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Free Grimoire Pages For Your Book of Shadows

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Grimoire pages

What is a Grimoire?

A grimoire is a book containing spells, rituals, magick spells, and invocations. It can cover spellcasting, divinatory methods, deity devotion and various other topics that serve to guide witches in their art, craft and religion. In modern traditions such as Wicca, they are called Book of Shadows.

There is no general or definitive grimoire for Witchcraft because each tradition, each coven, and individual may have their own grimoire. Grimoires can be kept secret or made publicly available. Some of the words used instead of grimoire include: Book of Shadows, Book of Spells, Magick Diary, Witches’ Grimoire, Magick Grimoire.

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Free Grimoire Pages

Just like with grimoires, there are no specific rules for grimoire pages, except that they are useful to you and your craft. Generally the contents of the pages are more important than the aesthetics, but here we tried to combine a vintage grimoire look with the most useful resources for the modern Witch.

Grimoire Pages: Spell Basics 🕯️

Printable Lunar Calendar 2023 Moon Phases

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Goddesses Grimoire Pages ☽○☾

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Green Witch Grimoire Pages 🌿

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More Printable Grimoire Pages

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If you need more inspiration, check out this article on starting your Book of Shadows. You will learn about keeping your grimoire organized, what else to include and what is a Book of Mirrors.

How do you Create your own Grimoire?

The first step is to decide whether you want your grimoire to be a notebook (like a journal) or a binder (such as a folder). We suggest using a 3-ring binder because it will make it easier to add new grimoire pages, rearrange them or remove what you don’t need later on.

No matter what you’ve decided to use, write down your name on it and establish your purpose and intention for it early on. Add the date where you started it so you can track your progress in the future. 

Consider what type of paper you would like to use. Most witches use plain white paper or notebook paper. For an antique feel, you can use fancy white or yellow parchment paper from a local office supply store.

Wheel of the Year Grimoire Page
Wheel of the Year Grimoire Page

If you are able to draw well, you can illustrate your grimoire. If not, feel free to use our pages which come illustrated with nice vintage drawings. If you have a good color printer, you can use colored designs.

Grimoire Sections 📜

The important thing is that you want your grimoire to be well organized. Add an index page at the front or back so you will be able to quickly navigate to a particular section and page to find the information when needed. Here are some ideas on what to include in your grimoire:

You will find many resources on this website to help you create and grow your magickal grimoire, including video lessons and Weekly challenges. But the most important thing is your individuality. You decide what you need to keep in your grimoire!

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