Wicca Tool Consecration Spell

▶️ Consecrate your Tools with a Simple Spell

Use this simple yet powerful spell to consecrate your magical tools and any other special ritual items. Consecration is a spell in itself, so take your time as you bless and cleanse each tool of any unwanted energies.

In this video, we use sage smoke to cleanse the ritual objects. If you prefer to use a different type of scent, feel free to do it. Palo santo and Cinnamon incense are other great options for purifying and sanctifying your tools. Learn more about their properties in the Green Witchcraft Video Course.

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Transcription of the video

Tool Cleansing/Blessing Ritual

Light a match or use a lighter to burn the sage stick. Hold it in one hand and gently blow it out so that it smolders, creating smoke.

Hold the sage stick in your dominant hand. Take the object you are going to consecrate in your other hand. Pass the object through and around the sage smoke, while you say:

“With the smoke, I cleanse this object of all negative or harmful energy so that it may be used for my highest good”.

Align your energy with the object you are holding. Breathe full and deep as you visualize your energy aligning with the element. Imagine your energy as a gentle, glowing light, which radiates from you to surround it until that object also pulses softly with your energy.

When you feel done, place the object on the altar. Repeat this process with each item or tool that will accompany you in your spiritual path.

When you have finished consecrating each object, take a moment to return them to their proper spaces.

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