How Does a Goddess Choose You? Signs a Deity is Calling

For the spiritual worker and Modern-day Witch, whether we are Wiccan, Neopagan, or other denomination, the guides we work with are of utmost importance. Some work with angels, others with elementals or even power animals, and others with one or more deities.

For those familiar with the concept of the God and Goddess, working with a deity is a common occurrence, although many times the deity is considered archetypal instead of an actual living entity. This is up to the intepretation of each practitioner, as many witches work with real entities that can become part of their daily life.

Signs a deity is calling you

From Isis and Osiris to Ares and Aphrodite, there are a number of entities that can assist you, not only in balancing your own archetypal energies, but also develop characteristics within you that you didn’t realize you had.

Signs a Deity is Calling

At the Infinite Roots Coven, we’ve had several conversations about working with deities:

Here are some other signs a deity wants to work with you. These can help you find out whether a God or Goddess has chosen you:

  1. Past lives: You may be shown flashbacks of shared lifetimes. The bond with your deity can remain and they reach out when you are ready to recall.
  2. Contracts: before we incarnate in this current life, we have made agreements with other beings, from humans to extra-terrestrial entities and even gods. When the time comes, they approach you, even if you can’t recall the agreement you made with them.
  3. Life’s purpose: We all have different expressions and purposes in life. If yours is to serve and help empower your fellow humans, you are more likely to come across a god or goddess to guide you in that mission0.
  4. The quality of your vibration: This can also be a factor. The more inner work and healing you perform on yourself, the higher your vibration will become. The higher your vibration, the more chances of being noticed by a higher and divine being.
  5. How open are you? Being open to contact will also increase your chances.

How Does a Goddess Choose You?

Different gods and goddesses will have their own unique ways and signs to make themselves present in your life. Beginner practitioners of the Craft often ask themselves “How do I know if a deity is calling me?”

The Goddess’ Temple 🌒🌕🌘

With concrete examples, actionable ideas and mythology, this online course explores the signs and symbols of goddesses across cultures and continents.

These lessons will help you find out whether a specific Goddess is calling you: Myths & Symbols of the Divine Feminine in History

Here’s a letter from María, a reader of the Spells8 Newsletter. She shares her personal experience and advice for finding out if a deity is calling out to you:

Throughout the years I’ve worked with several different gods, and thinking back about it, I never specifically invited any of them. But they were all very welcome. So, you may ask, why did these deities choose me?

I have to say that I like to keep my ego in check and the concept of being chosen doesn’t seem completely correct to me, so instead I ask why did they take an interest in me? Let’s explore then.

After doing a lot of inner work and healing, I started exploring the Divine Feminine and took some time exploring the wild woman archetype. I looked into a small list of goddesses and even brought them into my mind when meditating trying to embody their attributes, but interestingly enough, a different one showed up. The one I had no interest in working with as she frightened me quite a lot, it was Lilith.

Nevertheless, she showed up and I must say she helped me heal parts of me that I never thought was possible. Why did she decide to work with me? It could be for a number of reasons, but I sincerely believe that my vibration was at a level where I could receive her guidance and help. And because I was so open to do the healing work, the most appropriate goddess showed up.

Goddess symbol

Lilith stayed in my life for about 2 months and during this time I felt her almost every day. The energy was through the roof, from strong sexual energy to complete joy and love for life itself, I experienced this goddess in a very real way. There was no communication at any point, but I knew she was with me as I could feel her strong energy and I would hear her name in and out of meditation. It was an interesting experience, rich in every way and it allowed me to learn quite a bit about myself.

Now this was not my first encounter with a god. Years before, when doing some spiritual work, a god showed up next to me. He simply said it was okay, he was there to help me, I didn’t have to worry. I felt comfortable with his energy, so I went with it and embraced the experience.

I had read about him years before but couldn’t avoid being surprised to see him right there in front of me. It was not an archetype of any kind, this was a real entity, powerful, strong, a true god. Why was he around me? It was a total mystery for me and although he made himself noticed, there wasn’t much conversation going on. Maybe I just wasn’t tuned in to listen. Years gone by with him constantly by my side, making himself seen from time to time. Always silent until I was ready to listen.

One night he woke me up and I felt the urge to write, so I grabbed pen and paper and wrote down the words he was telling me. For the first time in years of being by my side in silence, he introduced himself by name. “I am Thoth”. This was the beginning of a journey I never imagined possible. Through automatic writing he passed invaluable teachings and guidance that led me on an internal quest of healing and self-discovery. He became a teacher and pretty much a mentor that facilitated growth beyond anything I ever thought possible. And one day I asked why he had taken an interest in me. The answer was simple. My thirst for the truth, my desire to learn and teach others allowed for us to work together. It seemed plausible enough, but it didn’t end there. During the following days I also had flash backs of previous lives we shared which made our experience together even more meaningful and rich.

Since then, I have had encounters with several other gods, some stay for a little while, some help me with a certain situation and move on, but through my experience I realized that there are a few factors adding up to the deity’s choice to come close, and some of them are beyond our control in this human existence.

Ultimately, you cannot force any deity to work with you and if you feel like you need to force the contact, please take a step back and work on yourself so you will only attract divine beings who hold the best and highest intentions for you.

Remember, keep yourself safe and allow for things to happen naturally, forcing is not the energy you want to carry when contacting divine beings. Be respectful, they are not your servants, they are here to guide and support, so respect yourself and them. And make the best of it, learn as much as you can and use it to inspire others.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this article about deity and so glad this was posted. So many awesome deities to work with but it comes down to whether my energy and vibration supports what I need to learn from any particular Goddess or God. Loved reading about Maria’s experience!

  2. Thank you, I am very interested in learning more.

  3. Mandi L Bingham

    Absolutely loved reading this!! It answered several questions I had and inspired me! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

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