Manifest with a Wish Box

Wish Box: How to Create a Manifestation Box for Your Dreams

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to bring your magickal intentions to life? If so, then making a manifestation box might be just the thing. With this DIY project, you can infuse your spells with an extra boost of power and increase the likelihood that they will come true. Whether you are new to witchcraft or already consider yourself a master practitioner, this tutorial will teach you how easy it is to make a manifestation box to your unique needs.


How To Make A Manifestation Box

Witches and pagans have used variations of this magickal tool for centuries, and today we’re going to help you make one of your very own. But first – why exactly would someone want to make a wish box?

Why Should You Make A Manifestation Box?

Manifestation boxes, also known as wish boxes, are visual tools that can help you bring your dreams and desires to life. The idea is to write down your wishes on paper and place them in the box, creating an intentional energy for drawing them into reality. Not only does this practice make making wishes tangible, but it also keeps our intentions contained in a physical space. This allows us to focus better on attracting our desires. Furthermore, manifestation boxes provide a place of inspiration and reassurance. With reminders of our hopes and dreams tucked away in the box, we can be sure that we always have a source of motivation within arm’s reach when times get tough.

Make your wishes come true!
Make your wishes come true!

You Will Need

  • A box with a lid
  • A sheet of paper and a pencil
  • That’s it! Feel free to add personal touches to your box such as paint, studs, rhinestones, colored paper, or whatever you see fit!

Cast A Wish Box Spell

Consider creating your manifestation box on either a full or waxing moon to draw in your desires. Your wish box is a spell, so feel free to use items with correspondences that will aid in your intention.

More Manifestation Box Tips & Ideas

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A manifestation or wish box should be seen as less of a physical object, but rather a reminder of the power that you have to manifest your life’s desires. By creating this special sacred space and complimenting it with your desired affirmations and dreams, you remind yourself of what is possible with conscious thought and intention.

Remember that every day is an opportunity to manifest the world we each desire. Whether it’s your dream job, a new pet, or all of your heart’s desires, a wish box is a tool to help bring what you want into existence. With the right manifestation box, anything is possible. So, what would you manifest with a wish box?


  1. Now, this is contradictory to how I was taught.
    I had been taught to cast and forget.
    That thinking about the spell, after casting keeps the magic by you, instead of releasing it into the universe, to do it stuff.

    • That’s one form of magical theory, for sure! The idea behind the manifestation box is that it can act as a vessel for your intentions and desires, creating a constant energetic reminder of your goals. Rather than a one-time spell, I prefer to use manifestation boxes for long-term and more complex goals and manifestations. It works the same way as spells that are cast multiple times over many days, weeks, or even years.

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