boundless optimism.
  • Small citrine stones or other yellow crystals to promote positivity.
  • A yellow candle – once again, white will work if it’s all you have.

If you’re missing something on this list – substitutions are totally okay! Witchcraft is about using what you have on hand to make your intention work for you.


  1. Gather and prepare your ingredients.

Make sure all of your tools and supplies are easily accessible before you start your spell so that you can stay focused on your intention.

  1. Cleanse your jar and ingredients.

You can use herbs, incense, or even cleanse with sound. Make sure you clear the space you’ll be casting in, too.

  1. Cast your circle or your preferred form of protection.

If you work with the elements or any entities in your practice, you can invoke them or ask for their blessing now.

  1. Add your ingredients to the jar.

Make sure to state each item’s intention as you add it to the jar. Focusing on your intent is the key to success!

  1. Seal your jar by placing a candle on top and lighting the candle.

In a safe location, plant your candle firmly on top and light it, allowing the wax to drip down the jar and form a seal. You can further enhance your intention by using a candle with a color that corresponds to your intent, like yellow for happiness. Otherwise, white will do the trick.

  1. Open your circle, if you chose to cast one.

Thank the spirits of the elements and the entities for their presence and participation, clear the circle, and your work is almost done.

  1. Complete the cycle.

Now comes the homework – what can you do to help the spell work for you? Try taking a vitamin supplement or going out of your way to exercise more. Nurture your inner child. Remember that spells are only meant to help us achieve that which we are already working on. Best of luck!

How to Make a Wealth Spell Jar

Everyone needs an extra hand sometimes, so why not let that extra hand be your own magick? If you need a boost in the wealth department, create this spell jar and let it bring prosperity to you.

Abundance Jar Spell
Abundance Jar Spell

What You’ll Need

  • A jar or sealable container
  • Salt
  • Allspice for success in business ventures.
  • Cinnamon to attract financial security.
  • A dollar bill, but any coin, currency, or play money will do the trick.
  • Green aventurine shards, pyrite, or other green crystals to promote positivity.
  • A green candle. If all you have is white, then that will work too.


  1. Gather and prepare your ingredients.

Before starting, be sure all of your tools and ingredients are in one place to help you maintain focus on your task.

  1. Cleanse your jar and ingredients.

This can be done by burning incense or herbs, ringing bells, or sprinkling blessed water.

  1. Cast your circle or your preferred form of protection.

Many Wiccans and witches may choose to call upon the four corners or elements in their practice. If you work with deities or other entities, now is a good time to ask them to join you.

  1. Add your ingredients to the jar.

First, add your salt to the jar. Then, carefully roll up your dollar bill and add that too. For smaller jars, you may wish to tear up your dollar. Remember that you can use play money to avoid damaging currency. Add the rest of the ingredients, specifying their intention as you place them in the jar. Close the jar with an air-tight lid.

  1. Place your candle on top of the jar and let it burn.

Before sealing your jar, make sure you have set up a safe location for burning. Be sure to watch your candle as it burns, and allow the wax to slowly drop over the lid, forming a seal.

  1. Open your circle, if you chose to cast one.

Thank the entities present for their participation and dismiss them. If you began your spellwork with a circle, you may clear it now.

  1. Complete the cycle.

Get ready for the hard part, because the rest of the work needs to be done on the physical plane. What can you do to bring more money into your life? Can you create small income streams now that will build up over time? Will you start applying for jobs that pay more than your current salary? Now that you’ve done the spell, it’s time to give it something to work for.

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